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  1. That touch and then the athleticism to recover and hit the shot with that much power were both outrageous. What a player.
  2. I think that goal may well have been VAR'd out anyway, if they had scored. It looked very marginal and I think the officials tend to leave these borderline offsides to be corrected later now.
  3. Dennis seems to be going to be just as bad as Ciara here, and games were called off last weekend, so I'm not sure why it's such an absurd notion. It's not so much the game itself but fans getting to and from the ground, etc.
  4. Impressively, not only are the ad breaks long, frequent, and unskippable, on the app on our smart TV, it often fails to resume the programme after an ad break, adding easily up to another minute while we restart the app and get back to where we were. Or, you know, actually we don't bother. We literally gave up on watching the last series of Grand Designs after a couple of episodes because it was so painful, and I don't think we've bothered with anything else since.
  5. Some good insight into Andy Carroll's ongoing injury woes here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/14/andy-carroll-newcastle-future-in-doubt-volley-injury-setback
  6. Genuinely struggling to imagine a worse way to watch a boxset than via All 4. I mean, I know it's free, but so is clawing out your own eyes and I'd give both experiences pretty similar reviews, I reckon.
  7. That's definitely right for the winner, though I can't really remember any of the rest. Wonder what the chances are of our match tomorrow going ahead - low, I'm guessing.
  8. I had a good one in Rust last night where I called in an airstrike, got shot shortly afterwards, then promptly respawned under - you guessed it - my own airstrike. Hilarity* ensued. * Copious swearing
  9. We are utterly magnificent. Shaky end to the first half and then we come out after half time and show exactly why we're where we are. 22 points! Insanity.
  10. I know Kepa has been struggling a bit but I fail to see how Caballero was ever going to be the solution.
  11. I had been thinking exactly the same. I mean, they're fairly desperate for a striker at the very least, right? My understanding was that Abraham is crocked, Batshuayi is rubbish, and Giroud has retired, so what are they playing at? Even the ghost of Manchester United managed to land an emergency striker, despite Woodward's best efforts.
  12. This fucking team. Love every one of them.
  13. Yeah, Sturridge as a solution for a striker injury crisis really is just pouring fuel on the fire.
  14. Is there any news on AOC yet?
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