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  1. I ignored this because I didn’t get on with Hyrule Warriors at all. But I just saw a TV ad that has completely sold me on it. Well done tv advertising!
  2. I watched this a couple of years ago. I was far to geeky to visit a nightclub when I was a teenager, let alone going to Ibiza. And I blinking loved the film, just brilliant from start to finish, I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair at one point.
  3. I thought this was getting released on the lowly PS4. Seems everyone on here is playing on PS5. Did it get a PS4 release?
  4. Batman Begins A very good looking 4K disc, but it’s totally overshadowed by.. The Dark Knight Which might be my fave 4K disc so far. Utterly sumptuous and a great film to show off the format,
  5. Is the Control ultimate edition the next gen one? Is there a next gen one?
  6. I'm personally finding this season to be vastly better than the first one.
  7. Perrier’s Bounty With a stellar cast including Cillian Murphy, Jim Broadbent, Brendan Gleeson, Jodie Whittaker, Liam Cunningham, Domnhall Gleeson and Gabriel Byrne this is a pretty crap Irish gangster caper. Still, I really had fun with it, it was much better than I was expecting considering no one has ever heard of it. 3/5
  8. I rewatched the original a few months back. I really really didn’t like the Sidekicks at all. I felt it was one of the weaker DcU movies TBH. Harley Quinn was miles better.
  9. Can the 4K box set have the Godfather saga, the original cuts and this new version of 3. I rewatched 3 a few weeks back and 80% of it is pure brilliance.
  10. So the last one is utter crap then? I was waiting for it to turn up on prime or Netflix.
  11. In the Heart of the Sea A decent yarn, with a mixture of MCU and GOT stars making up a fair proportion of the cast. Not surprisingly it was a flop, not sure who thought it would ever recoup a $100 million budget because it’s far too niche and it takes more than casting Thor to ensure a healthy BO return. It was just my sort of thing however and it’s excellently bookended by a great set of performances from Wishaw and Gleeson. 4/5
  12. Er, is it ok to love Nintendo and Snyder films?
  13. Lol, you’re right. I meant does it have the same issues on the one?
  14. There’s no mention in the COD thread about crashes. (I just checked). Just people saying it’s a great campaign. Should I just play it on my One X instead?
  15. No, why should it be. The console is obviously unfinished, barely an upgrade from the One X and I see no evidence of all this amazing power it’s supposed to have. I’ve been gaming for over 45 years and know a dud when I see one. Wish I’d gone for a PS5 instead, although much as I suspected my initial belief that we didn’t need replacements for the bone/PS4 seems entirely correct.
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