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  1. I seriously don't get the position of the 3 select type buttons. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to place them underneath your thumb muscle?
  2. Yep, I managed to track down that they were doing one. I’m saving my pennies to put a pre order in in time. Thanks for the extra heads up tho.
  3. From Mr Monaghan's camo/poncho/jacket, I take it this one will be Abbram's shot for shot rotj remake, right?
  4. That's basically every nationality then. We're all ignorant of other countries regional accents, unless we have fairly extensive experience of them. Foreign friends who have watched this have never once questioned Urban's accent. Other than to say they enjoy his expletives.. None of the various US youtubers I've watched who covered it, mentioned it either. Basically, to them he's simply a foul mouthed British man.
  5. It's interesting to see people writing Cameron and these sequels off. I'm as hacked off as the rest that he could be making any number of other films. However, the thing everyone seems to be forgeting is that he is an absolute BEAST. He is so driven, so knowledgable, so fucking passionate, that you've got to admire him. Sure, he's vain as fuck but he does back it up by really really knowing his shit and leading from the front. Is he too powerful? Absolutely, but I'm willing to bet when the first proper trailer drops for the sequel, it'll blow our socks off visually. I'm not saying it'll be a great film, but it.. might, because it's by Jim fucking Cameron.
  6. I get a sense that this film is simply going to be shining the harshest of lights on society today. Which is crazy to think of a comic movie. Yet perhaps that in itself fits in with the way society is right now. Great non spoiler review from Grace.
  7. I think I'm in this camp too. I just can't get on with any of the voices. They just seem tonally out of place and 'wrong', for me anyway. It's a real art to marry images and voices together and I suspect they either didn't put the required effort into it or couldn't afford to. It's a shame because Tentacle, Full Trottle and Grim all featured fantastic voice acting imo, the Dig too. I'll be switching to good 'ol text only from now on.
  8. I second this! Just in case others are interested in physical copies too, Limited Run have pre-orders still open. That, together with my copy of Ninja Savior, and I'll have a perfect set!
  9. That's awesome news! I'm really interested to know how the hell the title came about and the make up of the team. Don't let me down!
  10. Thought it would be worth posting this, further to my previous post. Love Mr Jahns, lovely review. I think this goes some way to illustrating how most people really aren't too concerned (or even aware) about minor technical details. And he's a game fan too.
  11. Eh? ALL game art was designed for scanlines back then because that’s all we had!
  12. I'm fine with the frame update in this, but then I'm stil happy playing Falcon and Stunt Car Racer on the Amiga! I do wonder how much of this effects the average games player though. There's so much noise about it currently that it's a shame that it may put people off what is a really rather lovely game. And an issue which I suspect few, outside of the 0.1% 'hardcore', will actually not even notice or even just wave away as not important. Don't get me wrong, I champion silky smooth 60fps and I will always subordinate visuals/design/mechanics to maintain it, but I'm just saying.. it's really not that bad imo.
  13. I know it’s a different game but the style and subject matter of the last few posts is similar.. does anyone if there’s going to be a physical (Switch) release of Blazing Chrome??
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