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  1. gizmo1990

    Stunt Car Racer

    I’m pretty sure if you looked at the code Geoff wrote for handling physics/enertia, you’d see stuff which bears no similarity to real physics in the slightest. I’d bet it’s incredibly simple too.
  2. gizmo1990

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    Would love physical versions of these to do the design stuff justice in a book. That''s of course presuming they do a decent job of including lots of design info. Tbh, that would be the main reason for me purchasing. Since it's all eshop stuff though I'll pass.
  3. I love it. Two knock out A list stars front and center with an intriguing title and typeface.
  4. gizmo1990

    Stunt Car Racer

    It's a great port, but lets just stand and applaud the fact that the inertia and sheer sense of speed that Crammond created, can so seamlessly translate across machines. What a wonderful game. Imo it has still never been bettered for its sheer sense of weight and feel.
  5. gizmo1990

    Nintendo Labo VR

    Well, I think this looks great. The amount of work and creativity Nintendo has put into this project is astounding. Personally, I don't have a problem with the price either. Given that this sort of stuff takes a huge amount of resources to put to market, it constantly amazes me to see people moan about its cost. It's good to see Nintendo break up the pack too and offer just the VR mask and gun separately. Anyway, looking forward to see what Nintendo bring to the market. I hope they prioritise frame rate above all. I'm sure they can still make some great looking experiences using their pared down styles.
  6. gizmo1990

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    From the makers of the Bodyguard..
  7. Holy crap, this has the best recreation of a crt glow/blend I've ever seen. Seriously impressive stuff.
  8. So looking forward to this. I do wonder how they are going to pull off the Daemons' though. Personally, I'd go the practical puppet route rather than CGI. Certainly in close-up and use CGI sparingly for distance work. Puppets just age so much better imo. Rewatched the BBC adaptation of the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe over Christmas. Aslan is still impressive to this day and in the context of the series works wonderfully.
  9. I dunno, I’d argue that on paper, it’s so obvious it would work, it hurts. I hope whoever first suggested it is getting a pay rise* or something. *of course they’re not.
  10. gizmo1990

    Chris Hemsworth is... Hulk Hogan!?!

    Eh? Hemsworth was brilliant in Rush and the movie itself was too.
  11. gizmo1990

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    I still find that so admirable. I’m sure all it would of required is a button click to make them available to buy, but Nintendo chose to keep those titles as special cases for Ambassadors.
  12. gizmo1990

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    Everyone should be made to play through Kid Icarus Uprising at least once to experience a graphical tour de force. Technically and stylistically. I’ve still not been as dazzled by a title since then.
  13. @bradigor Thanks for that. I broadly agree, however I would say that depending on the licensing agreement, the developer should have some rights in the matter. Like all the best ideas, it seems obvious in hindsight, but aligning Tetris with the battle royale mechanic is genius. In this instance, if Nintendo drove the concept, financing and implementation, then I think it fair that they should hold a certain amount of say in its use elsewhere.
  14. @bradigor Cool, interesting. Yeah, I've seen that top vid before, the rights are a tangled web for sure. It was very well known back in the 90s. So I'm guessing it's being licensed by Nintendo. But how much control, if any, does that give them over this particular incarnation of the game? Since presumably as publisher, they financed Arika to develop it.

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