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  1. I thought Don Johnson’s character was Dan and his wife was Laurie
  2. Wait a minute, you don’t say it Raw-shark? I learnt the word from the comic and have always said it that way and nobody has ever corrected me. I will be watching episode 1 later tonight. The comic is part of my holy trinity of perfection (along with Sandman and TDKR) and I am a fan of the movie (although it’s a shame Matthew Goode was Far too young at the time. I’d love to see him give it a go again)
  3. I take it midnight launches ARE a thing of the past?
  4. Hereditary Just fantastic, an utterly compelling horror movie. I liked how mental it went towards the end. Some people have complained about the voiceover at the end but TBH I needed it as I was a bit baffled 5/5
  5. The Open House A cracking thriller - had me guessing all the way through. Solid performances from all concerned. Also shot very well 4/5 Fractured Another great thriller that also had me guessing right up to the end. A bit daft in places, but still very entertaining. 3.4/5
  6. To be fair, one of those begging things was for Fast and Furious 6 which did $788 million at the box office so it does work sometimes
  7. An American Haunting An utter waste of talent. Truly awful in execution with barely no redeeming features at all. 1/5 Eloise This ain’t much better. It’s completely bonkers but takes itself far too seriously. Faith is pretty decent but that’s about it. The T1000 is looking well old 1/5
  8. Apart from the stupidly difficult to navigate base I'm really enjoying this, not had a single player Tom Clancy game for ages. This is something I've missed immensely and its great fun to play. I'm really noticing the little things that Ubisoft get right - like button presses being just right with the amount of pressure needed.
  9. Nothing wrong with the first Mcg Angels movie Great little film
  10. Yep, this is the winner for me.
  11. I also loved MOTOE. Branagh and Wright means I'm in for this too I will just close my eyes when Brand is on the screen, but at least it's not Corden
  12. Does happy death day improve after the first 10 minutes? I’m ready to turn off as so far it’s an obnoxious girl at college being obnoxious
  13. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT Not quite as good as I remember, but still pretty decent. 3.5/5 The Ritual Not an original bone in its body ripping off everything from Blair witch to Wicker Man to video games. Still, who cares when the end result is this good. 4/5
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