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  1. I'm really struggling to understand what is going on (half way through episode 2) Who is the bloke who got sacked from his job and is joining up with the bloke from Better Call Saul? Is he the young kid who has just found a small dog, but grown up? Is the kid who found the dog the actual antichrist? Is it him that got muddled up when he was a baby at the hospital? who is the girl in the glasses who got hit by tennant? Is it her who spoke to the kids (including the one with the dog)? Despite not understanding much, and despite the budget being about 50p per episode I'm enjoying it. Reminds me of Neverwhere
  2. Thanks mate! Is it any good?
  3. Do I have to use touch controls in Football Manager?
  4. Interesting to see other peoples faves which differ wildly from mine. Ponyo, Porco Rosso, Nausicca, From up on poppy hill, grave of the fireflies, Totoro, whisper of the heart are all perfect films IMHO
  5. Finding it very difficult to choose.......
  6. What's been made easier for noobs? Is the docking automatic yet?
  7. Yeah, it's a fantastic film.
  8. Sorry, I didn't think! i take it there are no touch only games on switch then
  9. Anyone played Oceanhorn on switch? I have it on ios and find the touch controls a struggle. Does it control any better on switch? Can I use a controller?
  10. So, 2 (good, not great) games in a decade is ACCEPTABLE to you? why on earth do people keep cutting these morons so much slack?
  11. I really do wish people would stop giving Retro a break. How many NEW games have they released in the last decade? Oh yeah, it's a grand fucking total of 2 ( and they helped out a bit with MK7). Cunts
  12. Nintendo by a country mile. Every one one else should hang their heads in shame. When a game announced a year or two back is the best thing shown you've got to ask yourself what the heck is going on.
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