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  1. sandman

    XIII Remake, Winter 2019

    Yesssssssssss!! fucking fantastic news. I really must get round to picking up the entire run of the (frankly amazing if Bourne rip off) comic. i loved the game and was only playing it a few weeks ago. theres also a TV show!
  2. sandman

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    If you've played Skyrim then avoid Witcher 3, the jankyness of the combat will drive you nuts
  3. They definately shouldn't have bought Leia back. Fishers acting is poor in both movies
  4. sandman

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    I thought TLJ was excellent apart from Rose who was a poor character played by a shit actor (her complete lack of talent has absolutely nothing to do with her race or gender, she's just crap because she's crap)
  5. So this is rubbish then by the sound of things. Can't say I'm surprised.
  6. sandman

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Tried about 30 times so far. What's a butt stop mean?
  7. sandman

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    How do you beat the False Knight? (Yes, I'm that rubbish!) google suggests trying to spot his attacks but I can't see any tells and dodging is extremely tricky at best.
  8. I've been happy to sit back and let this thread run its course. It seems to have changed organically into something quite different from what i envisioned. For what it's worth I think every game should have a story mode with little to no challenge and should be able to be saved anywhere. Gaming is still stuck in its arcade roots 20 years after arcades disappeared. I think that if gaming ever wants to be properly appreciated as art (like say a Hockney paining or Cosi Fan Tutte or 2001) then it needs to be approachable to all, not walled off to a very small subset of a very small subset. Gaming has yet to grow up which is why it's still looked down upon by most people. Leave the difficulty in for people who appreciate it, but why on earth stop everyone from appreciating something youve for worked for years on? It's utterly banal to me.
  9. sandman

    The first one is still the best one

    Couldn't agree more with this. A phenonomal game, never understood why the sequel is more highly regarded.
  10. sandman

    Amazon Prime Video

    I'm loving it although the first episode sticks too closely to the film IMHO
  11. sandman

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Cool. Apart from the current run, which are your favourites?
  12. sandman

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Have you read Bruce Jones run on Hulk? Its brilliant and perhaps the closest to the new run.
  13. My rewatch continues apace. Loved TWS the other night - perhaps more than when I've seen it in the past. I am still not sure how I feel about Age of Ultron. Its very good in places and I love the beginning and ending - but it really struggles in the middle section. And some of the editing and effects work is poor.
  14. sandman

    Guilty Pleasures

    Hannibal Pretty much derided since release, based on the phenonomal book (from an author who seems to have completely disappeared from the face of the earth) and making the daft decision to proceed without Foster. Yet I love it, particularly everything in Florence. And dont get get me started on Red Dragon which I also think is fantastic ( and better than Manhunter)

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