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  1. Is there any news on an exploit for the 4.83 fw? I accidentally updated and fancy giving this a spin.
  2. This is the link you need. Some of the 128 remixes are pretty impressive.
  3. Given the volume of PS2 releases, I'm guessing at least one or two of those betas never made it to final release. Oh well.
  4. It's hardly surprising to hear stuff like this happening. I used to work on PlayStation 2 magazines, and we received hundreds of preview discs from every publisher - alpha code, pre-release code. They were stored in filing cabinets. During an office move, it was all chucked into a big skip. I helped do it. What I can't work out it why I did this, particularly as I was working on Retro Gamer at the time. You think of all people, I'd be the one saying "hang on, some of this stuff could be really invaluable a few years from now!" For example, I remember Konami sending us several unfinished builds of Silent Hill 3 - the build date was written by hand on each disc. Being a SH fan, I played through them all and saw how the finished game kind of came together. I'd love to have those now and write a definite feature on the making of that game. Then again, other mag publishers would have received those discs. They can't all have been thrown out, can they? I'm guessing they probably have.
  5. An obvious one is the PS2 Platinum release of Silent Hill 2 which was the Director's Cut version. IIRC the Director's Cut has already been released on PC and Xbox, but the Platinum release was the first time that PS2 owners could get that extra content. Not sure if RE Director's Cut counts, as the bog standard RE had already been released on Platinum (although, as Asura says, the Director's Cut wasn't a fall price release).
  6. Ah thanks. Is it a 'Making of Mercenary' article? I've been told that Paul Woakes has been interviewed in Edge, but I was under the impression that he didn't give interview full stop.
  7. I need a quick favour! Has anyone got a copy of Edge 153 (September 2005, PGR 3 cover) to hand? If so, can you see if there's a feature about Novagen or Mercenary inside? And if so, can you tell me if Paul Woakes is quoted? Cheers!
  8. I posted about this over on World of Spectrum a bit back. Repeated below, for those of you interested in the mystery surrounding the game. I know a bit about this as I interviewed the game's developer last year. Retro Gamer magazine expressed an interest in running a feature in the mag, about the mystery surrounding the 'colour' version of OutRun Europa, so I've been sitting on it ever since. I will have a word with the editor, Darran, to see if he's still interested in running that feature. If not, I'll post the interview here or something. Many of you have guessed what happened. In short, the in-game graphics were going to be colour. The coder developed a converter which grabbed the graphics from the Master System verion. This worked quite nicely for the CPC version, which was completed first, but when he moved onto the ZX version, there was lots of ugly clashing which needed fixing. Unfortunately, the project was already late and there wasn't enough time to fix the graphics. So he reluctantly switched them to monochrome at the last minute. The Your Sinclair review uses mocked-up grabs of how they hoped the game would look. As for the text of the review, it's mostly guess works as the writer of the review can't even remember what happened! My best guess is that he was instructed to view the CPC version as the ZX version was running late, and if the ZX graphics had been tidied up, as was the plan, it wouldn't look a million miles away from the CPC version.
  9. Did you manage to beat Spellbound? And if so, how many times did you fall into The Pit while trying to jump across it??
  10. I guess if enough people asked for it, it would happen. You have to tread carefully with Manic Miner / Jet Set Willy. It seems like a lot of people like to read about these games, but an equal amount think the mag has overdone them (that was certainly true in the early days).
  11. Pole Position ad, possibly the best thing I've ever seen. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Om84Zc4-KcQ
  12. The claim was actually made by Jonathan (Joffa) Smith, who obviously worked at Imagine/Ocean, so it sounds legit to me. See this thread on World of Stuart. Joffa's posting name is Frobush.
  13. Haha. I want Meh to write for RG. I bet some of his victims would love to stick the knife in him for a change. Just for the hell of it!
  14. You seemed to suggest that my state of affairs had been reduced and I was bitter about it. I was just saying that wasn’t the case. That's all.
  15. Brilliant, that's my forum avatar sorted
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