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  1. Come........join us....
  2. From the Ninty website: Friends and family can also get together and enjoy multiplayer races for up to four players, so long as each player has their own Kart, Nintendo Switch console and a copy of the software. ———— Everyone needs their own console! Split screen on tv is surely what you want. Have I got it wrong?
  3. It looks terrific but I don’t get it. If you’re playing on a console you look at the screen. If you’re playing with a physical toy say scalextric, you look at the toy. What’s the point if have a physical toy that you don’t look at apart from entertaining those who aren’t playing?
  4. Dr Nookie


    That is one hell of a thread revival!
  5. Sing fit. Warble your way to a better body with this vocal exercise workout. Comes with mic accessory and decibel meter.
  6. Am I alone in loving SFIV? That absolutely rocks on the 360 - and is probably one of my fav versions ever. I’d like that please.
  7. It’s double what I’d pay. Anyone who signs up for this is setting the trend for us all being fucked over down the line. The cinema analogy doesn’t work at all. That’s a family night out - change of scene, bit of excitement, this is a night in that kid’s will just treat as any other. 15 quid, maybe, anymore, no way.
  8. This is the answer that you need.
  9. The Tourist is on sale again. Only played the demo but thought it was a lovely little game.
  10. My son wanted to go through some of my collection today so grabbed some out of the loft. What a beauty this DJ Shadow 12 is:
  11. I’ll always remember this: the futility of it... This holds a special place for me as I remember going to Tottenham Court Road with my grandad about 40 years ago and him buying a random male we’d never heard of...
  12. Yoshi is world class. They played it today, as usual. It’s been played everyday since we bought it in October. You MUST buy it.
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