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  1. Late to the party but watched this tonight and loved it. I was going to write some details about why, but then I read @The Grand Pursuivant's post on the first page and realised there wasn't much point, because that already covered it eloquently and exhaustively. Absolutely best watched cold and just letting yourself be immersed. I'm a complete sucker for grubby sci-fi that throws you into the middle of a well-realised world and slowly tells a tale and this hit all the right notes. Dreamy, claustrophobic and captivating.
  2. I share the sentiment but I'm pretty sceptical about the (unsourced?) reporting on the contract situation. Singer was already fired or removed from the credits on other movies, years ago now, for his misdeeds, in both director and producer roles. There are really no clauses in these supposed contracts that can be similarly employed? I'm also doubtful that a studio is going to sign away its casting flexibility for multiple actors in the franchise for, what, at least 7 years, based upon when Dark Phoenix was produced and this 2025 date. Is that ever the balance of power in these things, particularly with an ensemble cast? I think it's much more likely that new X-Men movies simply didn't fit in with the existing plans and/or they felt it's too soon for another standalone reboot of it.
  3. There's a small but active community around NeoLemmix, a modern(ish) PC Lemmings engine that plays all the old level packs. It adds a few features that make it much less of a frustrating old-school experience, without spoiling the core appeal.
  4. A lot of the economics are about retaining subs, not just recruiting them.
  5. I could only assume that the idea was that
  6. I can't say I had any real problems with the CG at all. It wasn't top tier stuff, sure, but there was nothing especially egregious and, far more importantly, I didn't notice any of the truly immersion-shattering physics nonsense that plagues so many other films. The bear scene in particular felt brutal and weighty to me, with a very claustrophobic POV, and worked just as well as scenes in The Revenant, for example, which I think other people have also referenced. Perhaps the MCU and things like the Hobbit trilogy have lowered my standards here, so that I'm happy as long as people aren't bouncing around consequence-free like rubber balls or flying up into the sky for every fight.
  7. They are, but at least Prey had the sense to downplay the fairly absurd notion that the Predator is some noble warrior following an ancient code, as the original did. I think the only aspect in either is them not killing seemingly unarmed opponents. Otherwise, they are unknowably alien, merciless hunters and I don't know if we should necessarily understand what their sense of fair play entails, if anything. It's only in other Predator sequels and media that they've attempted to anthropomorphise this, always to the detriment as far as I'm aware.
  8. Various animals do die in horrific ways. But a specific answer for the dog: I thought this was really good, even if it doesn't reach excellent - maybe a 4/5 is fair. General spoiler-y thoughts:
  9. It's deliberate. With the subtitles turned on, the Comanche and French dialog is just in those languages, not translated.
  10. hmm

    Women's EURO 2022

    At least one interesting article emerged from the bra coverage: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/aug/03/secret-support-did-prescription-bras-help-lionesses-to-euro-2022-glory I do see lots of women out running etc. that clearly aren't aware of the benefits of a proper sports bra so perhaps another side effect of this win will be raising some more awareness of that.
  11. hmm

    Women's EURO 2022

    Yes, I thought that was some pretty glaring language too. I had to double check that I'd clicked on the right link because Google also gave a load of results for rules from previous years but no, they really are sticking with phrasing from somewhere around the 1990s.
  12. hmm

    Women's EURO 2022

    The section of the IFAB rules about this lead with an explanation that players must not celebrate with excessive joy. I'm not joking.
  13. hmm

    Women's EURO 2022

    Probably posted this before but I find it fairly disgusting that any high level sporting events are still enabling rampant touting and profiteering when it's an issue that can be easily and cheaply solved, and indeed has by various other events of similar status and scale. For example, I would guess, based upon my experiences of the systems in use there, that the amount of touting that occurs at Wimbledon or Twickenham is approximately zero. It seems particularly unforgivable in a sport that is being relatively newly promoted and expanded (to the degree that it is these days - obviously I realise it has existed for decades) and is generally being pitched as a family enterprise, in multiple senses.
  14. hmm

    Women's EURO 2022

    It wasn't really a point of comparison but simply that the men have been trying to end this barren run for so long, and have so often been hyped up to definitely do it this time honest, even have a bloody chart hit about it that's rolled out every tournament, but then hopefully along come the women and do it instead. I like that, and I like that it will annoy more, let's say, traditionalist fans. I don't think it's especially reductive to observe that. That said, various of the men's efforts over the years have absolutely been derisory, so forgive me if I don't feel too bad about offending them. (I'm of course not talking about the most recent effort in the Euros, which did feel like the one time the excitement was justified - more all of the 'golden generation' crap.)
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