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  1. I'm only about a 1/4 through this and am enjoying it immensely. Regarding the EMMI, my take is that I can certainly see how they are marmite for many. I'm kinda non plussed by them so far, they annoy me and please me in equal measure. From a design point of view though, I would have pushed for a more 'gamey' get out of jail mechanic. Something to allow players (those who so wished) to stand a 'reasonable' chance of escape. The usual pico second 'Do I push it on that flashing light or THAT flashing light!?' button push mechanic they decided on is pretty lazy, imo. And that I don't like, it's pointless, again imo. There's plenty of examples regarding other mechanics, off the top of my head, some kind of rewiring puzzle against a quick clock. Of course players could pass this if they so wished etc. But at least if you're going to give players the option to 'beat/escape' the unstoppable character, make them feel they're in with a chance. In its current form, I don't feel there is one and hence why a lot of players feel frustrated.
  2. Wat, no one has posted this yet!? I just want one tiny thing from this, please please have a good ending. Please. Don't go out with a divisive, expectation subverting wimper. A great ending, one that the vast majority agree on, is possible. It's just bloody bloody hard. But that's why you get paid the big bucks!
  3. Given the continuing awesomeness of MK8 I'd make a case for Nintendo working on an alternative racer. One that could compliment the MK series and gain from the huge amount of experience Nintendo has accrued. Say one that relies on high speed, high skill thrills. A title that demands split second timing and nerve shredding reactions. A title that dazzles with neon and futuristic imagery. I don't know how Nintendo could come up with a racer like this, but I'd like to see them try...
  4. https://store.hmv.com/store/film-tv/blu-ray/the-beatles-get-back?sc_src=email_10291408&sc_lid=539874043&sc_uid=ijxVQdduuG&sc_llid=821819&sc_eh=23fcb883836d260e1&utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=The+Beatles%3A+Get+Back+7%2F1+Cross+Cat-2022-01-06+18%3A00%3A00-Newsletter Looks like it may not include extras, which is peak Disney, but still.
  5. I dunno. I'm less inclined to think that's been the case for quite some time. The last 5 years at the very least. People from all walks of life and age groups know now that video game related stuff is worth £££. Presumably the internet has been the big driver here with anyone able to fire up eBay and find a copy of Titus the fox for £50 and therefore it 'is' £50.
  6. I personally think this is quite an easy answer. The dmg is the perfect gaming related, one size fits all nostalgia catnip. A portable, compact, design classic, which attracts old and new gamers alike. Even the damn box is an utter design delight. And if you actually want to play games on it too, then it has a library of titles which still hold up extremely well. It's no wonder its value is going to keep increasing (above and beyond everything retro now) due to its poster boy cred.
  7. My niece and nephew got a Switch with this for Xmas. When I visit them and take along my switch, can they visit my island locally wirelessly or does it all have to be done over the net and a Nintendo sub?
  8. Ahhh I presume that is why my bank changed my visa credit card to a MasterCard? Americans gonna American I guess. How long till Mastercard and others follow suit tho I wonder?
  9. This should be fun. There's only 2 Terminator films as far as I'm concerned, but if the Die Hard thread is any indication, I'm sure there's going to be some announcing their love of the others!
  10. Absolutely, I've never understood the arrows thrown at the sequel, it's a top tier actioner for me too. The original is rightly untouchable, but the second cranked the bombastic action up even higher and is such an enjoyable watch. Pips 3 for me tho!
  11. I know the original trilogy really really well and the failure to include the Annex sequence of Die Harder, as part of the best action sequences, is criminal. I chose the snow mobile section, yep that whole section and build up is amazing, but the Annex sequence blows it out of the water, imo.
