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  1. Can they PLEASE get Ben Daniels to play the lead. Just perfect for the role
  2. Green Book Utterly captivating movie with two fantastic central performances. The ending does turn the cheese up to 11, but I didn’t mind because the rest of the film was so good. I didn’t know until the end that it was a true story. 5/5 Restless Natives Not seen this in 30 years. It holds up incredibly well and is a brilliant Scottish movie. I’d love to know more about the production of this. How did they get an Oscar nominated actor involved? Where did they get all those extras from? My head says this is a 3/5 movie, but my heart sa
  3. Listen, it’s boring and not much fun to play. The answer to this is Like A Dragon which is approximately 650 billion times more fun than all the other Yakuza games.
  4. A pretty tired list by the looks of it - pretty much everything has been discounted before.
  5. Cobra Kai which is utterly amazing and might just end up as one of my favourite tv shows of all time. Raised by Wolves Im not sure if I’m enjoying this or am just watching it because of its uniqueness. A more experienced cast would have helped and there was a serious drop in quality once Scott stopped directing episodes. Fringe my rewatch continues and it’s still as brilliant as ever. What an impeccable cast. didn’t get far with either Mindhunters or Haunting of Hill House. Most of these Netflix shows leave me cold.
  6. Your enjoyment of Ragnarok depends on whether or not you are a fan of Waititi. I most definitely am not, so don’t particularly rate the film.
  7. No shows have felt anywhere near as padded out as the Netflix Marvel shows to me. Maybe 2-3 hours of decent stuff padded to 10 hours.
  8. Fucking awesome film. that is all.
  9. Totally separate. This is miles better than Man of Medan IMHO
  10. Or, you could stop being rude and abusive.
  11. Close Decent enough little thriller with Rapace as a bodyguard looking after a spoilt brat. It all goes to shit of course and while utterly daft I really believed in the relationship between the two leads. 3/5
  12. The Karate Kid Saw this back in the 80s and thought it was okish. The only bits I remember were the wall painting, the crane move and Shue being my first big crush. Not seen it in 35 years but noticed the Sony movie channel were showing all 3 films so thought, Why not? Turns out the film is incredibly cheesy and also incredibly good. The central relationship is brilliant. The mum was a terrible actress and it was totally obvious that Shue saw Danny as a bit of rough before settling down with a nice country club boy. 4/5 The Karate Kid Part 2
  13. Season 2 of Titans which is ok, but nothing special and has far too many training bits. Made it a whole 15 minutes into Another Life before binning it. Just a collection of utterly unlikeable characters and a really weird looking Starbuck with a poorly thought out plot. Why do Netflix struggle with space set sci fi so much?
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