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  1. Okey dokey. It’s already downloaded to my one x so I might as well give it a try
  2. I’ve been reading through this thread with great interest over the last few days. I think the most interesting take is the comparison between Sony/Microsoft and Blockbuster/Netflix and I do fear that Sony are doomed in the gaming market if they stick to the Blockbuster model and continue to charge £70 a game. it will take a while but I feel it’s inevitable and I worry that the quality of games might suffer eventually. Long term I think even Nintendo will be in trouble if they stick to the current model.
  3. I’m on (my usual) complete media blackout for this but just learnt today that the brilliant and lovely Zoe Kravitz is playing Catwoman. My excitement level just went stratospheric.
  4. From the sublime to the ridiculous Moon An absolute treat of a movie. A truly mesmerising performance from Rockwell and an assured directing debut from Jones. It’s perfectly plotted and paced. It really doesn’t put a foot wrong and looks and feels like a refreshing bit of sci fi. It totally knows it’s budgetary constraints and we are presented with a believable environment. 5/5 Mute An absolute mess of a movie. Firstly, why is it set in the future? The entire plot doesn’t need it to be. Why is the central character Amish? Again there is no need for it, it serves no purpose. It took me two attempts to get through this turgid rubbish. The main guy is just an incredibly annoying character to hang a movie on. I just wanted to punch him repeatedly in the face for the entire movie and felt no empathy or sympathy for him at any point. The film is needlessly seedy. It was only Jones’s name on the credits that piqued my interest in seeing this and I wish I hadn’t bothered. Yet another shite Netflix movie. Why can’t they make decent stuff? 0/5 Right, Warcraft and Source Code shall be watched in the next few days to complete Jones’s filmography
  5. Well, that’s The Force Awakens watched. It’s such a mediocre movie, kind of the equivalent of a Costa Latte. The whole thing makes no sense and (while they get better in later movies) Driver and Boyega are just terrible. I also reckon Ridley is a complete diva irl. Ford and Issacs are the only two who come out of this looking good. It’s easily Abrams weakest film for me. Next up is the film which mustn’t be mentioned.
  6. I can’t read this without becoming a member
  7. Yeah, but that’s after the movie started. Before that the Republic are in charge. I say it again, surely a resistance is against the incumbent government not a defeated former dictatorship.
  8. Just watching TFA now. Christ, the opening scrawl is awful. Leia is apparently leading a RESISTANCE. What, didn’t the rebel alliance win last time around? Surely the first order is the resistance?
  9. Big fan of JPJ. Looking forward to seeing this.
  10. Just got back from this. Absolutely loved it, what a fantastic film. I loved how bonkers it all was and how it felt like such a brilliant continuation of the story after The third film. The two leads are beyond good, just perfect in their roles. I thought the action was great if not a patch on the original (but then, what is?). The Matrix trilogy might not be the best trilogy ever made, but it’s the one I revisit the most and I normally see them once a year. The only films I know more intimately are the Star Wars OT. So it almost feels as if this new film was made specifically for me which is an interesting feeling. I don’t know what people complaining about the effects are smoking as I thought they were consistently good throughout the movie. The film touched on so many interesting themes and whilst not subtle it got me thinking in ways most blockbusters never do. A minor masterpiece. It is a little too long and maybe two films would have been better so things could have been fleshed out a bit more. I found it really intriguing that the film suggests that the entire thing might all be in Neo’s head.
  11. I’ve tried a number of times to get into the show over the years and have always failed. It just isn’t very good. Bring on the reboot!
  12. I thought this was a solid mid tier marvel. I liked the first hour a lot but got somewhat less interested as it went on. Far too convoluted a plot and, as others have said, far too many Eternals. I as expecting the plot twist as my only exposure to the characters is the Gaiman story. I thought Colman was excellent and am somewhat surprised at the reaction to her performance in this thread. I was also happy that Jolie didn’t try to hijack the film and was quite happy to be a secondary character. 3/5 from me, but that might go up with a rewatch. edit. I enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than Nomadland.
  13. Alien 3 Assembly cut Much much better than the theatrical cut. The additional 30 minutes really help to flesh out the story and add a much needed sense of coherency. The much troubled production led to Fincher disowning the movie, I wonder if he’s seen this cut which was completed without his input? Weaver and Dance are excellent and the rest of the cast are admirable. It looks fantastic, so much so that I want it on 4k blu ray asap. 4/5
  14. Picked this up for £15 in Smyths and am having an absolute blast with it. It’s not one for the Souls crowd perhaps but if you want an easy going fun game then give this a try. It most reminds me of another underrated gem, Mini Ninjas.
  15. Space Truckers Ive always been curious to see this. Well, having finally seen it I can comfortably say it’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Absolutely nothing works, a good cast is wasted and it looks awful. The sexual politics are best described as “questionable “ and it feels like it was made in the 60s rather than the 90s. 0/5
  16. Does anyone know how I reconstruct the forerunner sequence at the four beacons? I’ve cleared one out and nothing seems to happen and I can’t see anywhere to push a button or anything. Apparently I need to complete this to gain access to the command spire. I’m now completely stuck!
  17. The more I think about it, the more I think 343 are the Zack Snyder of the gaming world. Handed the keys to one of the biggest franchises in their respective media, given hundreds of millions of dollars to develop films/games and the results are average to poor. Many hardcore fans hate the results but just enough sales ensure that they keep hold of the franchise. The bigwigs love then as they are a safe pair of hands for the franchise to be in.
  18. Pathfinder Nice and relaxed gaming and it plays really well on bone. Well worth the £6 I paid for it. Chernobylite Bit of a hidden gem this one. Fantastic fun. PS4 version only released in 2021 so I’m not sure if it counts
  19. Ad Astra The first half of this is interesting and at least competently made. The second half though, oh dear. Been awhile since I’ve seen a film fall off a cliff like this one does. I simply couldn’t wait for it to finish and couldn’t give two fucks about how it ended. 1.5/5
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