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  1. Steam

    Humble Indie Bundle 19 has been available for a couple of days. I have a spare SOMA key, PM me if you would like it. Gone.
  2. Steam

    I have a Life is Strange key from this months Humble Monthly. PM if anyone wants it. Gone.
  3. Forza Motorsport 7

    If I remember correctly, It took me at least an hour to beat your time originally. To make sure you have an adequate challenge, I have managed to take just over a second off my previous time.
  4. Forza Motorsport 7

    Feel free to add me Muz.
  5. Forza Motorsport 7

    You can skip any career reward cars you can't afford at the time (instead of choosing the credits or driver gear) then you will find them in the progress/rewards section in the main menu for purchase later. There is a new Bounty Hunter Rivals challenge running at the moment. Beat Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt's time. You get the 2010 Audi TT RS Coupe for setting a time, and if you beat his time you will also get another car. His current time seems quite slow, but he will no doubt be improving it before the event ends. Speaking of rivals, I am playing quite it quite often at the moment. It's fun driving a few events each time I boot the game up and making sure I am on top of as many friends leaderboards as possible
  6. Dirt 4

    That was a career stage, my first attempt at it. The career stages are not random, but the devs did use the the generator to create them I think.
  7. Dirt 4

    Enjoying this a lot, it's just the hot weather stopping me from playing too much. Had a stage earlier where it should have been a disaster, but luck was on my side and I managed to finish on top.
  8. E3 2017: PC Gaming Show - Wrap Up

    Had a g-sync monitor for a while now and love it. No need to worry about hitting an exact frame rate. Some games feel a lot better witha higher frame rate (Rocket League for example) but for most other stuff like 3rd person games, I am happy with 45+, feels great to me.
  9. Dirt 4

    Got a day off tomorrow, and just got my key for the game, so am preloading on Steam now.
  10. Steam

    Starpoint Gemini 2 is free for the next 48 hours.. Link
  11. Dirt Rally

    Could I have some of those tasty points please?
  12. Dirt Rally

    I got the 'racenet is unavailable' message when I tried to do last weeks event, and the same again just now. So I have left the league and requested to rejoin in the hope that it will fix it.
  13. Dirt Rally

    4th and 5th need to be switched around, you were about 20 secs ahead of me.
  14. Dirt Rally

    If I did there would be videos and screenshots! Looks like I am 4th overall atm
  15. Dirt Rally

    Decided to dust the wheel off and set a time. It's not the best class to use when you are jumping back in after a long break, but it wasn't a complete disaster, I was even starting to get the hang of it by the last couple of stages.

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