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  1. The free Sweepstake entries for the June bonus round are now available to redeem.
  2. I have the official Microsoft play and charge kit for Xbox one and it works fine in the Series controllers. I think it's just 3rd party ones which replace the original battery cover that will not work
  3. Short clip of an attempt on the current weekly event.
  4. Sorry, all is ok. Couldn't make it tonight, hope to be back next week.
  5. My Game Pass Ultimate expired yesterday, and I just renewed it with reward points. I got 4x 3 month Xbox Game Pass for PC codes at 20400 points each. It gave me an extra month for turning on recurring billing with the first code, I turned if off after, but didn't get offered it again, which is fair enough. I then ugraded with a 1 month Ultimate code for 12000 points. So now I have 14 months to earn all those points back again, which will no problem. After paying for £200 of the cost of a Series S with points back in September, I've earned about 110000 points in the last 6 month
  6. M Speech - 2:11:530 Just did a few laps and got up to speed quite nicely after the last two weeks. I can see myself putting in some time over the next week trying to shave some more tenths off.
  7. I've decided to back out of this one eaarly. I was having enough trouble staying on this track in the dry, don't want to risk ruining anyones race, plus have an early start tomorrow.
  8. Spent far too long chasing after a better time, but got there in the end. M Speech - 01:32:163
  9. I'm going to enjoy being top of the leaderboard while it lasts! M Speech - 01:32:743
  10. A Steam key for this is currently £6.66 on Greenman Gaming. Possibly a pricing error, but for now at least it works ok.
  11. No problem. It's normally me apologising, so this makes a nice change Yes I did. I noticed I was going to run out 2 laps from the end, and just managed to coast enough on those laps to limp across the line. My last 2 laptimes were about 1:51. And then in the 2nd race I got a puncture on the last lap, which is why I lost 2 or 3 places at the end of that race. Still enjoyed myself though, especially as I had hardly anytime to practise because my wheel was out of action with a broken clamp until late Wednesday.
  12. Shaving more time off. Using a controller with assists off and standard steering I'm definitetly getting more precise control of the car the more I practise, but still some time to find. M Speech - 01:02:262
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