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  1. Can it be as good as the first trailer? Hopefully they'll include a little more dialogue and introduce other characters' a teensy bit. Mostly though, I'd just like to see the dodgy Tomcat CGI erased.
  2. Once again showcasing the one of a kind genius of McQuarrie.
  3. I don’t feel like a dinosaur at all. It’s always made perfect sense to me to own physical media. I totally understand the storage space aspect and to a lesser extent the ease of use of streaming, but neither outweigh the huge benefits of physical media, imo.
  4. This is just the chickens coming home to roost. It’s clear to all that the Disney buyout should never have gotten past the US checks, but here we are. As Harsin has already alluded to tho, there’ll still be a vocal group saying it’s all good because something something Marvel..
  5. I just came to say that, imo that trailer would be NOTHING without Blue Monday. But with it, it looks great!
  6. That looked great. Killer first shot.
  7. Its rear looks far too angular (and hence beautiful) to be modern surely? I openly admit that I know nothing about cars tho!
  8. Ok car nerds', what's that gorgeous car Bond gets out of at 1:50? My first thought was a Ferrari?
  9. I know it's been said countless time now but.. they should have just 'adapted' (actors ages yada yada) Zahn's trilogy. It was a great storyline with memorable characters and a cohesive world continuation.
  10. Blimey! Well hey ho it's all opinions! I'll give you Chewie's Tarzen yell, although it's so blink and you'll miss it that it's verging on acceptable for me. But I don't feel the same at all about your other examples, goodness.
  11. What are the parts you think are cheesy? Genuine question! Personally the only part I thought could be termed 'cheesy' would be the (original) group shot at the very end. Even as a very young child I remember thinking it was a bit daft. But that's it. What else is cheesy or silly though?
  12. Phew! I came in here expecting to be the odd one out! Blimey that was pedestrian, just by the numbers, sub par stuff given the universe, characters and money they’ve got to play with. For me at least. Some of the scenes, goodness me. Yikes!
  13. No need to be ashamed of loving Jedi! Nor either for people to wave it away because it's the film they grew up with connection. Even if I hadn't seen it as a child, looking at it critically as an adult, it's still an incredibly good, well constructed film imo. Plus.. Jabba, the Sarlacc Pit, Endor, Speeder Bikes, Ewoks! (I've never understand peoples dislike of them) Scout Walkers, the climatic sabre duel and STILLthe best space battle ever commited to film, imo.
  14. I'll just call out another insanely good Mrs Coulter and her monkey scene. When she comes down the stairs and refuses to take its hand. Heartbreaking stuff! So so good though.
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