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  1. Righto game fans, I’ve bloody ordered one. Big battery, screen protector and case, Splatoon, Ninty online and a 2 year warranty. Will get some eshop credit to kick start the proceeding and hopefully everyone will be happy Comes on Thursday!!!!!!!
  2. I spent an enormous amount of time on that on the 360 - terrific fun.
  3. Here's a thing, Amazon offer a 2 year warranty on consoles for £12.75 which includes accidental damage. Think I'd rather go for that than Nintendo direct tbh. Anyone ever had it/needed to use it?
  4. I didn’t know that - great news cheers.
  5. Pah - the Nintendo website is still selling the old console - won’t age the new one until end of the month apparently.
  6. That’s very helpful cheers. Will check those out tonight.
  7. Thanks all. I’ve got Splatoon 2 on the list. Such a shame here’s no local multi player. - gutted about that. I guess Mario Kart for that and Overlooked 2 for starters. 1/2 Switch gotta be worth a look if I can get it cheapish.
  8. He’d be all over that if we’d let him, but he’s too young (in our opinion)
  9. Could I have a steer for a new Switch owner please. Just getting one for the kids really - 3 & 8. The eldest has a really short attention span so Zelda etc. is a no go. He was well into minecraft but out the other side now and now plays this rubbish first person thing online called Kronker I think. That and Slither io are the current faves. God I feel like one of the clueless parents I used to pity in Game not having a clue what buy....
  10. Right you lot, after months of messing about I’m getting the kids a Switch this weekend. The new new battery tipped the balance, so where’s the best place to get? JL don't currently have them but the official Ninty website offers 2 year warranty- that’s as good a place as anywhere I guess. I’ll get a screen protector and carrycase elsewhere. Anything else I need to think of? Cheers, David.
  11. Watching this makes me look forward to getting older and having the free time to sod about with mate. It’s just lovely heartwarming tv.
  12. First Man - 3/5. Good in places, but not great.
  13. So in a nutshell this is the thread yes? Shame cos would’ve been up for sharing some stuff, but don’t really fancy it just to load your scorn cannon (phnarr phnarr) and get shot in the face.
  14. Eternal Darkness is fantastic. What sticks in my memory the most(it's been forever since I've played it) are the stained glass windows in the church smashing and the sound of the babies crying when you are at the tome or whatever it is. That's bloody haunting that is...
  15. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is just about my fav film of all time. Everything from the opening credits onwards is just perfect, fantastical entertainment.
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