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  1. Sacrilege. I still get a lot of enjoyment from playing SOTB. It's always been a solid action scroller imo, wrapped up in phenomenal atmosphere, graphics and music. Over the years it's become fashionable to knock unfortunately but I love it, dodgy collision detection and all!
  2. Money is a wonderous thing..! Actually, I can see him being interested in it. It's such a fertile playground that he could go bananas, make something that interested him, while still keeping within GW's playbook. If I was GW/Cavill I'd give it a shot! What I'm going to find fascinating is the whole GW/Amazon/Cavill dynamic. You're talking about famously strict demanding people being involved. In Cavill's case it's gossipy but I'm willing to believe it. In GW's case they'll protect their IP with an iron fist/saw!
  3. I feel like any Warhammer movie would have to nail the atmosphere and the only touch stone I can compare it to would be Lynch's Dune. It can't happen, but what a coup it would be if Amazon could land/convince him..
  4. Surely the best new Indy would be Atlantis? Write it around Harrison's age and voila. I replay it occasionally and it always holds up as a really solid storyline structure.
  5. Capcom's wonderful character designs shine so brightly in this. It's so cohesive as a series, brilliant stuff.
  6. If you'd like to see more Judi then I can recommend 'Nothing like a Dame'. It's utterly captivating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nothing_Like_a_Dame_(film)
  7. That is marvellous! So sneaky/lazy of the artist to insert it there and lower it's opacity. I presume to just to quickly add a kind of blur. Probably from some producer's feedback! Usually them.
  8. Was this sold by any other stores in the UK other than Amazon? I know it said Amazon exclusive on their page but I would have thought other stores were still getting stock? Smyths? Shopto? If not I wonder if more people are aware now (as in Im sure this is happening with many other goods) how Amazon's long fabled monopoly may finally be visible for most people?
  9. Nail on the head there, imo. Once that pandoras box was opened etc etc.
  10. Did anything come of this? Can't find any further info, regarding an actual release, so I'm guessing it was just some kind of twitter push to gauge interest.. Edit found this tho. http://zuiki.co.jp/x68000z/
  11. This popped up in my yt feed and it had me in stitches. Especially the part! Seems like the same old MW to me!
  12. Thinking of cancelling my preorder. It's been pre order 'able since it went up so I think the whole 'limited quantities' is a little over cooked.. I do think it's overpriced too considering only one pad is included. Maybe it'll drop in price after release, like previous ones have?
  13. Great thanks for that. Apparently they now have a online sub due to some pretty professional badgering!
  14. Haven't played in so long that I've forgotten about dodo codes. Sister in law wants to know how to get one for her kids. I'm pretty sure you need online membership don't you? Which she doesn't have. There's no local play way for her kids to swap with friends is there? Does anyone know?
  15. This subject is right up my alley and something I rage about a lot. However, although I agree that rising prices are here to stay, one thing is very clear, at least imo. That is, that there are a LOT of speculators moving into video games who are actively trying to influence the market. By that I mean, there are sellers purposely buying up games with the express intention to then re auction them for vastly inflated prices. And by inflated I mean 5x to 6x or more the 'actual' real world price. I won't name them but if you frequent eBay a lot you'll know the ones I mean. Some people will say, well what's the 'actual' price anyway? To which I'd answer, the real price is an auction, simple as that. But what these speculators are doing are offering 'just over' amounts to grab items and effectively take them off the market. I'm sure of it. The effect then is that people doing a quick check of X game's worth see the stupid price it's going for in bins and assume that that is now the market price! Anyway, it's fucking despicable and ruining the hobby. Sorry for the rant!
  16. So bizarre about Metroid Prime. I wonder what the issue is with them even just admitting to its existence? Can only think that they want it to fit in with MP4 news. Whenever that's going to be! Maybe it's (mp4) even further off than people think.
  17. The original is a solid gold feel good classic imo. Just everything about it is perfection, right up to its endless rewatchability. I find the second, while not as good, still very very watchable. Eddie is still in fine form, it oozes the era, the script rattles along and Scott adds his trademark panache. Plus the Ferrari is gorgeous. The third is just straight up rubbish. I'd still love a detailed book about its production. Who knows what will happen with this new one...
  18. Yep I know. I have faith in Villeneuve but I'm still approaching it with trepidation! It just one of those big idea books which really needs everyone to go all in on. Wish Kubrick was around to do it.
  19. The Amber series are the greatest unfilmed books along with Rama, for me. G Martin has long said he's surprised no one has tackled them. Likely because of the cost. You'd need a studio to go all in like new line did with lotr I'd imagine. And those days are long gone.
  20. It looks interesting but I just can't get Huston and Julia out of my mind. They were just perfection. Presumably Mortica and Gomez aren't in this much so it won't matter.
  21. I need to play rr3D again on my n3ds after playing it to exhaustion on my original model. The rock solid 3d of the n3ds would be a revelation. Come to think of it, Kid Icarus would be amazing too, but I can't face fighting the controls again as a leftie! Wish XL prices would settle down a bit but they are just going to keep on soaring aren't they..
  22. It might be new to you to hear that
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