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  1. MY house is quite cold generally. I'm more than happy to store them if that helps...
  2. OK that's great thanks.
  3. Random question: Do the saves from a physical game copy over if I get it from the eshop?
  4. But zat is vot it's called!
  5. Ahh OK - that’s for checking anyway. I might just chance it depending on how well behaved the boy is :-)
  6. Oh right I didn't know that at all. What a rare treat.
  7. Is Minecraft on the Switch all sorted now? I remember reading on here that there were some issues and I'm thinking of getting if for my son in a few days. He's only ever played the 360 one and wants to get back into it on the Switch. Reluctant to buy all those sodding skins again mind...
  8. I have to watch this alone. Wife actually had to leave the room last night: ’I can’t watch this horrible neurotic man any more’...
  9. Damn those Nintendo peeps... I don’t even really like the joy cons and yet I want those ones.
  10. Seemed like the best place to put this that popped up on Linkedin yesterday:
  11. Must stop reading this thread or I’m gonna end up buying this. I can’t afford it and I don’t have the time to play it. Neither of those things may stop me though..
  12. In which case you are essentially self insured, which still doesn’t really make much sense as the exposure is all your own. So the premium for the collection is what $300 on top of b&c. So say 40 years paying additional 300 p/a is $12,000. Yeah saving that makes a huge amount of sense when you look at the replacement cost of all that.
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