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  1. *runs in* Go Bucs! *runs out*
  2. Me and Son 1 have been playing this morning. It's ace, and he loved the panic and colour of the bonus stages. Well done.
  3. A shop next to the place they go for their fry up is called something like "B & S Carolgees Ltd" - Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog!
  4. Jeremy Roenick shimmy score and Barry Sanders HB Toss Left FTW!
  5. Aberthaw Power Station - plus some CGI!
  6. I am more excited about this than a grown up should be. Master planneroftowns (No1) has also recently got into Bananaman thanks to youtube. He will be off the scale when I tell him. And then miffed at having to wait until next year.
  7. Now, Grease 2... Cooooool rider, if he's cool enough...
  8. You should be able to get tickets through stubhub I woudl have thought.
  9. http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/en_GB/news/e3_2008_8846.html There's now a link that takes you to a countdown lobby.... Getting excited!!!!
  10. Whilst we're on the subject of flashes, has anyone had any experience of using this: http://store.garyfonginc.com/liiido.html (Lightsphere II Inverted Dome) http://store.garyfonginc.com/licl.html (cloud version of the above clear product) I've just got myself a DSLR setup and appreciate the need to use fill-flash etc. I need to know if the effects are worth looking a right tit for!
  11. Just a quick post to say I have received my book and am thoroughly delighted with it! Well done!
  12. Okay, I bow to your superior knowledge. As an aside, does anyone know where I can download/get some XLF games. I missed the (ahem) 'experience' first time round and so fancied grabbing a few and rocking down memory lane.
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