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  1. Ah, I wasn't trying to make a direct comparison - I love DS3 and Bloodborne, but overfamiliarity with the systems used in the Souls games made them a different sort of experience to playing Demon's Souls for the first time, and this is providing some of that initial confusion and abrasiveness that I miss. Sure, there are areas where it lacks some of the nuance of the Souls games - item throwing doesn't seem to have the wind-up where you can still aim by manipulating the camera, for example - but in mixing stuff from Ninja Gaiden into a Souls-ish formula it feels very new, even if Ninja Gaiden is technically pretty old at this point. The execution ceiling certainly seems much higher (my hands tend not to hurt this much after playing From's games), while the stamina system still has enough teeth to control the pace a bit. I think it's different enough to stand on its own, really.
  2. I gave up all pretence of honour pretty quickly and opened every attempt with an arrow to his head, knocking him to the floor for a stabbing followed by a High Stance combo as he gets back up. The Twilight version of the first side-mission is my new nemesis, I can't deal with the flaming wheels in the last room after all the other stuff (I think it auto-summons one of the developer ghosts at that point too). Absolutely love this, it really feels a lot like playing Demon's Souls for the first time. I missed the alpha but the changes seem pretty sensible, and as a newcomer the first stage was certainly difficult enough for me to have to learn the systems (though I did spend a while bashing my head against an area that's best approached from the other side). I haven't felt compelled to use Low Stance much though, maybe that needs a tweak.
  3. Same here, I played quite a lot of MH4U last year* and it feels like it's a bit too soon for me to really get into another one. I find what I've seen of the Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts kind of offputting as well, they seem too flashy and a step away from the weighty, considered combat I expect from Monster Hunter. I'll give it a go (going back to Pokke Village sounds nice), but I'm more interested to see where they go with the series after this. * I eventually burned out after failing a level 136 Frenzied Basarios/Apex Rajang Guild Quest after 50 minutes for the fourth time - I found the Apex mechanics really obnoxious to deal with solo, and I wasn't up for persevering just for a slim chance to get a Relic Weapon with good randomised stats, which doesn't feel like something that belongs in a Monster Hunter game anyway (Charms are bad enough). Can't complain too much though, the first 360 hours were great!
  4. It's just not the same though
  5. The Serpent in the Staglands people are doing a Kickstarter for a new game, the PS1-style graphics they're going for might not be to everyone's taste, but the systems look really promising: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1649838104/copper-dreams
  6. Not only that, if your party ever died in Wizardry 2 you had to complete Wizardry 1 again (or at least get your newly-created party to a high level), import that party (which removed them from Wizardry 1, so you couldn't just re-import) and attempt to rescue the defeated party with the new one, though at that point you might as well just continue with the new characters since you've spent so long building them up. For Terror From The Deep the story is supposedly that they upped the difficulty after receiving complaints about the harder difficulties in UFO being too easy for experienced players, but there was an unnoticed bug in UFO that made the difficulty reset to Beginner (still pretty hard, honestly) after the first Battlescape encounter, so nobody was actually playing on the harder settings.
  7. Having looked into it a bit more it seems that item and devotion procs are entirely separate systems, and apparently Upheaval can't proc on a critical hit from 'Weapon Pool Skills' like Feral Hunger/Markovian's Advantage/Zolhan's Technique, only on critical hits from regular attacks, so taking any of those passive skills makes Upheaval worse (even though Feral Hunger is in the same skill line). Weird! I think I'll just drop Upheaval and put the points into Zolhan's Technique instead.
  8. I'll try that! I was thinking of investing in one of them more fully (maybe taking most of the points out of Field Command or Tenacity of the Boar, I'm not sure how much Offensive Ability is enough), but I don't want to go over 100% total on the percentage-chance-on-Attack skills because I think after that it starts to work on a weighting system, so I'd end up with a less than 25% chance to get the Feral Hunger lifesteal. Currently I have Feral Hunger (25%) and the one from the Dryad devotion (33%) plus whatever I get on items, but single points in those two (maybe a few more from skill bonuses) should be okay.
