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  1. There is a new referral program for apps running. It seems you can create a referral link for an app you own, the person who uses that link gets 25% off and you get £4 store credit. It would probably not be a good idea for loads of people to mess up the thread with lists of all the games they own, but if someone is about to buy something, maybe they could ask on here if someone could supply them with a link? https://www.meta.com/gb/legal/quest/app-referrals/
  2. You can now redeem points for Amazon gift cards. That opens up a lot more options regarding what to spend them on.
  3. Any attempts at my Beat Saber scores are always welcome!
  4. He could also wait until it expires. use the 3x3 months of gold then get a month of Ultimate @ 12000 points to make it 10 months of Game Pass Ultimate.
  5. So the Quest Gaming Showcase has just finished. The Mercenaries for Resident Evil 4 is available now! You can either watch the whole thing or just check out the trailers..
  6. The latest update has added new block types to the game. They are only included in the new songs in the update, I imagine they will be used in any future songs as well.
  7. I have set times in D and S2 today, managed to get in the global top 100 on both!
  8. I've set a time on 3 of the classes so far. I can see myself spending far too much time on this
  9. I have been getting extra points from the app too. It seems it's a trial and only available to randomly selected people. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/help/games-apps/achievements/Microsoft-rewards-trial-for-xbox-apps-faq
  10. I did a 'the hunter - call of the wild' one, travel 1 mile, took about 5 mins.
  11. Lone Echo has been discounted to £7.99. The lower price is available until the sequel is released on August 24th. It's a PCVR title so will only work with Link/Airlink/Virtual Desktop. At that price, and with the amount of positive reviews it has, I think i'll give it a try. https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1368187813209608/?intern_source=blog&intern_content=lone-echo-ii-launch-date-and-price-revealed-plus-discount-for-lone-echo https://www.oculus.com/blog/lone-echo-ii-launch-date-and-price-revealed-plus-discount-for-lone-echo/
  12. The free Sweepstake entries for the June bonus round are now available to redeem.
  13. I have the official Microsoft play and charge kit for Xbox one and it works fine in the Series controllers. I think it's just 3rd party ones which replace the original battery cover that will not work
  14. Short clip of an attempt on the current weekly event.
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