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  1. Just looked up that change, wow very interesting! Slowly slowly the Amazon creep continues.. Glad I managed to get a preorder via Smyth's. I think Nintendo seem to put preorders up later than everyone else. Tbh, I don't think people are going to have too much problem getting a special edition. Nintendo seem to have a got a lot better at fulfilling demand now.
  2. I really enjoy my game collection. However I strongly believe that I get that enjoyment not just from nostalgia and a love of physical items, but from the simple fact that I have much of the games out on display in book cases. That means that I can easily browse and look at a titles when the whim takes me. Same with my magazine and book collection. Having stuff in huge boxes locked away somewhere really provides a disconnect, which would otherwise not exist. If you have to expend effort to look at something the likelyhood is that you won’t bother.
  3. New X-HAT for the picade available to buy separately. https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/picade-x-hat-usb-c
  4. I’ll always remember seeing a Flintstones game running on the ST in a department store. It blew my tiny mind. I had a green screen 464..
  5. Yes, it’s a fucking amazing thing. For the entire industry. Where everyone else is involved in a race to the bottom. Where only AAA mega blockbusters or the ‘one in a million’ breakout indie can make a profit. When there’s no longer a middle ground. Nintendo have pretty much single handedly kept the price of games at a realistic and sustainable level. They’ve created an eco system where gamers don’t just automatically disregard paying reasonable money for a quality game. Thank fuck for Nintendo.
  6. This looks interesting but from the article the author seems American? For me the 16bit computer scene was driven by Europe. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of great stuff came out of the US. But the ST user base, afaik, was predominantly European. In that regard, I feel that US authors can too often fall into a narrow minded/parochial viewpoint. And hence leave out a huge slice of the ST’s heritage. Would be interested to hear an owners mini review on it though. Many happy memories of my ST.
  7. Well, I’m looking forward to this and I’m one of those who hated the last season. It’s Goldman who’s running this isn’t it? I feel like she’ll have a good grasp of the material so I’m willing to be positive because of her involvement. Youve got to feel sorry for hbo though. Looking at the meh temperature here plus the popular fallout from series 8, they can’t have seen it coming. I wonder if D&D will be getting a Christmas card from them this year?
  8. In reply to my own post, that absolutely sets things up nicely! A really strong entry in the series. Amazing how they can keep such a consistent quality with only minor dips occasionally. Like the original, Tiamat’s was non stop engaging though, bravo.. Now they’ve just got to finish it all off well!
  9. Reading this is really quite depressing. Expecting games to be £3.50 etc is, well, insanity. No matter how basic the graphics are or corners cut, making and creating costs money. Yet we live in a world now where people see no value in certain types of entertainment and expect it for pennies. I think I said earlier, it’s quite bizarre that games were £19.99 back in the mid/late 80s and on the whole, we were on board with it. 30 years later however we don’t want to pay the equivalent money, but far less, and in many cases for free! It just unsustainable.
  10. Also, any MK thread always needs this posted, the greatest yt video ever!
  11. I feel this would make a lot of sense too. MK8 (imo) doesn’t need a sequel until a proper new Nintendo console generation. It’s such a good incarnation of the title that it can just get by for the next few years on dlc and nips and tucks. A new fzero though could sit beside mk8 and provide high speed, high skill thrills. Nintendo could push out a quick small team, 18 month title using the mk8 engine. Keep it small and lean and I’d guarantee it would make them a good return, plus serve to get the franchise back into gamers consciousness. Of course, they won’t do it.
  12. Ok, I’m nitpicking, but it was very popular in France and Sweden too!
  13. To be fair, that can be said of any 8bit 16bit machine. Nothing wrong with dithering nor cross hatching either, especially with a decent scanline filter. I’m using one on my picade that even curves the screen and it looks sensational imo.
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