  9. I'm planning to play a Shaman/Soldier with two-handed melee weapons next since I have a stash full of them, aiming for something like this: http://grimcalc.com/build/sPNOAU Not sure how interesting it'll be to play (it pretty much just zips about and clonks stuff) but the area damage and survivability should be decent. I think you get more active skills later on from components and Legendary items anyway, so maybe it's best to keep skill builds fairly focused. My Firestrike/Hellhound Pyromancer is going okay for the moment but I get the feeling that pets are probably a bad idea unless you invest in them completely (as a Shaman/Occultist) since otherwise you have to scale your own damage as well as that of your pet(s) and it's a bit of a headache.
  10. Hmm, you could try to get a direct-use skill with a different damage type from a component and have it on your weapon swap (switch with 'W'), Searing Ember has a fireball and at that stage I think you should be able to make Flintcore Bolts at the blacksmith for an upgraded version of the spell. I haven't had to do that myself yet, fire-based monsters are slower going for my character (shotgun man with a hell dog) but they still die fairly quickly.
  11. Are you keeping your resistances up? It's a bit of a pain having to try to cap ten of them or whatever it is (next to the four of Diablo 2/Path of Exile), but it seems doable with all the components and augments. I didn't feel like I needed Aether/Chaos/Vitality resistance until Act 3 (Homestead) anyway, and I'm not even sure the affixes appear on items before then. Must admit I've taken the coward's pause-Alt-F4 route a couple of times when things looked real bad on Hardcore Veteran, though I know it to be sinful.
  12. I think I brought this up already when 3DS RetroArch SNES emulation happened, but it's weird that they're calling it 'perfect pixel mode' when SNES games (256x224, 8:7 aspect ratio) were designed to be displayed in 4:3 with non-square pixels on a CRT. How much this actually matters depends on the game though, Super Metroid and Super Mario World should look pretty good (more uniform), if not exactly how you remember. Chrono Trigger's intro is the usual example you see where it's an issue, or the Street Fighter II character selection screen. https://i.warosu.org/data/vr/img/0016/26/1400303226594.png http://i60.tinypic.com/2qm0w7r.png http://i62.tinypic.com/2yn00pl.png
  13. I think the main thing is to not put too many points into the Mastery trunk initially, one of my early builds was a Witchblade that tried to use 1-point Cadence with a pistol and 1-point Solael's Witchfire as a buff (putting a lot of points into the Masteries instead) and it was just ridiculously hard going even in the first act. Attributes were an even split of Cunning and Spirit to see how far that could get me, but I don't think the very minor damage increases they give is worth it next to the HP gains from Physique early on. Cadence as it is currently doesn't seem great as a ranged skill anyway (you don't get the AoE) and I think pistols might be very inferior to rifles until you can dual-wield them (which requires either a level 25 crafted Relic or certain Epic items). That character eventually died to a rock-throwing golem near the start of Act 2, which was kind of a relief. There's a manual of sorts on their website, it should explain all the basics. They changed the in-game tutorial system in one of the recent builds, the old system pretty much explained everything as you happened upon it, but I'm not sure how the new one works.
  14. It could be a bit punchier with the guns (Bloodborne nails it, for me), but I think it just takes a little while to acclimatise when moving between Diablo-style ARPGs - the combat in Diablo 3 felt really papery and insubstantial to me after I'd played quite a bit of Path of Exile, while Diablo 3 players seem to struggle with the initially slower pace of PoE. I like Grim Dawn quite a bit, there's more stopping to squint at items and consider your build than there is in D3, but it's not quite as overwhelming as PoE can be - it's comparatively easy to spot a synergy between classes and try to make a build around it as you go along. It seems good on Hardcore too, I almost can't wait to die to make a new build around the stuff in my shared stash! I know people play it happily, but I don't think the hardcore mode in D3 works at all with the level scaling and having to choose to increase the difficulty yourself. Couple of really basic character-building tips that might be totally wrong anyway:
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