  12. Nothing but nothing can beat sotb's first level on the Amiga, nothing. Not even you, Dan Malone. Gryzor for the 464.
  13. I'm pretty much the same. Parents and grandparents listened to it constantly over the years so it's always been background noise. Back when it was actually 'London'. The difference now I find (past 6 years, surprise surprise?) is the utterly utterly crushing state of the UK in general and particularly its media, of all persuasions. Whenever I have the misfortune to overhear a snippet now the overwhelming impression I get is of impending doom. Not only because of the actual doom surrounding the UK but because of the views and opinions spouted by the public and the hosts themselves. It beggars belief the complete idiocy on display. And from the hosts in particular, goodness me. Some of them should be locked up for promoting rank stupidity. The only person with some shred of intelligence is O'Brien, but even he has glaring issues where he entertains and engages opinions which are palpably wrong. Anyway tldr, I can certainly see why someone regularly listening to lbc might have their opinions/sense of reality scrambled. In my case it brings on anxiety, because I can't believe the UK has come to this, so I usually ask politely to turn it down when I have to be within listening distance for any length of time.
  14. This was just an utter utter delight from beginning to end, imo. It's like a gift from the gods, tbh. My girlfriend and I sat transfixed through the entire thing marvelling about how lucky we (everyone actually) are to have this chronicled. To be able to reach back through time and see such an unfiltered/unguarded account of such a time and place. It's like being given a glimpse of something historic in a very personal way. Anyway, can't gush about it enough. It seems reproachful to ask for it but I wish there were extras. And I want a blu ray special edition!
  15. Odd that the BBC snagged this but since everyone seems to be returning I'm hoping it's going to be up to the standard of the other seasons. Must admit tho, I'm quite disheartened by any storyline move to the states. Being London set was/is a huge part of the appeal (imo) of the show and how precisely Berry/Mathews skewered it. That and of course the pin point reproduction of vo and studio work. Still, it's Berry so faith must be kept!
  16. Absolutely. It's an unfortunate (but needed in some ways) situation that society today finds itself in, as it struggles with important historical prejudices and opinions. I'll keep an open mind however on Mr Bell (in lieu of more information) as the denial of hope and the ability to change/grow in others, leaves a bitter taste for me. Anyway, apologies for this taking up so much of what the thread should be about. Which is that Stunt Car is an all time classic, which remains eminently playable, even today at whatever'o'fps it runs like. The game's feeling of weight and height has still never been bettered, imo. Mr Crammond I salute you.
  17. Might as well add my complete approval to this. The absolute perfect choice for a fantastic book which screams (imo) 'translate me to screen' on practically every page.
  18. Sure, well we can agree to disagree! The interview just doesn't come across like that to me at all. Aye his website has long been (as you can tell from it's looks) his only net footprint. And his reasons laid out widely known.
  19. Are you talking about this interview? If so, I think it's a bit disingenuous to describe it the way you have. Tbh imo he just comes off as very much a certain type of programmer, personality wise, one being email interviewed by an unknown colleague likely in another country. There's long been industry scuttlebutt around the background to the fallout between Bell and Braben. But as to the right or wrong of whatever party, it's all just hearsay still, as far as I know at least. Regarding the twitter stuff, I can't find anything about it other than the shortened google link exerts to suspended accounts, with him tweeting a reply to someone leaving the Labour Party? It does indeed look like it is 'Elite' Ian Bell given in the bio text though. Just that blows my mind, as he's a person who you'd nail down as never being on twitter. He must have just joined in the last few years then surely? It's a shame I can't find out more on this, as transphobic stuff would go against pretty much everything I'd known about his character previously.
  20. Really!? That is news to me. I'm astonished tbh. Anyway, off I go to investigate. Back to the Stunt Car talk!
  21. Sorry I know we're getting OT here, but Ian Bell is on twitter??? AFAIK this site is the only net footprint of the guy and has been for many many years? Are you talking about a different Ian Bell??
  22. Are you talking about odd political or social views? If so, I've not heard that at all? From what I've known about his views and interests they revolve around more hippy / clubbing lifestyle culture. And cats. Afaik he's been dark for the past 20 years at least. As in not courted the limelight. And prior to that he'd not been associated with the games industry for a good 10 years too.
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