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  1. Well, two weeks later or so and that's the platinum so I guess I liked it! I was enjoying it even from the start but I thought that it pretty much continuously improved all the way through as you gained more powers. I would have to say that they judged the rate at which these are offered quite badly though. Many of the minor frustrations with the environment navigation and the combat were alleviated as you acquired abilities: double jump and force pull for navigation and things like the double lightsaber overhead strike and force push for the combat. It's fine to hold things back, of course, but I think more of the abilities should have come earlier, with it being more in the way of upgrades later. I definitely did feel very powerful by the end, and I guess that may have been magnified by the slow progression, but I would have preferred to have played more of the game as a more fully fledged Jedi. But all that said, I had a great time overall. The game evokes the films brilliantly. There are lots of easy shortcuts to achieve that - just play the floating probe droid's audio to me and I'm immediately transported to that universe - but I think they get almost everything right on this front. Even all the bits they've invented fit in very well and BD-1 is a great companion, following in the grand tradition of Star Wars droids. And it's such a welcome change to have an AI buddy that stays entirely out of the way, only hopping down to offer you a collectible hint here and there, and just bleeps pleasantly at you occasionally rather than continually waffling on with plot exposition and supposedly hilarious banter. It sounds like there'll be a sequel - maybe this time next year? - and I'd definitely welcome more in a similar vein. There are some aspects that should change and they need to sack whoever put all the sliding sections in but if they can pull off anything like the improvement between Titanfall 1 and 2 then it could be something truly special.
  2. The PS5 version is just a free upgrade from the PS4 one, from what I read, so it's effectively included. (I don't know if there's another 'special edition' PS5 version or something - presumably that wouldn't be.)
  3. Don't really score shit goals, do we?
  4. I certainly can't think of a much greater example of hero to zero as TV series go, not one that sustained such a quality level for so long and became such a cultural event then spiralled into decline so extreme and universally agreed. And I think that's at least partly because there's a very common feeling of resentment about it, like yours, that so much (relatively speaking) was invested in it for such little result.
  5. Well, I'll give you F76, sure. I haven't played it myself but I certainly get the impression that it is, or was at least, in at least as sorry a state as CP2077. However, the part I was disputing was mainly the "Bethesda [have] done a Cyberpunk 2077 multiple times in a row" suggestion, like their history is riddled with games released in a condition that severe yet gamers have repeatedly forgiven them, and I wouldn't agree that's the case.
  6. I would dispute a bit that Bethesda have released much in the state of CP2077. Don't get me wrong - I've seen and experienced much of their vast history of bugs. It did feel to me though that CDPR dialled the bug count right up to 11 and then added some bonus sprinklings: broadly unplayable on half of the target platforms and an overwhelming sense of the game being unfinished, or at least much reduced from what they'd intended. With Elder Scrolls and Fallout, I think that even while I've run into plenty of comical bugs - and I'm aware plenty of people have hit real showstoppers too - the overall experience for most people, including me, has generally been the promised one. I don't think that's the case with CP2077 really. I did really enjoy my time with it but it's a deeply flawed gem.
  7. Any section where most/all of the player's abilities are taken away. It's been a shit feature pretty much since the inception of video games but if anything it's worse in more modern titles where everything's an RPG to some extent and you've been gradually earning them all. Latest culprit for me is Jedi Fallen Order where It's relatively brief but just awful design.
  8. Good old Gurdeep, DPD's finest, brought me some delicious treats today. Looking forward to some of these. Absolute bargain too.
  9. I wonder if there are any good articles on the physics of striking a ball like that - why exactly such a 'sweet strike' seems to have so much free power, when someone can put twice as much effort in as Thiago seemingly did there and produce half the power. I found some covering spin - e.g. Roberto Carlos's free kick - but not so much power.
  10. Thanks. They have offers on individual cans too and free shipping over £35 so I just put together a selection from there instead - bit more interesting than 24 pale ales I'd say!
