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  1. It's a weird one, Mr Crammond has pretty much gone the way of Ian Bell. Given the brightness of their stars, it always seems so incongruous from the outside. Still, every individual leads their own life and what an output Crammond had. Truly a British software legend. I'd hate to see Stunt Car make any sort of come back without him solely in charge. Unfortunately, I somehow doubt he retains the ip, so I'm bracing myself for the inevitable mobile/indie/PS5/we zoomed with Geoff for half an hour remake cashin sometime soon.
  2. Yep. Glow showed that even a strong show (critical approval, excellent cast, reasonable viewing figures) can and will be wiped out unless it provides Netflix with the algorithm matches it craves.
  3. Well well well, Paradroid 90 eh? Well played!
  4. That is ace. Totally remember that version. What a brilliant ad. Perfect visuals married to perfect soundtrack.
  5. Home Alone and The Snowman every year. They are perfection, timeless. Snowman has to have Bowie tho or it doesn't count. So it's always watched on DVD. Additions this year will be Trading Places and very likely Beverly Hills Cop. It may not be a Christmas movie, in the sense of having Xmasy stuff in it, but it 'feels' like a holiday movie for me, the type that would be shown at 23.00 on BBC2 on the 23rd. It's also just a classic which can be enjoyed whenever, endlessly rewatchable and feel good.
  6. Let's face it all these big media companies are arseholes, their bottom line is always money. (Fuck Netflix for cancelling Glow) But I don't believe HBO are to blame for the GOT fiasco tho, they wanted the show to continue.
  7. Please be good! Has it been absolutely confirmed that Hugo isn't in this? Because that would be such a fucking shame.
  8. It's hubris. He wouldn't be giving up control, he'd simply be gaining a huge amount of creative force to play with and move things forward. I don't care what anyone says, working with other passionate people, who you respect, and they you, fantastic things can happen. And he can find and have access to those kinds of people. Wealth and power have that effect. His address book must hold the gold standard of literary contacts and connections. I'll throw one out there, Dan Abnett. The guy is a fucking beast. I'm reading his Ghosts series again and the quality of his writing, the pace, the imagination, it's so impressive. Sure I just plucked him out of thin air, but someone like him, who can write at such pace, maybe he'd be interested in collaborating. Someone to push Martin forward, problem solve, invigorate him.
  9. Looks a fantastic frontage, that sign, gorgeous. Pity there aren't any photos of the interior. I still maintain that a well run arcade, in the right position, run by the right people would be pretty successful. Perhaps I'm way out of touch though.
  10. I don't think money was ever an issue for HBO, was it? From what I remember it was hugely successful financially, HBO were literally begging D and D to make more. Throwing money at them and the production. The unfortunate fact is that (unusually in this case) the producers had absolute final say. I bet HBO haven't got the same contract setup for this next one!
  11. As nuts as it seems, I think Martin simply gave D and D full creative control. It's that simple. Remember, George had a lot of experience previously in the TV media side and ended up hating it with a passion. So when two producer guys came along who appeared genuine, knew the books and most importantly seemed passionate, he just got seduced and gave them carte blanche. Besides, nothing would ever come from it. It's not like it will become the worlds biggest TV show...
  12. I don't know why Martin doesn't enlist help to finish the series. It seems utterly bizarre given the limitless opportunities that huge amounts of money grant. The last I'd read was that he did have organisational help via 2 fan assistants but nothing more than that. I'm not sure how much input the James S Corey writers had, but did the issue with GOT start when they left to do their own thing? Put in perspective, they've just finished their own sprawling series, in quick smart time. And done it very well indeed. The only conclusion I can come to is hubris on Martin's part? Nothing else makes sense given that all he has to do is ask for help. I imagine the publisher is chomping at the bit to give him all the help he could possibly want. I'm sure they now feel very much like HBO did with D and D.
  13. Their ad campaign is just incredible. Kudos to the people behind it. Really hope this is good after (for me) the disappointment of the sequels.
  14. This will be a damn damn shame if it goes through. Nothing good ever comes from an American company takeover. They have always been the place to get production and credit lowdown on games and have been well respected by the industry because of it.
  15. Ooh, I can tell you that. Precisely a fraction more than fuck all!
  16. Needs more Stunt Car Racer. And a better sim. I get that F18 or Falcon might be tough due to presumably dealing with US companies or licensing . But if so then Retaliator really should have been chased.
  17. Does anyone know where to get some quality rubber membrane replacements? eBay is full of people selling replacements but I get the feeling they are all the extremely crap thin variety. The difference between cheap knock offs and the real thing is astonishing. Surely some place is making decent quality ones? Any advice much appreciated. Here's the rather long reason why, which I only realised was stupidly long once I'd written it!
  18. If you get the chance, pick up a new 3ds. The 3d difference is night and day from the originals. In fact I'd go as far as to say it's pretty much perfect. If the original had launched with it, it would have been an even bigger success than it was. Still wish the Switch had 3d.
  19. Nintendo must be happy! Nostalgia still the ultimate drug it seems. Looks interesting though, will definitely check it out.
  20. I'm interested in getting one of these as a present. USB issues aside, the Japanese version is the one I'd rather go for and price wise they seem reasonable ish currently. I'm sure I've bought stuff from Amazon jp before (granted it was absolutely ages ago) and it just linked to my UK account but it that doesn't seem to work now. Does anyone know the best way to go about ordering off Amazon.co.jp? Can you create accounts from outside the country with foreign credit cards, address etc? Any advice much appreciated!
  21. Too many to mention but most are invariably retro titles now. The granddaddy of them all tho is easy, Elite. It sucked me in and never let me go, even now if I'm honest. It lit my passion for space combat and sci-fi in general.
  22. I'd just like to say that, The Living Daylights want their non cgi phenomenal stunt back please.
  23. Apparently, not sure if it's a spoiler as such but I'll put it in tags anyway, Hmm a well known Luke Skywalker quote comes to mind now unfortunately.
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