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  1. I'd just like to say that, The Living Daylights want their non cgi phenomenal stunt back please.
  2. Apparently, not sure if it's a spoiler as such but I'll put it in tags anyway, Hmm a well known Luke Skywalker quote comes to mind now unfortunately.
  3. I would argue that the main factor is that Nintendo don't de value their games buy discounting them months after release. They simply refuse to participate in a race to the bottom and by doing so it helps create a sustainable fair ecosystem. If a title was worth £40 just 4 years ago, then it's still worth it now, imo. Regarding production numbers, I don't doubt Nintendo do produce some items to scale with an eye to generate shortages/interest. The mini NES for instance, damn them. However I don't feel they do it with their games. Samus Returns for example, I remember still seeing for RRP some 2 years after release. Anyway sorry, on with the Dread praise!
  4. I'm probably in the minority but I think it's bloody marvellous. To have a title which was widely praised on release and released in quantity, to have that title now holding its resale value is incredible and does Nintendo huge credit. Still available on the eshop and I'm sure it'll see a rerelease on the Switch at some point too.
  5. When was the last time anyone remotely took a Famitsu review score seriously? Sometime in '99 maybe?
  6. I've no real love of Craig's tenure at all, but I feel having some threads running through the series has always been a strength. Particularly when you have such good casting and actors as Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw. I think it would be a misstep to lose them.
  7. I doubt there will be a new title reveal, it'll mostly cover Dread. Given the preorder success of Dread though, I'd like to think we at least have a chance of seeing MP Trilogy finally getting announced. A release in time for Christmas would be a wonderful Nintendo present too! Love the F-Zero wishes. Absolutely no chance! However, I still believe they will bring it back eventually. What a position Nintendo find themselves in tho, their IP catalogue gives them incredible security. They can pull out an old title whenever they need to. It's not even that many past titles were that successful. But the built up fan sentiment, nostalgia and support behind them would turbo charge any update released now.
  8. Wow, that blew me away. Absolutely pitch perfect in every way, imo. What a fantastic trailer, fucking bravo!
  9. I think it's very difficult to talk about frame rates now without prior experience and context of what was possible back in the 8 and 16 bit days. A good example is that new Amiga fps. It's a great achievement on a A500 but would you honestly want to play it at its current fps? I know I couldn't and I can still happily play BBC Elite and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe etc. However, its A1200 speed which looks nearer 20 (?) now we're talking. That's perfectly playable for me with no nostalgia driven experience. I suspect though that a player with no experience or enjoyment of older games would be able to put up with even the 1200s speed.
  10. This looks really lovely, fantastic stuff. Shout out to the decision to show it via CRT too. That does a fair bit of heavy lifting visually, giving it that lovely soft hue and glow.
  11. This was bloody good. Went in knowing very little, other than the basic setup and general gossip during filming, came away being thoroughly entertained and buzzy. It's basically a glorious homage to old Hollywood, ageing, friendship and a massive dollop of What If! Gleeful stuff. As a side note, the Bruce Lee scene was utterly harmless, the proverbial storm in a teacup, imo.
  12. Are there any Switch physical releases, other than Tetris 99, which include a 1 year online sub? I need to re sub but I'd rather grab a physical game than just the £17.99 an online sub I think it currently is. Tbh, I'm tempted to just get another copy of Tetris!
  13. This show really does deserve all the plaudits. Has it been mentioned how (imo) this is the perfect example of how to update a nostalgia based drama into a modern context? From female characters to masculinity to modern social values, it treads a line so wonderfully assuredly. Just a pure delight and proves you can do something like this and keep 'most' people happy. It's just damn hard and requires amazing writers.
  14. I thought this looks surprisingly good from the trailer. Can it capture the spirit of the those 80s and early 90s buddy cop films?
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