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  1. Quizness has some great ideas but the host is awful
  2. I lasted about 15 minutes as FemShep. Fuck that shit, she’s terrible, looks awful and is voiced extremely poorly.
  3. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Apparently this reviewed poorly. I thought it was a staggering disc. Terrific use of colour, light and dark. Resident Evil Afterlife A great looking disc with sharp contrast and the action scenes pop really well.
  4. I saw this about a year back. I don’t think there’s anything quite like it.
  5. Looks staggering and I’m not even playing on my HDR capable tv.
  6. Which console version is supposed to be the best?
  7. How much play time does all the DLC add up to?
  8. Yeah I’m only interested if it’s a significant graphical upgrade. Seems that’s not the case
  9. What format are you playing on?
  10. Just finished up Season 2 of Hanna which was excellent I am also addicted to the terrible Bates Motel - I cant stop watching it!
  11. This is indeed correct. 2 is a good Resi game. 1 is pretty rubbish
  12. I've hit a bug on the blind mice mission where after just doing some drone stuff I have to purchase a disguise. Problem is it says my Inventory is full and I cannot purchase the disguise - I dont seem to be able to sell any outfits in my inventory and sold the only thing I could to a pawn shop. Is this a known bug? Is it fixable? Playing on PS5.
  13. Some forgotten films with great casts....... Next of Kin Swayze, Neeson, Hunt, Stiller, Paxton, Katsulas and Levine all pop up in this very obvious 80s cheesy thriller. Subtlety is most definitely not the order of the day here. It’s harmless enough but it’s also very average. 2.5/5 Heist Hackman, DeVito, Lindo, Rockwell star in this excellent Mamet thriller. It’s a bit slow to get going, but the last two thirds of the movie fly by. It was energetic and well plotted with a great ending 4/5 Under Suspicion
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