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  1. Erm.. you'd want that to happen!? Holy shit, the film industry is already being crushed under the might of Disney. Losing Sony would bring the hammer down on it.
  2. This is just posturing, pure and simple. I'm glad that Sony made a stand against Disney, but it'll likely be sorted soon like nothing has happened. Grace explains all the behind the scenes shenanigans in her video about it.
  3. This is a tough one. Ridge 4 is beautiful and Rage Racer is like its dirtier, gritier cousin. Both play great but Rage just edges it for me. However, my fave RR has to be 3D on the 3DS. It's fucking awesome and yet nobody's played it!
  4. Don’t worry, at least Disney are going to give us the Home Alone reboot everyone has been hoping for.
  5. I know very little about this mini, but since my sister is going to Japan early next year and on the off chance that there are still any available then.. will Japanese models have language options or will they be region locked to Japanese only?
  6. That's my take on his accent too. It's phenomenally entertaining, I love it.
  7. There's a few versions of this on yt if people are interested in seeing it in cinema-o-vision. I'm sure the official one will see a web release shortly though.
  8. Welp, I think Urban is great, so nurh!
  9. I've rewatched the penultimate scene 5 times now ..it's utterly gripping each time. The performances are just note perfect. If anyone is interested, Grace from beyond the trailer has an interesting video on the second season. I won't post it as she seems to get a lot of peoples backs up here, but it's on the tube if you search.
  10. Maybe we might have to end up splitting this thread into comic reader ad non comic reader ala the GOT one. I for one have no intention of reading the comic, at least as long as the series is running. Heard too many negative opinions on it. One thing I find fascinating with the ending of the series is
  11. That's likely true. But surely just the fact that it's there points to (at least the existance of) a knowing understanding of its interpretation by some readers..
  12. Blimey, what an absolutely cracking show. Loved absolutely every minute of it. It was so fucking lean, extremely well done. Hope it starts getting the attention it deserves. Oh and wow, Homelander! What a fucking brilliant character and portrayal!
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