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  1. Brmmmmm…brm brm brmmmmmmm, brm brm brm brmmmmm
  2. Anyone had a look at Toem: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/TOEM-2018259.html looks rather appealing…
  3. Hold on to your trousers people: actually deserves the live version - what a woman…
  4. I ain’t lying’ rhymes do pay me…
  5. Fun-time Friday at the car wash….
  6. Cos I’m louder than a bomb….
  7. My son walked up to the band at a park while we were on holiday this week and they very kindly let him get involved… The band Fellowship of Groove were tremendous guys - and that mix of Afrobeat and rap worked out brilliantly. Obvs I’m biased, but given no prep, his first time on stage, and never having even met the band, it’s pretty awesome…. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTJzpR3qi5-/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. It absolutely is the perfect action film. I never watch it cos I don’t want to get too familiar with it. Along with 2049 it’s in a holding pattern until I get a new TV and soundsystem which will be at least a year away.
  9. I think it’s great you’ve ordered it. I also know it’s the only thing you could get.
  10. It’s game over man, game over…
  11. In case anyone is seriously considering this - and why wouldn’t you, my son just bought an almost identical Fotnite one and apart from being dead on arrival looks like it’ll jam every other bullet and leave you with nothing but harsh language to protect yourself.
  12. It also looks impossibly gorgeous.
  13. Isn’t the angle the 1210 lid stays up the most annoying thing…..it just not quite high enough, and yet is just high enough to put a record on. That and the lack of holder for the extra weight, otherwise just magnificent.
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