  11. Mortal Shell sounds like a pretty good stop gap until the next real Dark Souls arrives a couple of months later. And it seems there's a free upgrade to an enhanced PS5 version? I'll definitely give that a whirl. And I expect my daughter will be delighted with the Lego game, so probably a decent month.
  12. The point about the time it airs / aired in the past is regarding the watershed, not viewing habits.
  13. I hadn't seen the E4 schedule but you're right. It seems like an odd decision to me. I understand that it might not stand much chance of ever being cool to the youth but I don't see what they're gaining by pitching so old in the content. I'm not going to watch or not on the basis of whether or not they feature more violent games, and certainly not those at the extremes like MK. It seems like they only have anything to lose, in terms of the parent and child combination that a few in here have now ruled out or younger teens. And of course the original broadcast at weekday teatimes so it does seem like a fairly natural assumption to have made that this might calibrate somewhat similarly, at a sort of PG/12A level. I struggle to see that this would rule out much in the way of interesting content.
  14. There's another 2 then that's it for now.
  15. Jokes that younger kids aren't even going to register are obviously fine but I'd have to wonder if they'd be showing even as much of MK as they did if it was being broadcast on terrestrial TV before 9pm (which presumably it would, if it was ever promoted from E4). They did reduce the gore a bit and probably instructed the players not to use a regular fatality but still, for example, kept in several seconds of one of the characters clearly plunging a drill into the other's eye socket and blood jetting out, while the co-presenter approvingly described exactly what was happening. I mean, I don't want to get all Mary Whitehouse up in here, but that's not especially cool if they're aiming for parents that remember the original to watch this with their relatively young children. It also just seems like a completely unnecessary choice, in the very first show of a limited run, if the audience is supposed to include 8/9 year olds. (A further digression: it's generally a bit of a bug bear on these digital platforms that it's often hard to even tell what the suitability of something is for children. BBC iPlayer, for example, doesn't seem to have thought about this at all. Unless you stick to a kids profile and only choose programmes from there, it seems like the only way of telling is to check what time it was originally broadcast.)
  16. What, really? What time is this planned to go out, or are my vague notions of pre- / post-watershed hopelessly outdated in our digital age? I actually would like to watch this with my daughter but that would be pretty far outside acceptable content.
  17. The Wookiepedia page on Ahsoka must be at least a million words. Terrifying.
  18. Is Giggs not still under a bit of a legal cloud?
  19. It's absolutely fixed for me. It was very apparent for the first few months after launch, extremely loud on about an hourly basis, then they made a change in one of the updates and I've never heard it since. The drive is still reasonably noisy when doing the initial install from disc, but never during gameplay any longer.
  20. The Benedict Cumberbatch one is out on Netflix on December 1st too.
  21. I did like that sequence - very atmospheric - but the more tactical aspects of the film were rather undermined by his penchant for wandering around in the open while under fire. He does it at least three times, including in the woods section, and I found it a bit jarring. I think they were aiming for an impression that he knew he had the situation under control or something, because obviously a bit of Bond nonchalance is absolutely par for the course, but it seemed silly in context.
  22. Have they talked much about why they're ending it here? Seems like there's no shortage of further source material. Was the rescue by Amazon always a limited one? I have no idea how popular the show is really but I presume not incredibly mass market. I do prefer a show being able to end properly, knowing in advance what they have to work with, but equally it does still seem premature in this case.
  23. This guy sounds like a real piece of shit but that's quite the justice system there. 160 years in prison with a possibility of parole after 75 - at the age of 103, I might add.
  24. I mean, I've played like an hour so far, and at least 10 minutes of that was sliding. They do make their sliding fetish clear nice and early so you can bail if you're not comfortable with it.
  25. It has actually put the PS4 version icon back, which is slightly irritating, but it hasn't installed it or anything and I can just ignore it. Still fairly impressed by how well it was handled otherwise.
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