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  1. Managed to get a X at Argos Smyths are a fucking joke
  2. All this stuff about a female Bond or a black Bond is simply never going to happen as the Broccoli family are extremely conservative in their views. I’ve no idea why anyone would want a woman in the role anyway, it simply wouldn’t be Bond anymore. Can’t we just invent a new female spy film franchise instead?
  3. I picked up the Skywalker saga earlier. Reviews to follow once my bank account recovers!
  4. Shaft (2000) Not seen this before, must admit I really rather enjoyed it. It got me to thinking, is there a more beloved actor than Jackson? Bet you can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like him. He’s on top form here and I also finally got to see Wright act rather than play the exact same role over and over. Bale is also excellent in a supporting bad guy role. Interestingly, this was directed by John Singleton whose career stalled after his breathtaking debut. He can’t do action scenes at all, but the drama stuff is well done. 4/5 Shaft (2019) So
  5. 3 joints by Mr Lee Shes gotta Have it Lees debut is best described as “experimental”. It kind of works but is basically his Eraserhead where he learns his craft. The cast are ok, but the whole thing feels slight and it never shifts out of second gear. 2.5/5 Summer of Sam Lee does Scorsese. What a strange film. Why on earth did he put punk Brody in there? The whole thing is a mess of a movie. It’s like they chucked everything into the blender and hoped for the best. The central relationship just about works, mainly due to a terrific per
  6. Where are you getting this information? I can’t find anything definitive on the all access pricing for the new consoles (assuming all access is no where you get game pass, live and a console for a fixed monthly fee) Has this stuff been confirmed? How much will it cost?
  7. The amount of ridicule I have had to endure from this forum over the years for liking some unpopular films (phantom menace for example) and I’ve never posted anything as close to as insane as the above statement
  8. I am a bit confused by the pay monthly thing. Have prices been confirmed for the new consoles yet? I know its Game and Smyths only but can I do it instore and online?
  9. Between Us An excellent film with four astounding actors at the top of their game (Stiles, Harbour, George and Diggs). A look at just how odd friendships between two couples can be, this has a cracking script and works extremely well. Everyone feels self destructive and it has a very natural feel to it. Recommended. It’s on Prime 4/5
  10. Just started Episode 1 yesterday. I really want to like it, it’s an important milestone for gaming with a trans character (who is actually voiced by a trans actor, which I think is vital) but so much of it is chore to play. That fucking goblin book can do one for starters. Who wants to read that shit? And who wants to interact with all the crap that’s around, like a teddy or a drawing for no reason at all? Not me, that’s for sure. The story, thank goodness, seems excellent and this shouldn’t be overlong like LIS2 was (boy, did that game go on for an age) as it’s only 3
  11. Game have kinda become an irrelevance to me. As one of the rare forumiites who still used to shop there I kinda realised that it’s CEX or nothing since my two closest stores closed a few weeks back. And the one on the way to work is never open at a sensible time so there’s only the tiny store at Redhill left and that’s a good 20 minute drive. TBH I’ve been buying less and less in there over the last year or so. But as on oldie who fucking hates buying online it’s still a shame. And CEX is still a fucking gross place to shop most of the time. The real dregs of society
  12. Not bad apart from the fucking lead who has the charisma of a door frame. Where on earth did they get him from? Not really seeing the Eastenders connection myself. Brolin (one of my fave actors working today) seems to have shopped at Target for his costumes.
  13. Can somebody please tell me what a GOAT is. Game of all time doesn’t seem right at all
  14. GOAT? I always thought I was one of the few big fans of The New World. Glad that’s not the case.
  15. Brideshead Revisited I really rather liked this. Goode, Attwell, Wilshaw, Thompson, Gambon etc all give excellent performances. I only have the very vaguest of memories of the tv show so have no idea how it compares. A first rate British period drama. 4/5 Stoker My second watch of this and I’m pretty sure I really need to see it a few more times to “get” it. There’s a lot of subtext here and another staggering performance from Goode. He towers over everyone else in the film which is no mean feat when you are up against the likes of Kidman.
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