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  1. I thought this was absolutely cracking, much better than the first and much much better than the trailer suggested
  2. When everyone was jizzing in their pants at how brilliant the Disney purchase was I’m sure all the hardcore fans were saying it would only be a few months until the blu ray release of the unaltered OT. We’re still waiting..............
  3. Funnily enough I was discussing our Daisy with a friend earlier today. I've had the major hots for her since TFA until the other day when I saw her interviewed where she came across as a proper upper class toff. I wouldn't be at all surprised if her daddy owned half of Sussex
  4. I rewatched Rogue One last night. That scene was my favourite in the movie. It's still not quite as good as Solo for me and the CGI is terrible in places (let's not even mention the face stuff which is worse than much of the stuff in the prequels)
  5. No, a plasma But, I have a Uk cube and use that reasonably regularly - it not a brilliant picture, but its ok. Is a jap one going to be worse?
  6. So, display is my real problem then? I probably wont buy much for it anyway - its a spice orange one and includes the spice orange GB player as well. It will just sit there looking awesome most of the time rather than getting used
  7. Sabotage I felt like I needed a shower after watching this. Totally unnecessary graphic violence and a waste of a good cast. Poor old Arnie just cant find a great role since his comeback. Some good direction in places. 1/5
  8. Is it easy to use a jap GC in the uk? I've got my eye on one that's in a shop near my office but have no experience at all of import consoles. I've also never modded a console so couldn't do that.
  9. A Thandie triple bill! 1 - Solo Great film, particularly the first half which is my favourite bit of SW since Disney bought the rights. I can't quite recall the lead actors name, but he is a fucking brilliant Han Solo. Also, the best special effects of all time. Amount of Thandie - about 10 minutes 4.5/5 2 - Gringo A fantastic black comedy that respects its audience and flows fantastically. Of course, I can't stand fucking Theron, but she wasn't in it too much. The rest of the cast are pitch perfect and the direction is confident. Amount of Thandie - a bit more, maybe 15 minutes here 4/5 3 - The leading man One of the oddest casts ever seen in a film. Jon Bon Jovi, Dame Edna, The Merovingian, David Warner and our Thandie. Nothing really happens and it's like a BBC drama from the late 80s. Still, I didn't hate it and it didn't outstay its welcome. Amount of Thandie - blinkin loads 2/5
  10. I made it about 15 minutes into this and turned off - not a single mention of video games - fuck that
  11. I'm really hoping they dig up Right Said Fred's musical masterpiece that is Wonderman and put it on the soundtrack for this film!
  12. Thirded. In my top 3 of the last 15 years
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