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  1. Ahhhh, what a game! A right of passage title for all 464 owners! Also, surely one of the greatest examples of cover art influencing weak young minds vs the reality of the gfx and gameplay. Dat music too!
  2. Just came here to post this. I think it looks great. Good to see Salma Hayek having a bigger role too. Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun. Daft nonsense, but enjoyable daft nonsense.
  3. You're clearly not doing lod right. The interviews and the insane linguistic acrobatics, as they try to catch perps out, is the best bit!!
  4. Well, I thought last nights episode was fantastic, classic lod stuff. And the ending was a cracker! I was really sad to hear about the Guardian's Sarah Hughes death though. Her blog on lod has always been a hugely enjoyable part of the watching experience for us.
  5. Crikey, I haven't been keeping up with the thread! Do you mean around £400 then? If I'd paid £10 I don't think I would have been able to sleep at nights. What a haul though, fantastic stuff. Someone knew their stuff, great to see them all together like that. NGPC games still the de facto best console game cases for me!
  6. Yup, it’s a sad state of affairs isn’t it. Unless you’re there at the beginning to lay down a preorder, you are locked out of the party. The whole physical edition business model seems to revolve around viewing titles as investments now.
  7. Ah man, I’d love any new version or update to still use Lightwave. In fact at this point Id say that LWs renderer did as much as any to create a stylistic tone/look that people associate with B5.
  8. This looks good. I loved their Bitmap Bros book so I’m tempted. Straight £30 for the book though for me. £20 extra for Dominic’s signature!? I can just imagine him scribbling his name out each time and saying ‘there’s another £20 smackers!’
  9. Yep I can understand that. However it seems far more on the usability scale than that Sega micro gg.
  10. This looks pretty neat! Anyone already got one? Would be interesting to hear more thoughts on it. I'd also like to know where they're made or being shipped from. Can't find anything about the company itself. https://funkey-s.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
  11. Amazing! Yep an A plus a gold star to you sir. Good grief, how far we have come. I want one!
  12. Here's a fun weekend puzzler. I was shown some old photos recently and saw this being played? I've absolutely no idea what game it is, I certainly don't remember seeing anything like it at the time. It obviously resembles an aircraft so I presume it is. Other than that and dates of around the very late 80s/early 90s, that's it. Extra bonus point for the Scalextric model pack, that one I do know! This is either going to be cleared up in a couple of posts or stump everyone!
  13. Personally, this is a really really easy question to answer. Nintendo sell their games for a sustainable real world price. And they keep them at that. They haven't taken part in the race to the bottom. They've continued to keep their standards high by chasing quality, driven by mostly fair prices. I've always applauded them hugely for it and they will continue to reap the rewards of such a trend bucking, forward thinking and sustainable strategy. This all feeds down into their sell on prices and keeps their perceived value high.
  14. Queens Gambit is a recent one. I could physically feel the amount of design thought that had been lavished on it. And dat music...
  15. Bah, that’s a shame. I was looking forward to tackling it on Hard, but if there’s no incentive I’ll likely just beat it on normal. I’m surprised really, given the absolute perfection they achieved recreating the genre and aesthetic. A ‘true ending’ should have been a necessity imo.
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