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  1. I would have been a lot more forgiving of this if it had been funnier, but it just wasn't working for me at all, for the most part. I rarely give up on a film, especially one that isn't exactly long anyway, but I didn't even make it to the Guiliani segment. And along the lines of other posts, the complete blurring of the line between interactions with real people and either actors or, at the least, people somewhat in on the joke made it almost impossible to settle in and enjoy the film. The editing was also somewhere between manic and dishonest. I ultimately didn't believe anything
  2. They had three reasonable shouts for penalties, I thought, so it's difficult to complain too much that they got one of them. We were very poor - I don't know what exactly our formation is supposed to be but it's definitely not working. SU absolutely deserved to be level at the end of that half.
  3. hmm


    Never seen Djokovic that uncomfortable on a tennis court. He was pretty much just waiting to leave by halfway through the second set. He did have a brief fillip when he somewhat unexpectedly broke back in the third, but I don't think he was exactly entertaining thoughts of a comeback. Shame it was a bit one-sided but Nadal is just an absolute god at RG. His statistics are insane: won 13 of the 16 RGs he's played and only ever lost 2 matches.
  4. hmm

    Best New Music 2020

    Stunning new single from the peculiarly named Porridge Radio that I heard first thing this morning and am now a bit obsessed with: This led me to discover their album from earlier in the year that is also brilliant. (Glowing review on Pitchfork, if you don't want to take my word for it.)
  5. There seems to be tacit agreement here that Tenet's release was a mistake / bomb yet I hadn't read anything suggesting that and a quick Google now suggests that it has taken over $250m worldwide (for a film that is not, despite the names attached etc., exactly overflowing with mainstream appeal). I mean, it probably won't get close to their original forecasts, but that still doesn't seem like a disaster so far, in the circumstances.
  6. I don't know - my nearest cinema remains busy enough for Tenet screenings that I'm still giving it a wide berth. The showing at 7 tonight looks pretty packed to me, 5 weeks after release. (Their cinema booking page says they require two seats left empty between every booking but this appears to only be horizontally. Think I'd be a bit concerned about distance in the direction that people are looking and breathing, personally.)
  7. I think my question would be: what state do they expect things, or particularly cinema attendance, to be in in 6 months' time? Call me a pessimist but somehow I don't see packed cinemas in our future for quite some time. I think there's just as good a chance that more restrictions will be in place at Easter rather than fewer. Given there's more or less no competition at the moment, I'm a bit surprised that they haven't done something like agree that it will get a much longer run at the cinema than usual and release it now, in the hope that they will make something approaching the n
  8. And yet, over several seasons, Liverpool have been consistently worse whenever he hasn't played.
  9. This seems to have started in the US now. Anyone seen anything about a UK air date or broadcaster? A quick search didn't reveal anything earlier, so I'm guessing we're stuck with the usual alternative (or else 'patience', whatever the hell that is).
  10. Cool, turns out that I didn't bother to 'buy' the Aug 2018 PSPlus games - literally have every other month, regardless of interest - and guess when Mafia 3 was on it...
  11. So no one has to watch Mourinho moping around?
  12. These days, I don't think there's any drama good enough such that I'd put up with breaks every 15 minutes. Oh, that was a mighty tense scene, wasn't it, now please hold that mood for a few minutes of made up science about hair conditioner and updates on the latest processed crap available at Iceland. (I haven't watched an advert in years, so I apologise for any inaccuracies.)
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