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  1. Well, I'll give you the latter point, certainly! I think it's an interesting question actually - does something belong on a list like this if you have to caveat it with "but stop watching after the first N seasons"? Not where it's just gone off the boil a bit, but where it has declined so dramatically that it is now actively undoing all of the good work from earlier seasons. I guess you arguably couldn't include Game Of Thrones either if not.
  2. At best, that show ended up breaking even; the latter seasons completely negated anything good in the earlier ones.
  3. Sorry, but the best thing about that goal is when, in that same replay from behind, just after that version cuts off, Schar comes flying haplessly face-first into frame. Such was his dedication to physical comedy that he actually injured himself in the process. Bobby was absolutely outrageous yesterday. That was only one of at least three obscene pieces of skill, plus his usual ridiculous workrate and pressing. Piss him off by benching him for fifteen minutes at the start of every game, I say.
  4. Wonderful closing down for our second goal. Any stats on how many goals a season we've produced that way under Klopp? It's just awesome to behold when a flock of our players suddenly descends like that.
  5. Surely that's true of literally every decision the referee makes.
  6. I know I am far from the first person to make this observation, but what the fuck is VAR for, and what exactly the hell is a clear and obvious error, if it's not when the referee says something isn't a penalty when it quite blatantly is, both live and in replays? I mean, surely those are precisely the game-changing decisions that it is supposed to correct. Should we also not overrule the referee when the ball crosses the goal line unless it's at least 10cm over? Lovely finish by Sadiooooo in any case.
  7. hmm


    Doesn't look like this is going to last much longer than the Wimbledon final did...
  8. hmm


    Some of Nadal's points in last night's match against Cilic were absolutely unreal. That shot past the side of the net for the penultimate point!
  9. Oh, nice! May have to pick up tickets for that one too then. Cheers.
  10. Not according to the coverage I was watching. 11 in 2014 and 12 now, IIRC.
  11. Our longest ever win streak in the PL, apparently. Great performance.
  12. Luiz's ridiculous foul for the penalty still paying dividends for Mo's second goal too, as it was inevitably going to be a second yellow if he'd touched him.
  13. Good write up of the seasons, but I think the rot set in pretty early really, and season 4 was a blip on an otherwise relentless downward trajectory. And I'd even say that was only because Lithgow was so good; there was still plenty wrong with it. Fundamentally, Dexter was one of those concepts that just doesn't stand up to that much exploration, certainly on screen rather than in written form, and inevitably the longer it went on, the harder it got to paper over the ever-widening cracks. I mean, they did a fucking awful job of it on top of that, don't get me wrong, but wrapping it up in two or three seasons would have been the practical limit to my mind. It could have greatly benefited from a planned end because then there could have been a much more interesting arc, along the lines of Walter's journey in Breaking Bad. On the other hand, the last few minutes of season 8 (the only part of the last couple of seasons I watched) were hilarious, and perhaps it would be a shame if that had never existed.
  14. Have we got a buy back clause for Mignolet..?
  15. Not a thing. It's been a very easy game for the ref though.
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