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  1. I don’t think I have the first one. Have the Bounce 12 obviously
  2. ‘Compeewwwwwter lurrrrrve’ sh sh sh ah….. It could be Prince in various places this - ‘itchin for your twitchin’ in particular could be straight of one that little chaps Albums.
  3. But why - looks like there isn’t a great deal going on and vs many many Switch games I can think of it just performs very badly. I think it’s just poorly ported surely.
  4. Just got Art of Rally in the sale and I’m a bit disappointed. On the first proper stage - Japan - with lovely artwork and cherry blossom everywhere, the draw distance is horrendous, with trees part rendering until they are barely meters from your car (in docked mode too). When I look at MK8 straight after it….
  5. In the very limited gaming time I have nowdays I’ve been putting some time into Top Gun. Hard Lock. It’s a very well put together game, with an interesting mix of free control with the odd quick time event for certain manoeuvres during dogfights. Looks terrific and there’s a great mix of missions. Reviews weren’t too great but I’m enjoying it. So yeah TOP GUN!!!!!
  6. It’s dark and brooding - I like a lot. Thanks again.
  7. ‘That’s why they call me……..BAAAAAD COMPANEEEEE’
  8. Agreed - well worth picking up. Cracking sleeve too.
  9. Filmed in Supermarionation is a good doc on Thunderbirds, Stingray and all that Gerry Anderson shizz.
  10. Looks like there’s something wrong with the sd card. it’ll play games off it and delete things off it but not save Fortnite to it. So I’ve taken card out and it’s now downloading Fortnite to the internal mem. If the cards ballsed I guess I just get a new one and re-download everything right. All saves in the cloud we hope
  11. Very good. It’s for my son who’s going slightly loopy atm. Actually other online stuff is ballsed too but my internet is fine and I even downloaded a game onto it earlier
  12. Ok so the Fortnite update is ballsed and I need to delete and reinstall the game. But whenever I move onto the game icon the switch locks up and I have to do a hard reset. What other options are there? Any other game works.
  13. If anyone’s thinking of updating Fortnite on the switch it’s a bit stuffed atm. Completely locked my switch twice while downloading or trying to launch it - thought the switch was a gonna at one point.
  14. It looks like your turntable is part of that whole table.
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