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  1. I had the same issue trying to do it on the phone app. I switched the desktop browser version of twitch and it gave me the Prime option.
  2. Horizon was decent but not amazing. After waiting for it through the drought of post PS5 launch content it was a bit of a disappointment. I've yet to play GT7, looks good though. My point is, it's been a while since they announced anything truly exciting and the stuff they are announcing is all bit a meh. Which is exactly what happened in those early PS3 years. I genuinely hope they come with bangers this year but it feels like it's been a long time since they announced something to get excited about.
  3. Anyone else get ‘first couple of years of PS3’ vibes from Sony right now?! Haven't seen them announce something to get excited about in an age.
  4. I can give a perspective on the fan noise. I've been playing in bed most nights for an hour before sleep. The wife has been next to me and is sensitive to noise when trying to get to sleep and it hasn't been an issue. Like most fan noises, after just a little time it becomes white noise you sort of tune out. Everyone's situation is different but I certainly wouldn't let it put you off.
  5. As this is really important, I thought I best respond quickly. Unfortunately I don't
  6. Anybody know if its possible to download games while in suspend mode or does it always have to be on? I started XCOM2 downloading last night before bed, put it in suspend and woke up this morning to no game installed.
  7. GLS from Holland and then Parcelforce in the UK. Tracking was sent through first thing.
  8. Played through it on Lunch. A really great way to introduce the steam deck controls and hilarious in places
  9. It arrived. Beautiful bit of kit. Only had a chance to test Hotline Miami and Jet Set Radio as they were quick to download but everything worked as expected. Can't wait to have some time later to get stuck in
  10. Shit just got real. Delivery notification for the next hour.
  11. Just had a shipping notification. Looks like it's coming from Holland so shouldn't take too long.
  12. After waiting a while, I've been able to purchase. Woooo!
  13. Now says Did exactly this and now says I’ve tried too many times, try in a few hours. Will have to wait and see what happens next.
  14. Had the email but not processing payment. Payment screen just sits on "Working"
  15. I’m Q1 and my order time was within 1 minute of the orders going live. I think I got very lucky. I’m assuming that will be the first batch but who knows.
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