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  1. I do have to wonder how the PL ended up with contracts without exceptions for force majeure.
  2. Wow, we really are doing the "who's a worthy fan" debate again, huh?
  3. The film may be in cinemas in November but I'm still kinda wondering if any people will be.
  4. Largely echoing previous posts but COD WWII really is a terrible game. Alternating deathly serious cutscenes with absurd arcade nonsense is an utterly bizarre approach - presumably simple incompetence rather than a deliberate stylistic choice. I might mind slightly less if this was at least married with satisfying gameplay but that's a pile of loose floaty bollocks to boot. The contrast with the fidelity - and indeed, consistent tone - on show in MW is very glaring. I haven't yet reached any of the comedy sections already described - and probably won't, frankly - but the Fast & Furious style jeep ride over to bail out some other company in the second mission was also hilarious. Barrelling through lanes so confined they're practically tunnels at a steady 150mph, mowing down Nazis blundering conveniently across your path, ignoring squadmates wittering about how tight the next corner is because you're pretty much entirely on rails anyway, only to finally discover that all the rescue actually requires is to lap the town square a couple of times shooting in random directions until the Nazis run away. Honestly, beyond amusement value, it's appalling. It just left me wanting to go and watch Band Of Brothers for the 7th time.
  5. Sure, but they've been at risk to the same extent as the rest of the population in the meantime and so you'd expect a small number of positives. I do think outdoor transmission is probably generally pretty rare in any case and even in a sport with man-to-man marking and corners and so on that the risk is quite low. With the testing regime on top, I reckon this has quite a good chance of working out. (Obviously putting in place nationwide policies to generally reduce contact either indoors or outdoors was perfectly sensible but I do expect that the eventual conclusion will be that the number of outdoor transmissions was always insignificant.)
  6. Didn't know the transfer window had reopened but I'm very excited to see Little Richard make his debut.
  7. Realise it's not simple, but I do think that might all been surmountable, especially with fewer players. That said, I'm not in any way suggesting that their decision to simply cancel wasn't sensible. Our neighbours actually run a business hiring out local houses for the tournament - we live about a mile away from the grounds - so they're a bit buggered this year. They've had a few of the major players using them in past years.
  8. I wonder if, in hindsight, the AELTC are regretting cancelling this year's tournament entirely and not trying to make some cut-down closed-doors version work. (I know they looked at it and concluded at the time that it wasn't possible, and perhaps TV revenue alone isn't sufficient to make it financially worthwhile rather than just claiming on insurance, but I do wonder if they could have compromised more to make it workable and safe - e.g. singles tournament only.)
  9. I'd say that tennis will be just fine without, to be honest. I don't think that the massively partisan courts you get at many tournaments are really a positive much of the time. Sure, the crowd willing Federer on through all those hours of the last Wimbledon final was probably a good thing overall, but I think it's negative pretty often - even in that example, I reckon the pressure from the spectators contributed to Fed failing to take those match points. Plus the fucking idiots that just have to get one more yell in before the point starts, or the ones even screaming stuff out mid-point at the last US Open...
  10. I really don't think that Owen seeing out his career on the bench for a couple of years at Man U bothers many Liverpool fans, or at least not relative to his obvious lack of love for the club while he was still there, the cut price move to Real Madrid, his role in bumping Fowler out of the team, etc. (Not that I subscribe to that many of these, but that's why he wasn't popular.) More generally, he has always come across as a self-congratulatory, petty man - that video referenced above being a prime example. And let us never forget the marketing material put out on his behalf when he was being shopped around before his move to Man U, particularly the science bit explaining how he was never actually injury prone at all.
  11. Second link should be https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/52630741. We were so bad that day - can't be many less deserved FA Cup wins. Owen is an absolute prat but what a player he was for a few years.
  12. Ok, thanks; interest restored.
  13. I thought Paul Kaye's character was fine in the first season, and I quite liked the absurdity of a terrible therapist that clearly doesn't give the first shit about their patients, but it was taken much too far for me in the small amount of season 2 that I've caught when my wife was watching it. Tony actually inflicting him upon his brother-in-law, the scene in the pub with PK's mates and their awful banter, etc. It was just cartoonish. That said, I didn't really feel the need to watch the second season in any case, as I didn't even think he managed to sustain it for the first season, let alone a second - or third! There doesn't seem like anywhere near sufficient core concept or character development for such longevity. I'm not at all sure that Gervais is joking when he says he's doing it just because Netflix asked, and waved bags of cash at him, as opposed to because he actually has anything to say.
  14. Intending to pick this up at some point but having to thrash away at normal enemies with my lightsaber in order to kill them would be quite aggravating, I think, especially as I remember very much enjoying slicing through swathes of Stormtroopers with my Jedi glowstick in previous titles. Is there a lot of that?
  15. Dunno, just seems a bit messy to me, with people constantly redeploying and then a very overcrowded endgame when the 'stimulus' finally shuts off. I had a second place finish in one earlier with 17 or 18 kills, most of which were picking off people re-entering the battle and trying to reclaim their gear. I do take your point about user-friendliness though, and the money dynamic is sort of interesting in terms of deciding whether to save it for respawns or buy stuff.
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