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  1. Just getting into this, up to S1 ep 5 I think. It's really really good so far. Please tell me Season 2 keeps up this quality?
  2. It's a question asked down the ages.. except on rllmuk? At least as far as I can tell! I recently fitted a few IL buttons to my picade and they immediately made the experience about 1000 times better. The buttons that came with the Picade really are awful. As much as I've loved playing on it something always felt amiss. And this was most definitely the main culprit. I'm now minded to replace pretty the whole control panel with new buttons, but which shape? My first thought is to go straight to concave but I'm open to persuasion. AFAIK convex are only better (perhaps) for twitchy multi combo games like fighters, but I don't play fighters. What do people use here that have arcade style controls and why?
  3. Bugger. Thanks tho, I thought it would be too good to be true. Finding out that it supported vive (I thought it would be index only for some reason) and then it's release so soon, would have been a nice pick me up. I'll wait to see what others say but I'm guessing those specs are pretty realistic. I'll just go back to the occasional Star Wars Trials visit to wave my light sabre around!
  4. I've wondered about the VR Check too, I'm wondering if it's redundant regarding Alyx? I have a fairly old pc (using htc vive) but ran the check recently and it gave me a solid green rating. This was just with a 1030 3gb and 8gb of ram. Checking out the Alyx Steam page though and it lists requirements as a 1030 6gb and 12gb system ram... Previously I thought I'd just be able to whack the source 2 details down and still be allowed to the party. Does anyone know if I'm good to go or barred from entry?
  5. If anything, classic era Red Dwarf has aged better than anyone would have imagined!
  6. Really!? Maybe they play around with time during the game then because that image is definitely a considerably older Alyx. I can't believe it's not intentional. Perhaps if we were in the 80s you'd accept some, shall we say, questionable or mistake laden artwork around games. But the front cover of present day Edge? No, it must be for reals. I'd be bummed if it isn't now. Playing a middle aged or older Alyx, in that time line opens up a lot of interesting story and gameplay routes imo.
  7. Interesting, from the looks of Alyx they’ve jumped forward in time.m? If so it will be interesting to see how the narrative has changed. I’m now more interested in that than the actual vr aspect! I’ve always loved hl’s world building.
  8. Good place to post this? Gotta say, it's pretty great hearing this stuff from Mr Newell!
  9. YEEESS! Limberg's in it! Now I'm gonna have to get one of those NFC cards..
  10. Love stories like that!! I remember my friend and I's characters were chatting in AC DS when he visited my town, while I was in Sweden. He told/wrote me he'd just proposed to his girlfriend. It just felt so weird/novel at the time!
  11. Wild World is still a great game and perfect for kids.
  12. gizmo1990

    Google Stadia

    Nice studio. Goodness knows how many indie games they could have helped fund instead.
  13. Cool thanks for that. I've not used them in a while so good to know they still try to do that. Also in their favour a 'free' Tom Nook keyring beats an Isabelle one!
  14. Is sending new releases out a day or two before their street date still a thing now? If so what’s the current best place which might do this with animal crossing new horizons? I usually buy physical but am travelling on the 20th so any chance of getting it before I go would be awesome.
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