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  1. 9 hours ago, Alan Stock said:


    If its a morph-ball sized gap you can hang off the edge and then jump elsewhere. It teaches you this right at the start. You can also wall jump by jumping in the opposite direction when you hit a wall, but the game never tells you this and I think its not necessary to progress, just a nice optimisation to get around quickly and to get some of the optional powerups.

    Cheers, but I meant enter the small gap above where I’m holding on. 

  2. Well, this is something special isn’t it. Sublime gameplay and an insane level of polish that puts most other developers to shame. 

    Quick question, there are loads of bits where you can’t jump up as it’s only a low gap you are trying to jump to. Do I just have to wait for morph ball or is there a technique I’m unaware of?

  3. 1 hour ago, Ry said:


    Kurtwood is brilliant. Weller seemed like a twat on set. 


    I stick by my view that Clarence Boddicker is one of the top 5 movie villains ever. Kurtwood just seems to be having a blast and his acting in the film is sublime. Really wish I saw him in bigger films. 

    If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Dead Poet’s Society. He’s sublime in that 

  4. I’ve tried again to read Immortal Hulk. It starts off well, particularly once you realise it’s a horror book, not a super hero book. But once all that stuff starts about God needing a Hulk it just turns to drivel. It doesn’t flow well at all.


    I finally managed to bag Absolute Swamp Thing Vol 2 at the weekend and that’s simply in a different league. I’m going to keep going with IH but for the moment it’s only because of Gerbiks scary amount of enthusiasm for the title 

  5. 31 minutes ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    You choose a viewing device then watch each episode until it has finished. 

    No, what I meant was how do they get a series length out of the story. Does he move onto different towns?

  6. 5 hours ago, jon_cybernet said:


    Definitely on there. 

    Yeah, it was on there last night - but it definitely wasnt yesterday!


    It seems to be 1-5 on there now. I wonder if they will add more later on? 

  7. On 02/10/2021 at 22:09, MansizeRooster said:

    All of the old Halloween films have dropped, including Halloween 3. I know what I'll be watching tonight.


    Nope. 1,2,5,6 are all that’s showing for me. 

  8. Quantum of Solace.


    Absolutely brilliant second outing for Craig. I think the opening car chase just might be the most thrilling action sequence ever filmed (well, second best after the bridge scene in MI3). It’s refreshing, different and takes a few watches to really appreciate. It’s nice to see Bond not get the girl for once. Hardly any fat on it. 





    A polarising film on the forum. I was enthralled throughout, what a staggering achievement in filmmaking. I did feel the lead was a little weak and was surprised he was the same actor from Blackkklansman because he was first rate in that. I love Branagh in everything and he didn’t disappoint here. Cedric was…… ok, still exceedingly worried about him playing Batman. The girl reminded me of the cloners from Attack of the clones , same stature. 

    No other director working today would even attempt a film like this. It’s plot and scale are  mind boggling. 


  9. 17 hours ago, Gabe said:

    Just back from seeing this and I really liked it and feel it was a really fitting end for the Craig run. There were lots of little nods to the whole franchise (music that has been used in previous films, for example) and I liked the way they introduced the way to carry the series on. 


    I'll spoiler some thoughts once I've read what others have said, but yeah, really enjoyable.



      Reveal hidden contents

    Where to start? Well, in reverse - bold move, killing him. I wonder if Craig had any input on that? I was instantly thinking of The Rock during the end bit, but I still found it quite touching.


    The big bad was fairly anonymous, but you what, I didn't mind because there was enough going on to keep me engaged that I didn't really need an evil mastermind plastered all over the film.


    I thought the 'It's just a number' was a good way to tell the audience that, yes, this really is this Bond's last outing but the role will continue.


    Was sad to see Felix go, but I guess this film was about clearing house to a degree and it set the tone for Bond's fate too.


    I liked Nomi's introduction, I thought that was a good way to introduce the prospect of real change in the franchise without any fuss, even if we don't see her again.


    One thing that seemed to be pointed out by critics was that it was confusing - but I didn't think so and my partner, who has only seen Casino Royale, found it easy to follow too. I also thought that Craig looked so much more relaxed in this just from his mannerisms - helped too by a script that allowed a little more fun that in the previous two films (take his conversations with Felix, for example).


    What does the future hold then? Somebody above mentioned a reboot of the series, but is that an official line? I don't see the need for that, given they have a nice little assembled supporting cast in place, with Q, Moneypenny and M, but I guess it depends on what direction they want to go now.


    This is the first Bond whose end I've seen in 'real time' (I only ever saw 3 of Brosnan's films and never saw Dalton's in the cinema) so it feels a little bit poignant. Craig's reign, for me, is ultimately a disappointment. I thought CR and QoS were great, and he absolutely looked the part (I still think the sorting his cuffs on the breaking-apart train in QoS is wonderfully stylish and cool), but then you had the long gap between QoS and Skyfall and he just looked tired by then (I know he was always quite vocal about hating the PR stuff and physical training he had to do) - plus I hated that and Spectre for lots of reasons. Then he bounces back in his final appearance with such grace that, were it not for the extra miles on the body you'd think he'd be good for another few cracks at it. I wonder if, had Skyfall, Spectre and this had released across, say, 6 years instead of the 13 since QoS, he would be so keen to move on?

    As I said though, it's ultimately been a disappointment. The 'connected universe' stuff that Mendes tried to bring together was a mess which NTTD wisely tries to steer away from, but those two films were just so poor in terms of plot, characterisation and fun it drags the others down with it.


    The world has changed a lot since Craig first put on the tux and how relevant Bond is to the world today is, I'm sure, a question that will generate a lot of words. I wonder if it is time for me to move on from the character too and, if so, NTTD was a pretty nice way to end it.


    The sorting the cuffs bit is Skyfall, not QOS

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