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  1. The Dalton or early Brosnan ones? Strong female characters with less embarrassing moments. Particularly when compared to the Craig era. That seemed like a real step back imo. Some of the treatment of women in those takes the breath away.
  2. There's just nothing there, no hook, no melody. Generic central, imo. And Lady Gaga has done some storming stuff in the past. That's a damn shame. This film was crying out for a massive hit song and soundtrack to accompany it. Or at least I'd of liked it to have one.
  3. I'm trying to get back into this since last playing it in 2017... Finding it a wee bit daunting. I'm not that far in too, I need to find some locations which match 12 photos. I'm struggling to find just one! Does anyone have any tips to find these locations? I met some explorer who wanted to find the fairy location and who then gave me instructions to find a photo location. Trouble is I wasn't paying a huge amount of attention as I thought his instructions would be saved somewhere... turns out that's not the case? And now I can't find him again!
  4. Offline word processor, a la grrm. As yakumo said, just look at that keyboard. A million times better than any modern laptop, imo. Plus that yummy 3 1/2 drive.
  5. This is great n all. Like REALLY great. But those graphics, ffs. I hate that style so much. Dammit, don't do this to me Ron, not like this! Pixel artists all over the world must surely be screaming into their monitors right now.
  6. From my memory of the time, (and US/Canada based relatives experiences) I would say that the US in general didn't go through the 8-bit nor 16-bit generation that Europe did. I'm sure the C64 had a footprint over there but it never seemed like it was the success that it was in Europe, which was huge huge. The US was basically Macs, PCs and NES back then. Europe fell in love with 8 and 16 bit computers and had a huge choice to choose from. The market was big enough to support multiple brands. You also saw this in the dominance of European game software development. Back then for instance, the UK was a top tier developer and publisher country, imo.
  7. I'm certainly interested in Mario Strikers but I'll be waiting till more previews come out, probably reviews actually before I decide to buy. However, shopto have quite a discount £42.88, on a pre order if anyone is interested? I don't get the point of all these early preorders myself, especially when there's no discount, but if it's that's a timed discount from shopto, it's decent.
  8. Noticed that in the direct too. They really stand out don't they. Especially compared to Xenoblade's voices. I take it voice can be turned off, leaving just text? I've often preferred that in the past anyway, I'm able to conjure up better voices in my mind!
  9. Cool stuff. Hope it's good, what with them having the original cast again. Love the Millennium Falcon shot..!
  10. I quite liked the Wii one. Solid 7/10 for me, so on my Rick Dangerous scale that's pretty good. I seem to remember it getting pretty decent reviews? I think New Level Games dev'd it so I'd hope they're doing this one too.
  11. I totally missed the new Mario Strikers, it looks absolutely ace! Game of the direct for me, easily. Wasn't that fussed with everything else personally. I can't be the only person to hope someone on the team played Speedball 2! Really hope its good. The production quality looks phenomenal.
  12. All I'm hoping for realistically is this long fabled Metroid Prime upscale thingy or trilogy release. C'mon Nintendo.
  13. Ahh ok far enough, totally. I was looking at Mass Effect 3 there and it looked exactly the same as those others. Definitely, any box which has a slide off top design too is a big box for me. So does that Temple of Elemental have a wider dimension than a DVD case then? I'd presume it must be? That's a lovely proper manual it has!
  14. Hmm I'm kinda on the fence now about those phat double DVD cases. They're kinda just your normal garden variety DVD case really. I found my old copy of Modern Warfare 2 special edition (360 I know) and if they're those boxes then they are just straight up double DVD jewel cases. The GP4 box Qazimod mentioned looked different dimensions. Yeah actually just checked, it's definitely it's own thing going by this, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334184719489?hash=item4dcef62481:g:wqMAAOSw26pha~wa So that, for me, remains a big box game. The deeper DVD cases are just variations on a theme, even if they might be made of card. They'd either be just slip cases or contain a plastic dvd case inside. So GP4 remains top dog for now!
  15. Yep, staring at Deus Ex right now, lovely big box. So that was 2000. I don't remember the mini box size you mention but google says you're right! Cool box, I wonder what the manual was like? GP4 was released mid 2002, which surprises me, I thought it was exclusively DVD jewel cases by then! Wonder if any big box titles cracked 2003 then?
  16. I've been sorting though some old pc titles I had packed away. Most of them are in the dvd cases that became the standard we use today. Things like Doom collectors edition, Prince of Persia etc. As I remember it, the release of the PS2 seemed to bring about this change, with Sony's decision to use DVD cases? Then PC games followed suit. Anyway, does anyone remember what were the last proper big box pc game releases of the time? Before everything went DVD case. I'd class 'proper' as being professionally released by a publisher. I'd presume it must have been around 99-01 time? Would be cool to look some up and see what they looked like.
  17. I'd agree with most of that. Personally, I deeply suspect that episode 7 was part-hobbled by either the producers or its director or both. To me it seems a stretch that writers who have shown such consistency (imo) would leave such confusing storyline issues. Therefore, I suspect that some of the writers intentions were cut up slightly and clarity was lost. In the heat of production, where everyone knows the exact meaning of things anyway, plot issues creeping in can go unnoticed, though that doesn't excuse it on a production of this scale.
  18. I'll just leave this here. What a team up, what a console! Nintendo really are the dark horses of advertising. Rik Mayall wins them the gold medal, but this surely gets them silver too!
  19. I've not watched this but the interest surrounding episodes 5 and 6 has me intrigued. After the shambles (imo obviously. I thought the CGI Luke was laughably crap) of the last episode of the Mandolorian, I completely switched off of Star Wars stuff. Sooo if I just watched episodes 5 and 6 of this would I be able to make head or tails of what's going on?
  20. I enjoyed S4, but but... I kind felt like there's a little too many plot points now. Which means character development doesn't have the time to breath a little.
  21. This was hugely enjoyable and roll on Part 2. However, I thought episode 7 was quite confusing in places which was a shame. Perhaps I missed some key plot point or I'll have to wait till a yter comes out with an in depth explaination of the ending.
  22. Apparently they live streamed the release date and price for this. €39.99 Yikes, for a download? That's ambitious certainly. Looking at the YouTube page there's very little engagement. I'm not sure how that price works but I'm way out of the loop in many facets of dev/release strategy. Maybe the US hasn't woken up etc but still, I'd of expected more buzz if you're launching at that price.
  23. That price can't be real, surely? Just utter madness if so. So much wrong with an acquisition like this it's hard to know where to start. It shouldn't get past the monopoly commission for one. The worlds gone nuts since 2016, so here's another nut I guess! Tell you one thing, as is so often the case Nintendo knows.. Thank fuck they've been quietly buying back their own stock.
  24. Brilliant! That says a lot for how games used to be made, music dir/postage guy. He put gift on it too, what a guy!
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