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  1. The call of the Wild A great yarn with a few issues (mainly CGI related). I really go into Buck's tale and Ford is excellent. It moves at a great pace and there isn't any fat on it at all. When Disney make the inevitable live action remake of Pochahantas they don't need to look further than Cara Gee for the lead. 4/5. ( the wife hated it though and rated it 0/5!!) Boyhood A bit late to the party with this one. I thought it started well, but it had a big problem once the lead actor hit puberty and somehow forgot how to act. Hawke comfortably out acted every else by a staggering amount and should have been the one to nab the Oscar. Still, a good film for the most part and apart from A Scanner Darkly the only Linklater I've seen. 3.5/5
  2. Everyone who likes spy stuff should check out Treadstone. I'm loving it so far
  3. I never thought Linda Park was even vaguely attractive. Then i watched series 3 episode Exile. Blimey! She is insanely pretty
  4. Going in style First rate light viewing. A great cast (including one of my old faves, Matt Dillon) and a solid story in this OAP heist movie. 4/5 if you are over 45 2/5 otherwise Enemy Mine Much better than I remember it being. I remember it being much more amateur and having much more dodgy space battles. But this was excellent apart from a poor opening 10 minutes. 2 amazing performances from the leads. 4/5 The neverending story Not bad, but not great either. In tone it reminded me of The Princess Bride which is another film I think is just okay. Still, I did enjoy a lot of it but it did look very 80s fantasy and there is a reason I haven't seen it in 30 years 2.5/5 Earth to echo This excellent film totally failed to find an audience (not helped by another terrible trailer). Its really worth checking out and is equally derivative and inventive. The young cast are uniformly brilliant and Echo is cute as heck. 4/5 Kin Second Dennis Quaid movie of the week. This is a very confused film, does it want to be a Sci fi movie or a road movie? It also ends just as it gets really interesting and is saved by the young lead and an excellent turn from Franco. I did enjoy it a lot, but it really needs a sequel to finish the story 3.5/5 The big easy My third Quaid movie is the weakest of the 3. It didn't gel well at all and there were a good 3 movies worth of plots going on. It also stars the real Jim Garrison (of JFK fame) as the judge. I've already forgotten 2/3rds of the movie and I only watched it 2 days ago 1.5/5
  5. Cheers for this. Loving it so far
  6. I pretty much LIVED in the video shop in the 80s. It's funny that I've never heard of a couple of films in this thread, including this one. What the heck is it?
  7. Snowpiercer After the Oscar wins I thought I would check out one of his films. I thought this was equally bonkers and brilliant and pretty much loved it. Another film with a stellar cast, I had no idea it was Swinton until the credits rolled. 4/5
  8. Er, I loved the first episode. Thought it was pretty much perfect
  9. Peeping Tom An under appreciated classic that I imagine most of the world has never heard of. It might not reach the heights of The Red Shoes but it's pretty close in its magnificence. Peerless in every aspect 5/5
  10. The English Patient Absolutely sumptuous adaptation of the novel which is also well worth checking out. I'm not sure how this is thought of nowadays and the script is somewhat obvious but is still masterful stuff with a stunning central performance from Fiennes. 4.5/5
  11. Inspired by this thread I've decided to finish off watching Enterprise. I've seen highlights of seasons 1 and 2 over the last year or so so decided to go straight into Season 3. It's fucking fantastic stuff so far. Bakula is knocking it out of the park. My third fave captain Its still got some issues, the chap on the helm barely gets any lines and the new Uhura doesn't fare much better. I still think TNG is head and shoulders above the rest. As an aside I'm still trying to get into DS9. I feel like a bit of a failed geek for not being into it. I've also gone straight to Season 4. Odo is amazing and I love Quark and Bashir but still can't stand Sisko or Kira. I think many on here think Brooks is a great actor but to me he is more wooden than an acre of oak trees. I'm plodding on and enjoying the episodes but if the world had forgotten it I wouldn't be bothering
  12. They haven't made a good film for over a decade. Inside Out is one of the worst films I've ever seen at the cinema, I would have left if I had been on my own. I don't think any of their output has the staying power of Classic Disney with the notable exception of the first Toy Story.
  13. The Paperboy what the heck did I just watch. A fantastic cast is wasted in this poorly directed and decidedly odd thriller. A terrible script doesn’t help. a film that left a nasty taste in my mouth with no redeeming features apart from Kidman’s performance 0.5/5
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