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  1. My appreciation for Quantum has really grown over the years. The car chase at the start is magnificent.
  2. sandman

    The Umbrella Academy coming to Netflix

    The comic has 2 arcs. The first is excellent, but the second is turgid and it's clear all the good ideas had already been used up.
  3. sandman

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    Having now played Far Cry ND I can confirm that it does indeed crap all over this from a great height. Gunplay, graphics, sense of movement, voice acting, plot, environmental design are all in a different league.
  4. sandman

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Absolutely bonkers
  5. sandman

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I thought it was was pretty good but not brilliant. I played on bone and it had performance issues. Some great bits and some very tedious ones.
  6. sandman

    Final Fantasy IX

    So, despite buying the iOS version with a voucher I got in November I still got the switch version somebody help me!
  7. sandman

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    2.5 to 3 hours I reckon
  8. sandman

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    Sadly, I couldn't agree more with this. It was my most anticipated game of the year after loving the first 2 but it's pretty crap for the most part. Cost at me a fortune and right now I wish I had got Far Cry instead. A crushing disappointment, my worst since MGS V
  9. sandman

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    This isn't exactly setting the world alight is it. I got to the same point I always get to in KH games (about an hour or 2 in) which is that stupid town (twilight town?) where you don't have a clue what to do next. I gave up and haven't gone back to it since (same as KH2 then). You'd think I would learn!
  10. sandman

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    The film version of RW is just an annoying cunt most of the time - quite how he got Hermoine is anyones guess
  11. sandman

    The Kid Who Would Be King from Joe Cornish

    Yeah - its an average film at best. No idea why it is so well thought of.
  12. sandman

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    First 3 WITCHER books are 99p today. Get em quick!
  13. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    The Way Remastered is excellent - well worth 83p of anyones money - Thanks DeKay!

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