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  1. Pikmin costers you say....
  2. My joycons have never given any issues but I just bought 2 pro’s any they seem extremely durable. Almost exclusive used by my 5 and 9 year old and given little respect tbh. I know they’re pricy but really do transform your enjoyment - as a decent 3rd would too I guess.
  3. Saw that - much appreciated.
  4. Ta very much. If anyone else can give it a look and cheeky comment I’d (he’d) be very grateful indeed. Cheers, D.
  5. Thanks a lot - he’s already shouted out ‘SOMEONE’S ALREADY LIKED IT’.
  6. He’s only 9, loves Garageband, hip hop and Roblox. He really struggles with any focus having ADHD but music really capture makes his attention. This is all his own work so if you could just add some likes maybe some nice comments he would be over the moon. Cheers peeps,
  7. And so much blurry bokeh style background artwork. It’s nice effect and but I’m really starting to tire of it.
  8. Just watching this on the tv in the lounge while the missus is sitting on her phone. She just said’ I wonder how much he was paid just to click his fingers’ me - ‘What - who?’ her deadly seriously ‘Jackie Chan’ Me -‘massive LOL’.
  9. We’re it not for my son I think I would’ve sacked it off. I didn’t enjoy a single bit of that last level. Everything else in the game is A1 mind...
  10. So the postie came through and been playing a few hrs of this. i really like it - bags of personality and looks lovely. Solo player is perfect for me but with the 2 kids as well it’s a bit mental - but do like the scoring at the end of each level. So never having played this at all before it’s a bit more frantic than I had thought but overall great fun. Not seen any of the juddering people have mentioned - even with 3 of us playing.
  11. Royal Mail - those jokers. The track and trace says ‘we’ll only update this status when we try to deliver you parcel’. WTF is that? Don’t they realise the kids are waiting!!!
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