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  1. 4 hours ago, Alex W. said:

    The PS3’s Cell chip has 8 SPE units, however the originally agreed specification called for 6. After IBM had finished the design work, Ken Kuturagi decided that 8 was a nicer number. IBM’s contract required them to start over and bear all the associated costs.


    Is that correct? I thought it was to address yield issues, which is also why only 7 are enabled. Or did the yield issues come about afterwards?

  2. Gave Fallout 76 a quick spin earlier and... wow. If that's come on leaps and bounds since the launch then I can barely imagine what it must have been like then. I don't know whether or not it's supposed to be PS5 enhanced in any way but it's ugly as sin, runs at about 20 fps, and the opening hour seems to mostly be trudging around an empty landscape. And a weirdly picturesque, unspoilt landscape by usual Fallout standards, it has to be said.


    I had no intention of playing it for any major length of time anyway, as I have absolutely no desire to be drawn into another MM(?)ORPG, but I did plan to check it out for a few hours over a few nights, rather than promptly deleting it again.


    Ah well. At least I managed to 'purchase' Fallen Order in the end, and my daughter is enjoying that. She is nowhere near old enough, according to the age rating, but I struggle to see how it's a 16 when the violence is broadly on a par with the original U-rated films.

  3. Though actually, interestingly, effectively that's already true. Since at least 2020, the pay for England international appearances has been equal for men and women (about £2k per match). However, all of the men let this be donated to the FA charity, and have done for decades, whereas at least some of the women choose to receive the payments.


    Of course, such trifling payments are entirely meaningless to the men in the first place. More equality is always a good thing but it's worth looking at it in perspective.

  4. Couldn't really care less either way re. spores but it does seem like an unnecessary decision if it's mainly from a 'our stars can't wear a mask all the time' POV. In my recollection, Joel spends the minority of the action sequences in a mask anyway, let alone the game as a whole. The spores only occupied specific areas of levels and most of the time exploring and fighting was spent unobscured. It seems like a slight missed opportunity if there are none at all; having the characters navigate through some of the cramped underground spaces that the game filled with spores would surely give them a bunch of tense, claustrophobic scenes practically for free.

  5. Oh, that's annoying. I played Fallen Order via the free PS4 to 5 upgrade and that version is in my library. However, it requires the original PS4 disk in the drive to play, which I no longer have. Because I 'own' that version, PSN apparently won't let me download the version available on PS+, even though it is actually different. Any way around this, besides rolling the dice with PS customer service?

  6. 6 hours ago, glb said:

    Nunez has also hit the woodwork five times, which with a glass half full approach shows he’s not too far off being more prolific, and he’s provided four assists, which is the same as Salah. Nunez has also been recorded sprinting at 38kmh. He must be an absolute bastard to play against.


    Over what distance? That's faster than Bolt's 100m record...

  7. Seems ok to me. Come up with a long base word and then modify it to be as long as it can be.


    But there are probably several words containing today's letters, e.g. I came up with




    I guess it is true that if you come up with a good one, you can cheat your total score a bit using variations - e.g.


    once you have endocrinologists then you can also have endocrinological

    - but I think that the main challenge is in the percentage anyway.


    I usually do one word game a day out of Wordle and Waffle, before moving on to Framed etc., and this slots nicely into that rotation.

  8. 2 hours ago, Naysonymous said:

    Cisse wasn’t 8 days shy of his 40th birthday when he got injured. Craig Gordon is. 


    Didn't realise his age. You're quite possibly right then, sadly.


    Cisse did entirely recover, in very quick time, but he certainly had youth on his side. (I don't think those injuries ultimately had a very major influence on his career at Liverpool or beyond, not in comparison to his limitations and off-field antics.)

  9. My plan is to skip Yellowstone and go straight to 1883. It stands alone, from what I understand, is a far smaller commitment, and has more consistent reviews. Might want to consider that, if you've already ruled out YS but want something in the genre. (Presumably, you already have, but make sure you watch The English too.)

  10. After Royal Mail finally turned up with my rental copy - several weeks after posting! - I can't say this has made the best first impression, besides the character creator. It looks rough as hell, regardless of graphics mode, and the early cutscenes and tutorial mission look and feel like something from at least a couple of generations back. The default control setup is horrible and the combat is so crude. I think most of this will drop by the wayside once I'm out in the open world but why on earth start out showcasing the least appealing aspects of your game? Obviously, I'm not going to give up on it so soon, but it's not exactly trying to make itself likeable so far.

  11. 6 hours ago, pledge said:

    Listing people who are “standup comedians” on Wikipedia rather than necessarily those I’d want on


    Alan Carr

    Ben Elton

    Bill Bailey 

    Billy Connolly

    Caroline Aherne 

    Craig Charles

    David Mitchell 

    Dawn French

    Eddie Izard

    Harry Hill

    Henning Wehn

    Jimmy Carr



    There’s still plenty


    At least half of those haven't done stand up in literally decades!


    I would like to see several of them though, admittedly.

  12. Is she everywhere? She was; back in 2018/19, when Fleabag was still the media darling, you couldn't move for fawning articles. Since then, she's done a voice in Solo, fiddled to little effect with the No Time To Die script, and is now appearing in this. Doesn't feel like a lot really.


    I'm not saying she'd exactly be my first choice but I reckon there's a reasonable chance that she'll be a perfectly fine Vesper-Lynd-ish character. Certainly not my biggest concern after Crystal Skull, and can she possibly be worse than Karen Allen?

  13. Add me to the 'DMZ is (unexpectedly) great' gang. Buggy as hell - the hilariously easy to trigger max money glitch, for example - but fun regardless.


    I do wonder, as I progress through the missions, if it will remain as fun though. They're getting increasingly elaborate and demanding, which isn't surprising but does lend itself less and less well to cooperation, especially with randoms.

  14. Haven't seen that much of Wales this year, besides this match, but aware it's not been a great time. That was quite the capitulation today though. Didn't take enough advantage of the two consecutive yellows for Australia, and then just lost their heads in the last 15. That's 9 lost out of 12 this year now? Surely no one can survive that.

  15. 23 hours ago, Orion said:

    I'm sure one day money will swamp in and ruin it but it looks way more fun and inclusive following the womens game with a daughter than the traditional mens game nowadays.  Looks like you two are having the time of your lives!


    We get to a few of the London teams' 'showcase' matches, where a couple of times a season (e.g. season opener or a derby) they'll play at the men's stadium. It's great fun, cheap, often has events going on before the match, and there's usually some decent football too! Highly recommended.

  16. On 02/11/2022 at 21:53, IcEBuRN said:

    I think you are VASTLY overestimating the quality of the previous film. I recently watched the 4k HDR remaster of the original, and while it "holds up" impressively well considering it's 90% CGI, it doesn't really compete with a modern star wars, or...whatever the CGI has in store for us in this case, which you absolutely cannot see from a terribly compressed 720p upscaled to 1080p, down compressed for youtube trailer.


    Saw the Avatar trailer in the cinema before Black Adam and it really wasn't any more impressive there, to be honest. Sure, side by side with the original Avatar, maybe you'd see the improvements, but relative to current standards - unflatteringly, even the cutscenes rendered in realtime in COD MW2 when I played it recently - it was deeply unimpressive visually.


    (It wasn't impressive in any other way either, but the visuals certainly were the most underwhelming part; I didn't exactly anticipate a gripping premise.)

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