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  1. Most of the 'rewards' in the Battle Pass are incredibly low effort, surely? Static 2D emblems, weapon blueprints that are mostly just combinations of existing attachments and a custom paintjob, etc. I guess the operators are a fair amount of work but it's only their different outfits that are locked away behind higher tiers, not the operators themselves. Don't get me wrong - I think it's all reasonably good, harmless fun and I've bought and completed BP season 2 - but I hardly think the devs are crying too much over their unappreciated labours of love.
  2. Have to say, I had no problems getting through the tiers playing WZ, and I don't play that heavily really. I do think the XP is a lot more generous there.
  3. To be fair, the meaning of 'fact' has changed pretty dramatically in the last few years.
  4. I watched what I suspect is the worst possible ending to a BR game the other day, after dying somewhere in the last 10 or so. There had been several people just mindlessly driving around in trucks as the game reached its conclusion, including the guy I was now watching. It got down to just him and one other, after he finally abandoned his truck, and it turned out that this final enemy was in a helicopter overhead. It also turned out that they had no intention of leaving it. The final circle started closing down to nothing, the guy on foot desperately fired a few clips at the helicopter to little effect, and then the gas closed on them both. I could see that the guy I was watching only had about 2/3 of a mask left and I guess the one up above had a full one, because basically they both just succumbed to the gas and the one in the air won because his mask held out slightly longer.
  5. Had a quick game before breakfast this morning and bagged my first BR solo victory! I've had a few second or third places, which obviously were quite frustrating, and it felt great to finally pull off a win. It was a pretty epic final few minutes as well, up in the forest behind the quarry area. I only had 2 kills prior to that point, I think, but then had to take out 5 of the final 10 or so. A couple of sneaky longshots thinned the crowd, then as it went down to the final 3 I dropped an airstrike in the rough vicinity of where I'd heard someone sniping, a little further up the hill, and then spotted the other remaining enemy. Just as I was shooting him, the notification came in for the airstrike taking out the sniper, and victory was finally mine. Love this game.
  6. I think if they can complete it at some point over the summer then they probably should - maybe behind closed doors, maybe with some kind of restricted crowd - but otherwise just sack it off, because it's not even meaningfully the same season if it gets much later. Playing in anything less than the normal atmosphere will be odd but I think most fans would prefer something to watch, once it can be done safely. It seems like, even when restrictions begin to be lifted, mass gatherings on this scale are a long way off. (Though, given how late they were stopped in the first place, who knows...) As a Liverpool fan, cancellation is obviously not what I want, but we're now forever going to have the world's biggest asterisk next to this season if we win it anyway, so I'm not sure how much it really matters.
  7. Hackney Yard is actually quite good in Gun Game. Awful in pretty much anything else, of course. Haven't tried the new map yet - mainly because I haven't loaded up any mode except WZ in quite some time!
  8. Popped on for a quick game before work and, yay, 11GB patch that it didn't bother to download overnight. (Patch notes here.)
  9. There were loads of ground-breaking aspects to the original DE - not least the degrees of freedom you had, of course - but the bit that really got me was when, after an unfortunate misunderstanding, the game let me kill some cops that came to help investigate the shenanigans at the Statue of Liberty and, instead of the mission simply failing immediately or them being invincible, my boss questioned me about it in the debriefing later.
  10. Did you send this? I have an invite, but I think it's from some random - doesn't mention the 'muk.
  11. Could you throw one in the direction of psRud#4141795 too please?
  12. Oh man, so close to my first win earlier. Decent squad of randoms, down to 6 or 7 players in the final circle, including our team of 3, and we blew it! It was a great game though, and made a nice change from all the other ones where I was put in a solo squad, or my teammates got themselves killed right at the drop and immediately left, or they fucked off to the other side of the map, or they didn't bother to rez me, etc. etc. I do love it though, despite all that. I think the only mode I've enjoyed as much from the main game is Gun Game. Which is obviously slightly ridiculous when this is free (so far). Have they said anything about their plans for more maps or anything else? I presume they're also going to be monetising the shit out of it even more than they already were too?
  13. Oh my, imagine Allardyce's Bolton Wanderers vs Simeone's Atletico Madrid. Who wins? Nobody.
  14. Anyone else into Gun Game in this? I used to play the equivalent mode in Battlefield 3 quite a lot (Gun Master, I think) and this is just as addictive. One or two of the maps aren't brilliantly suited, and it seems weirdly biased when it comes to picking them, but mostly it works really well. The night mode variants are great too.
  15. They just pointed out in the coverage that I'm watching that City are playing twice (Arsenal and Burnley) before we next do. In theory, they could lose both and we win it before Everton. (Snap!)
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