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  1. Tempted for 4 again. I do have it on the GC upstairs though so you know, what’s the point... It’s not about point though is it?
  2. I watched this for the first time in years last night- it’s tremendous...
  3. Aw man, what a shame. Where do you start with favourite scene... I actually love this:
  4. Still not got this - still debating whether to get it. I’ll have no time to play it and just bought Odyssey, so can’t justify it at all. Still so tempted mind...
  5. I think so. That’s where I got mine on Saturday.
  6. Lovely just seeing a nice eclectic mix of vinyl. It’s so appealing innit. y obly advice is to be really REALLY sure there isn’t anything you want to keep back. I must have sold a good thousand or so about 20 years ago (kept more back - phew) and very month or so I mourn the loss or a couple. I could buy them back but they were my copies - dig out of shops over year and years so it’s not the same. So just be SURE...
  7. I finally bought Odyssey ‘for the kids’ after deliberating for some time. In the space of one day the 4 year old is locked in. Amazingly adept already - it’s great to watch. So there you go, I’m nearly 3 years behind and who wants to read about this now but regardless it’s a quality bit of entertainment.
  8. There’s a patch for the Switch version out now. Fixes a few issues we’ve seen - marketplace connection for one - but haven’t tried connecting my my son and his mate - both online, both on Switch, both playing MC, no joy and much swearing from me...
  9. How are the cars done? I mean, is there a set selection that follow a route or what? Do you always see the same Focus at 3.15 by the KFC for instance?
  10. Carry on Behind. Seems far lower profile than most of them - with a few of the regulars missing - no Sid James!!!! - but thoroughly enjoyed it. Kenneth Williams and Elke Sommer work brilliantly together. So yeah I’d give it one ooer, but I’m actually going for 3.5/5. Carry on Doctor. Jim Dale present and correct so a lighthearted 4/5. Carry on Dick. Has the whole cast thrown at it but doesn't work at all really. 1.5/5. Annie. Oh how I hate musicals and how I have to admit this is a cracking watch. Kids love it, wife loves it, I er......can’t deny it appeal. 4.5/5.
  11. Has to convince the wife to watch this - took her 20 seconds to comply
  12. Additional Gris feedback whether you want it or not....it really is a remarkable gaming experience. You can play through without that much thought and just enjoy the visual and audio landscape which makes it a terrific bit of escapism. Graphically, aside from its overall fantastic look, what amazes me is amount of detail that they could easily have left out and yet they’ve taken the time to include. Little animations here and there you can just sit and watch - just bloody buy it if you haven’t - it’s beautiful.
  13. Nice ta. Wish I'd got Odyssey last time tbh.
  14. So I’m right in thinking we’re expecting some new sale items tomorrow yes? First party stuff right?
  15. Good stuff. It’s a delight really.
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