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  1. 2 things. 1 - Hurray for the Kallax 2 - the dibby dibby champion sound
  2. Balls - I only just read this post…
  3. Yeah it defo is. They do owe a fair amount to this chap mind:
  4. I bloody LOVE these guys. Their sampling was so spot on:
  5. Gah - mine were all originals - I think I got them from a closing down shop or something.
  6. I had a load of these and various SP ones a few years ago - I literally couldn’t give them away. I think I might have chucked them in the end!
  7. What I really love about vinyl is that you actually just let a record play… I spent years DJing when I was young and it’s all about a specific track - particularly with jazz and funk - you rarely sit and explore an album. As I’m wfh and just getting all my tunes out I’m really enjoying letting something just play through - I’ve never been able to do that. My 5 year old asked me if we could ‘do records’’ yesterday after school. ‘No jazz though, I want to do the scratching thing’. That’s a lovely feeling.
  8. Today’s aural exploration courtesy of Tangerine Dream
  9. Rooting through some old vinyl atm - this is great to have spinning while I’m WFH and I LOVE a bit of Tangerine Dream:
  10. It does sound a lot when you read it back and by contrast collectible old vinyl seems pretty reasonable. Chugging through all my 60’/70’s jazz, there are loads that are 50 quid plus and a few that are well above that. Given they’re 50 years old that doesn’t seem a massive premium over new stuff really. I don’t know if I could spend big money on new vinyl though…
  11. We are the exact opposite. The kids do sometimes take it in the car but otherwise very rarely does it come out of the dock.
  12. Ok cool - I’ll give that a listen then. Once I’ve finished with this bad boy:
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