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  1. I will give you ten as I am a generous kind of guy. 1. Reflection Internal HI Tek & Talib Kweli 2. Sound Bombing Vol 2 Rawkus 3. Black Star Talibi Kweli & Mos Def 4. Soul On Ice Rass Kass 5. Internal Affairs Pharoah Monch 6. Me against the world Tupac 7.Ready to Die Biggie 8.Black On Both Sides Mos Def 9.Things Fall Apart Roots 10. The Autobiography Of Black Trash Sticky Fingaz To Calashnikov, this is a friendly debate so don't be patronising young man as I have proberbly listened to more hiphop and seen more live hiphop acts than you could ever dream of.
  2. I jest not Mr Dizogg, give it a good listen.
  3. Now why has nobody mentioned the new Pharrell album 'In My Mind'. I foresee this being a Hip-Hop classic. Gentlemen please give it a listen , you will be pleasantly suprised.
  4. Thanks Mr Do your a star
  5. Gentlemen who subscribe to Edge, have you actually received the latest issue as I am still patiently awaiting mine. If anyone knows the subscription phone number to Edge I would appreciate it if they could post it please.
  6. For those discerning gentlemen who missed this gem the first time around Amazon have brand new copies for 16.99 ( Bargain considering that its doing the rounds on ebay for about 50.00 ) Just ordered mine......move fast.
  7. If this has been posted before please forgive me (Over 200 page thread and counting ) but gameplay has some really nice Resi character Models. Those of you who are collectors and into that go have a look. I have just ordered the chainsaw guy to put on my desk at work so that know one will mess with me lol.
  8. Playing Rock star Table Tennis which I thing deserves much more than the 7 that Edge gave it. Stuck on the 3rd case in Ace Attorney, PGR, PES 5 and I must go back to Oblivion at some point.
  9. The new Isley Brothers album called "Baby Makin Music". Now where do I start, I am not sure but I am already declaring this the album of the year. Stand out tracks well what the hell do you mean they are all standouts. Now it might sound like I am raving like a lunatic but when you gentlemen get the opportunity to listen to the album you will understand what I am talking about. Pure soul that will touch your heart and make you wonder why you ever bought those half baked R & B albums that seem to discreate your music collection. Gentlemen beg, borrow steal but get this album, you will not regret it thus nuff said.
  10. I really am enjoying this game, but how many hours game play can you get from it ? as I have already finished the first 2 cases in a very short time. I could be wrong but I have the feeling this game can be clocked in under 5 hours. What say yea .......
  11. Well just got this game as a late birthday present from my sister. As soon as the first case starts you get so involved. I did think the first case was too short but I assume Capcom use it as a tutorial. Very impressed so far, all I need now is to get my hands on Truama Centre.
  12. My wife bought my copy, she does not like me anymore.
  13. Hello all, I don't really have anythink to add to this beautiful thread apart from wanting be a part of it. This has the me one of the best games I have played in my life and the tension in mercernaries is unreal. Just joined the site, would have joined earlier but did not have a work email address. I must say though this is the most mature and intellectual gaming site I have ever come across and the passion you guys have for games is remarkable thus I just had to be part of the gang so hello all once again.
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