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  1. Patch 1.21 brings another few thousand bug fixes and so of course, to celebrate, literally within a couple of minutes of loading the latest and greatest version up, my pistol suddenly decides it will no longer fire while in ADS, until I restart the game entirely. Really close to the end now, just mopping up a load of side missions and gigs, and I can't help but love it, the stupid broken mess that it is. Even this far in, I still keep stumbling across swathes of previously completely uncharted territory, all of it wonderfully realised. Bethesda may be the long-time masters of the a
  2. Didn't make contact - that was one of the things checked by VAR.
  3. Currently about 3 or 4 hours into the unskippable opening cutscene and it's quite a battle not to uninstall the fucking thing on principle. (Genuinely only haven't because I was hoping my daughter and I could play through it together.)
  4. Thought that it was maybe just me being impatient after playing Demon Souls with its crazy fast loads, but I did think the checkpoint loads in this were noticeably worse on PS5 too.
  5. Sure, maybe, but even a team that small has burned, what, the best part of £10m over 5 years?
  6. I'm a bit curious about the funding model. There are no IAPs, are there? And presumably Hello aren't big enough to be working on something else at the same time, like paid DLC or a sequel. So is the incredible support keeping a steady stream of sales going or are Sony still seeing enough value in this to keep paying for it?
  7. There was actually a mobile version of this a few years ago so I wouldn't be surprised if the new one is fairly heavily based on that.
  8. PS5. I really don't think I'd have persevered with it at all on last gen hardware. Clearly, a lot of these are pretty minor annoyances, and I was fairly tolerant of it when I spent my first block of time with it. Returning to it now, the lustre of the city and everything else has worn off a little and I'm just finding the sum total of all those petty grievances a lot more off-putting, and apart from largely eliminating the crashes I'm not convinced that any of the post-release patches have noticeably changed anything so far, besides making the police even shitter.
  9. I only knew because I accidentally installed the mod that makes all of your attacks non-lethal. Where's the fun in that? Took me ages to rid of it too because you can't just unequip it, annoyingly. I've played another few hours of it now, with the new patch, and it's really not noticeably improved at all. The vast majority of the fixes listed were incredibly specific, I think, whereas most of the stuff I notice is just general brokenness in the game systems themselves: cars inside other cars in queues of traffic, bad guys randomly whizzing around at 100mph in combat, Takemura sound
  10. To my great shame, Demon Souls was the only From game in which I had yet to obtain the platinum, but I finally put that to rights this evening. I suppose that the fact that Bluepoint 'dumbed down' the trophies for the remake undermines this a little but I'll conveniently ignore that (while secretly being rather grateful that I avoided some fairly tedious upgrade material farming etc.) I held off on picking this up originally because £70 to replay a fairly ancient, almost prototypical version of the great Souls template seemed a bit outrageous. While that is still excessive, having
  11. That's a pretty extraordinary list of fixes but it feels like yet another misstep by CDPR: no one needs anything like that level of detail and 300 pages of bugs addressed mainly just underline the sheer state of it at release. Combined with their bizarre decision to try and do marketing around the 'features' in this patch, it all leaves a pretty sour taste. I do admire their determination to drain absolutely every last drop of goodwill though. But despite that, I'll probably go back to it fairly soon, when I'm done with Demon Souls, and at least it'll be a bit more of a solid exper
  12. So the standard approach to punditry then.
  13. There was a can of that Mission rye IPA in my first box from HB&B and it was lovely. Did you buy direct?
  14. It doesn't exactly inspire me to invest 4 hours if the only way to appreciate the film is to calibrate expectations by watching a worse version of it first.
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