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  1. Only for the 360 & XBOX One though Not open to PS3 & PS4 owners.
  2. Need to rack up some strange coins to pick up the Ice Breaker anyone fancy doing the weekly heroic strike ? got about an hour before I have to set off for work.
  3. It could be a case of the new shiny but I absolutely love this game. Any guns that are a must have, please holla.
  4. Getting excited, when is it actually released chaps ?
  5. Quick question chaps, just starting this for the first time and have not played previous Dragon Age games, it is asking me if I want to import a custom world state from the Dragon Age keep, how should I respond to this ?
  6. Perfect davejm, just the kind of thing I was looking for, much appreciated.
  7. I salute you Captain :-) cheers.
  8. Got this today on loan from a good pal of mine, that is so addicted to Destiny he does not have time to play anything else. I am new to the franchise and have not played the previous games in the series, I understand I can get a recap of the first two instalments, pray tell ladies & gentlemen, where might I obtain this please ?
  9. You could be right Villenium, I need to investigate further. I am coming from Fifa Ultimate Team, which I have been playing for the last 4 years, and a players contract is on a per match basis i.e. a player assigned a gold contract card worth 13 matches gets to play 13 matches.
  10. Love the my club mode in this game but there is something I am finding very puzzling re contracts. For example I leave player A on the bench as I feel he needs to be rested, go ahead and play a match, only to be told after the match that player A's contract has expired and needs to be renewed ... But I did not play the man .
  11. Another jaded Destiny player giving that game a break for the time being . Hope to pick up a copy of this tomorrow (PS4 ) and join the party. PSN ID : DJKNIGHT13
  12. I know it's 35 minutes , but if you have the time it is a very interesting watch.
  13. I now own the new exotic The Last Word hand cannon, I am ashamed to state how I got it.
  14. Cracked and bought the Digital version, downloading as we speak. If anyone has a free space in their club please let me know . PSN ID : DJKNIGHT13
  15. I was going to get the dlc, but going by what some of you gentlemen have stated, it seems it is really not worth the £20 investment . I can get Drive club for £29 which seems to be now fixed, with free weather dlc to boot.
  16. Current job dictates and up and down shift pattern but I need to get to level 30 at all cost. If anyone is organising a normal midnight raid tonight then please count me in, don't mind being on the waiting list. I am a level 29 hunter.
  17. My bad, have now applied, in other news I have got my boots, now to grind towards the gauntlets .
  18. Close to getting my boots but would like to rep worldwide for rllmuk, I am a member of the clan but can't seem to get 'rlllmuk renegades' appear on my banner. Any suggestions to rectify this gents ?
  19. Completed my first raid last night ( go me ) Many thanks to Banjaxed, Shankshot , BigBadBen, HardBattle & Droodling my patient bodyguards. " I can't see ! I can't see ! " now has new meaning to me. Quite an amazing gaming experience, got two exotic weapons as drops and one can now see me strolling in the tower, with a slight swag to my gait, rocking my Chatterwhite.
  20. You can take your My Club team online and compete against others, while the Master League is offline only this year.
  21. My agent rocks ! Just got Ibrahimovic who is rated 93, made my morning. Already addicted to my club. I also have Ozil in my club, rated 84 who was my star attraction until Ibra turned up. I know its very random and you don't really have any control over it, but you want the player selection to stop on the black ball for higher rated players as well as coughing up 10k for a first class agent of course. As a side note, Fifa 15 players make the change, you won't regret it. Fifa 15 really disappointed me. Stealing this beautiful quote from Eurogamer, I can honestly say it really does ring true :
  22. Thank you very much Chin, really not sure how I missed it, lol.
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