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  1. I totally caved and brought this today. Was gonna hold out for the US version but the price, name (club house!?) and cover art taunted me into submission! Word of warning though, HMV's in London are selling this for the extortionate price of £29.99! A tenner over the rrp, outragous! 20 quid in Virgin though.
  2. It may be a little gay but I can't stand euro boxes. My entire DS collection is US (except for one euro game given as a present) and I'd like to keep it that way.Looking forward to hearing what people think of this though!
  3. I'll be definitely having some of this but I'm awaiting the US version. Hope they work together!
  4. Anyone heard if the US and European versions will be compatible yet?
  5. Elite. Turrican. Rick Dangerous. and Gryzor on the 464.
  6. I think you're thinking of the original Elite.Frontier is the one with sh*t (read zero) combat but lots of trading options for nerds that like that sort of thing.
  7. 3rd party.From what I've seen it looks great. I really don't get what people have against the touch screen controls, they look very intuitive.
  8. I'm sorry but this is fun? I fail to see where exploiting a bug in the game some how makes up for the broken combat? Still each to their own. I still want my money back and looking at how Frontier will be remembered in the pantheon of the games biz, so do many many others!
  9. The combat in Frontier was truely truely pathetic. How Braben thought it would be a good idea to implement 'real' space flight combat (as we understand it presently) is quite beyond me. To make this decision even worse he then made it so that the same laws of physics didn't apply to your fellow pilots ships! The number of times I'd get into a fight only to find my adversary pulling off manoeuvres that were impossible. I still want my money back!
  10. No one got Starfox Command yet!? Thought someone would have posted their thoughts on the jap version by now!?
  11. So lets have a quick poll... How would the people here who've played them rate these games in order of goodness?
  12. Just for reminding me of the name Sevens, a card game I spent most of my College days playing, Nintendo can chalk up another buyer.
  13. All of those games have great graphics tho? If you don't think the DS can handle more sophisticated 3D stuff take a look at metroid hunters, its gorgeous.
  14. Wow! It's like being transported back in time. Fantastic.
  15. Ahh but did you complete dh3? Supposedly that had some mentally tough levels later on...
  16. gizmo1990

    Edge 164

    No change there then. Edge have always been the biggest perpetrators of that type of reviewing.
  17. Nintendo must be lapping this up! I'm sure those pics are hand picked to an extent but I can't imagine many people not having a play without enomous grins on their faces! And who let Robert Altman get his mitts on a wii!?
  18. You hit the nail on the head there!
  19. Me neither! I reckon you're just all afraid... Looks like we'll have to wait for the euro release to find some fresh fodder.
  20. Sorry dude, I've got to quit now. Is something up with your connection? Anyway my batteries are running low too.
  21. Cool, fire one up then... I'm seeing you online but no game available. Have you started one yet? Cor blimey, get a move on! I can't play for long now, been waiting for 20 mins already....
  22. Just have, yep you're there alright.
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