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  1. If you have Amazon Prime, you can just subscribe to the Eurosport channel for a month instead and get just as much, or quite possibly literally the same, coverage. (Previously you'd be offered a 7 day free trial first, but I think they may have disabled that for the duration of the Olympics.)
  2. Archery on right now, in case you hadn't seen. I'm currently feeling similarly about the tennis though - presume I need one of the paid options to see any significant amount of that.
  3. hmm

    No More Jockeys

    I can't remember if I've posted in here before, and can't be bothered to check, so maybe I'm saying this for the second time but: I'm very glad for this thread as we would otherwise have remained entirely unaware of its existence, and instead we've been catching up on it over the last two or three months and it's probably been our most regularly watched show over that period. I can't decide if it's been slowly getting funnier, as they've hit their stride, or if it's more that we've gradually attuned to their sense of humour. That's not to say that it wasn't funny in the first place, of course, just that it was perhaps a milder, gentler humour originally, and I feel like now we're much more frequently properly laughing at it. Whenever they next do a live show we'll have to get involved. I feel somewhat guilty mainlining this for free when I pay Netflix and so on however much a month for mostly absolute trash. Has anyone read any of Mark Watson's books?
  4. I don't think it's so much the lack of more formal corporate processes; that's not why they're failing to reach the, I would say, fairly low threshold of 'not being a giant pit of misogynistic shitheads'. Clearly the company is filled with horrible arseholes all the way to the very brim, where rather than doing anything at all about the problems they're fully aware of, they have a quiet word to request that the perpetrators dial the sexual harassment down from an 11 to maybe just an 8 or a 9. There are plenty of developers, or more generally independent companies, where there's relatively little in the way of former HR procedures, or even a department, and yet somehow it hasn't turned into Lord Of The Flies. I mean, sure, those processes can prevent such things from taking root, to an extent, but a company's culture will always be largely reflective of its upper management regardless.
  5. At the end of a pleasurable stumble down a Jackass rabbit hole, I came across this great GQ article on Knoxville and the new film: https://www.gq.com/story/johnny-knoxvilles-last-rodeo (Better without the fashion shoot pictures, of course.)
  6. For some reason a couple of events, including that, are starting early - maybe they can't fit them in the main period, e.g. because of rest days required between football matches. The opening ceremony is lunchtime Friday.
  7. They're mostly, or maybe entirely, reached by
  8. Including the latest apricot one? I haven't tried any of the others but the can of this that I had this evening was delicious. Are you generally a sour fan? I think it might even be my favourite beer genre at the moment. The can of Exale's Gose For Glory that I had in my HB&B sub box last month was absolutely spectacular, and then sadly I couldn't find any stock anywhere to buy more.
  9. Some interesting commentary on Prometheus in here, almost talking me into giving it a reappraisal, but I think the cartoonishly stupid characters would still be too great an obstacle. I would mind less if they were just naive colonists that perhaps might not be expected to know better, or the situations in which they're doing these things are so stressful or hurried that again it might be understandable, but the kind of dissonance introduced by juxtaposing "here is the cream of human science" with "trying to stroke an inevitably deadly alien creature" is just too much. I appreciate the argument that much of this was intentional but it just feels to me like they picked the wrong targets, while the original films got it exactly right: it's the idiotic or corrupt management that bring down the whole enterprise, not the smart people failing to be smart - e.g. the corporation, or Burke in particular, trying to harvest aliens for corporate profit and underestimating the rather glaring hazards involved.
  10. Ah, you're probably right. Is that maybe true for some of the weapon perks too? Well, um, hopefully it's comforting that it'll be easier when you come back through again later...
  11. Either the lobber or the pylon will absolutely wreck those guys while you chill out in cover. Or even the hollowseeker with serrated blades.
  12. That they just signed him to a 5 year contract at the age of 34 does rather suggest they're doing their best not to think about it.
  13. Ha, yes! I went back to Horizon ZD after I got the Returnal platinum the other day and had exactly the same experience. As in, literally wondering if there was some kind of new 30/60 Hz bug and it was running at 50% speed. I hope this passes and Returnal hasn't now ruined all other games for me...
  14. It seemed pretty clear to me that they fully realised how bad Winston was and that was why he was so (mercifully) minimised in the film.
  15. Commentator: "I don't think Grealish knew which way Saka was running there" Not sure Saka has much of an idea either!
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