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  1. Christ, I am struggling on the fight Anyone got any tips on how to beat him?
  2. The bride vs the crazy 88 fight just amazing
  3. Whilst I kinda agree with you, it should be for kids. At the same time I want a more adult version of the show. Can we have 2 shows?
  4. saw this earlier today. I thought it was brilliant, with pretty much all the cast being much better than in Homecoming (particularly Zendaya who was utterly captivating as MJ). It's also the first film where I've liked Holland in the role (I can't stand him in Civil War). Ned is far far less annoying in this one, so that was a major relief as I wanted to punch his lights out in Homecoming. The only problem was the hang up the film had with bloody Tony Stark. When I did my rewatch of all the films before Endgame I found him to be a deeply annoying character (just don't tell my wife this, he's her favourite!). Talking about Mrs Sandman, she always leaves as soon as the credits start ("those stupid end credits bits are for geeks" according to her). Can someone tell me what happens in the end credit scenes please! as for JG, I thought he was good, but a bit like Keaton in the first film, he was only in third gear and never really let rip.
  5. There have been a couple of good calls in here, but the obvious winner for me is Westworld. Never has a show fallen from grace like this one from Season 1 to Season 2. From intelligent TV to an over abundance of confusing time lines. It should never had had a second season anyway. The Flash had a perfect first season and a very poor second one, but has since redeemed itself. Breaking Bad is (by some margin) the most over rated TV show of all time. Better call Saul is a masterpiece
  6. I watched Mean Streets a few months back. I thought it was very average. Certainly lower tier Scorcese
  7. I was reasonably interested in this, then I saw Elba was in it. Fuck that shit, I am fed up to death with him appearing in everything Please tell me he’s not in the new Star Wars.
  8. I’ve tried to watch it a few times and never got beyond the third episode. I cannot stand Ian fucking McShane. I think that’s my biggest problem same Reason I can’t get past episode 1 of American Gods despite it being one of my favourite books of all time
  9. The former in respect of the music. the reason I mentioned a third person is that pretty much all my fave podcasts ever had 3-4 people. I think my fave podcasts of all time are Filmsack, Weekend confirmed and cane and rinse which all have 3-4 people Visiting the village is the only 2 person podcast I ever loved (although Chet and John and Checkpoints were also very good)
  10. Hi Billy! Great podcast. If I were to offer any criticism than I would say 1 - Get some music in the podcast! 2 - maybe a 3 person team would work even better than a 2 person one Keep up the good work!
  11. Seasons 1 and 3 of Stranger Things (IMHO S3 is some of the best telly ever) Better Call Saul The Adventures of Tintin Daredevil should sort you out. For or light weight viewing I would recommend Shooter Designated Survivor
  12. So, do you buy digital movies? I have a massive blu Ray collection that sits in the garage. I wouldn’t give it up for anything
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