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  1. No money down, small monthly payments for 24 months and access to a large gaming library for 2 years, now including EA Play. This is going to be a no brainer for the masses. Does it really matter what the PS5 price is unless they can compete on these terms? The hardcore will be in whatever, but look beyond that and the PS5 could be a hard sell in comparison.
  2. As a gateway drug to Gamepass this is very smart. Get enough people with these and suddenly it doesn't matter how many PS5s get sold, this will eat into how many games get sold on the Sony platform as people are likely to for 3rd party games to hit Gamepass.
  3. Is anyone else seeing differences in the quality of connection between games? If I play Forza, I see the little connection icon show up and it's choppy with artifacts. I've also tried games like Descenders and Streets of Rage and had no issues.
  4. Without Halo, they need to think about coming up with some kind of bundle. It doesn't need to be in the box, just have a digital redemption for a choice of maybe 3 different non game pass games to satisfy different ages/tastes. If one of those was Cyberpunk, that would be a big statement
  5. The final parts of Shogun Studios.....hilarious. I feel like that's were the game really kicks off, the first parts are a bit of a grind due to the tutorials. Absolutely loving this!
  6. Add me to the list of people who picked up a 350M from DroidBox. Thanks...this thread. It's sat, waiting for me to get home!!!!
  7. To everyone who recommended the Satisfy Switch Grip, thanks. The wife got me one for Christmas and it’s brilliant. Haven’t had chance to have a long session on it but even with limited play time, I’m impressed.
  8. I used to have this and it often led to gaming decision paralysis where I either didn't play anything because the choice was too much to deal with OR I'd have a couple of game on the go and I'd try and split my time between them. All this led to not enjoying games very much and almost never completing anything. These days I only really play 1 game at a time and I try and stick to only owning one physical game at a time, I'll play through something and then sell/trade it and move on to the next. If I'm playing something I'm not enjoying, I get rid and move on. I also delay listening
  9. Noooooo bought Steam World Dig 2 last night at full price. Balls!
  10. Dukesy

    Xbox One X

    I got in straight after that launch live stream.
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