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  1. It's difficult isn't it. On the one hand you'd like a title like Scorched Earth to get some sort of recognition and the others that preceded it even. But on the other, artillery games are almost a genre in themselves. My take would be that I'd hope the Worms creator would at least take the opportunity to acknowledge and namecheck these older titles, which Worms obviously owes a debt to.
  2. I wish some of the original members would attempt the long rumoured Turrican sequel. Or as I would like it Turrican 3... a proper Turrican 3. A game that is to 2 what that was to original.
  3. How big is the history of turrican article? Does it include a dev interview?
  4. You say that, but come next year when they release that lovely cream and leaf green Zelda G&W with a beautifully designed box..
  5. I think that’s waay off base. It’s totally playable screen size and control wise. Sure, it is a novelty device but it’s still fit for purpose as a playable console.
  6. That's weird then. Between this and Amazon you have some odd luck with deliveries! Are you living in the Shetland Isles!? Maybe fire off an email to them? Or use their online chat?
  7. When did you preorder deKay? On the day it was announced or sometime after? Mines come and I even had to mess around with changing my credit card settings. I thought that might pushed me to the back of the queue.
  8. Well, they liked it. https://www.ign.com/articles/game-watch-super-mario-bros-review
  9. Thankfully it's screw based so you can get to its insides easily if required. Which it looks like you'll need to if that USB isn't connected up to the cpu. Battery looks easily changeable too.
  10. Yep first impressions please! I wonder how long it will be before it's hacked? Or even if it can be? It'll certainly be a good challenge for hackers that's for sure.
  11. Still no previews of this.. I got a despatch email too from Nintendo. Looking forward to it but kinda nervous that all the previews are still embargoed. Would have expected at least an unboxing to have surfaced by now.
  12. This is releasing Friday isn’t it? Has anyone seen any articles or features with hands on yet?
  13. Sooo, if you don’t have a specific amiibo card can you not choose which animal moves out? We have a campsite visitor who we’d like to have on the island. However after the card shuffling game (that’s one serious chore Nintendo!) they keep picking the same villager to evict. Can you not choose a specific one?
  14. Apologies if it's already been posted, this thread is moving at a pace. I always enjoy Dave's take on tech.
  15. Wow, that does look ace. Outrun for sure, but Powerdrift..! I presume it can be hacked, which would then mean.. CHASE HQ!!
  16. I got my card issue sorted out with Nintendo's store so I'm looking forward to get mine now. Well, it's a Christmas present but a quick peek wouldn't hurt.. Something to dispel the gloom a little currently perhaps. I'm surprised there's been no mention of it PR wise so far? I'd of expected a few select youtubers to have at least paraded their boxes online by now?
  17. Aye, I’ve got onto them and been told that the payment was successfully made but that there’s an error with dispatching it. That strikes me as odd as I doubt Nintendo are shipping the consoles this long before release! It’s supposed to be the 13th I think? Hmm, I’m resigned to expecting some fun shenanigans but we’ll see!
  18. Hmm, we don’t have a straight Nintendo thread do we? I’ll ask this here. With the release of the game and watch handheld coming up I realised that I’d placed my order on Nintendo’s site with a credit card which has now changed, bank forced a change from visa to mastercard for some reason. Does anyone know if it is an easy procedure to change the card payment details for a pre order or am I going to go through several levels of hell to do so?
  19. I’m deep into dvd buying, same goes for CD albums and books. Been doing it forever. I love physical items and feel you value (amongst many other things) them more than free, throwaway entertainment. That goes especially for music listening. As time rolls on and more and more people become consumed by the streaming digital age, I really believe there will be a huge renaissance in physical media. Whether it will be affordable again tho is another matter.
  20. No worries at all, it was great to see your island! The burning cross was a sight to behold!
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