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  1. Confession time : I accidentally went back to this, and like any other game on the planet it has it's flaws BUT it does play a brilliant, albeit frustrating game of football. The problem with the game in my opinion, if you can actually call it a problem, is the learning curve. I have played Fifa since Fifa 07 and this is definitely the hardest to master and I am not there yet but I am getting much better. Dribbling in the game is a joy and I am learning to use my sprint button sparingly .
  2. I just don't feel in control when playing this, gave it my best shot, but have gone back to PES.
  3. I can so relate to this , lets just say that last night I did not make the jumping section and I would appreciate it if my raid team never made mention of this again
  4. - Is it possible to play games off people on my friend list using myClub? Yes it is, as long as they have set up a myClub team as well. - Is there an auction house for players? Not exactly, but you can buy loan players for 10 matches, choosing from a list that updates on a daily / regular basis - How do I sign a specific player that I want? Or is it always just pot luck with the agents? Pot luck with agents, you can't sign a specific player but you can sign a certain kind of player by using different combinations of agents. - Why are some of the competitions locked to me? Because your team spirit ( chemistry ) or team strength is too low.
  5. Lovely review, I enjoyed reading that. At heart I am a PES man, however since Fifa 07 I have played both. For selfish reasons i.e. my bank balance and time constraints I wish there was one clear cut winner this year, but I don't think there is, so I will be getting both. In actual fact my copy of PES has just arrived from simply games, I tend to focus on Myclub but I am always ready to have a friendly game or two with fellow rllmuk peeps ... referee ! blow the whistle man !
  6. My copy of the TTK has arrived SG you are forgiven but don't put me through that again, I am an old man
  7. Patiently waiting for photographic evidence Curtis :-) as well as my copy of TTK to arrive.
  8. Mine has not turned up, got a text to say it was dispatched on Wednesday , then when I phoned up chasing it, was told it was dispatched on Friday.Really do hope it turns up today . EDIT : Just noticed I made the above post with just 60 seconds to launch ... Breaks down and begins to cry at missing out on launch time adventures.
  9. PS4 & XBOX One versions available @ Zavvi for £32.99
  10. https://www.destinythegame.com/legend-of-you/share?video=2.4611686018429045593.2305843009215125618&version=2 UNTOUCHABLE DJKNIGHT13, THE TACTICAL
  11. I am now very concerned, my copy from Simply Games has not arrived and it was dispatched on Wednesday via first class mail. This is my first order with them and it has kind of put me off using them in the future, fingers crossed for a Monday delivery my fellow guardians.
  12. Well that was a waste of 99p, Red bull code did not work .
  13. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Kartoffelkopf
  14. What ! I am hitting the streets to get a can now, I could have sworn it was a USA promotion only .
  15. There is a Taken King shader available for 2500G, from the shader vendor lady, it is quite nice.
  16. Got my new swish level 40 hunters cloak and I have just received an email from Simply Games, my Legendary Edition has already been dispatched.
  17. 34 at last ! ... Lights a cigar and contemplates about the journey to 40.
  18. I see that Nightfall is still available, if anyone fancies a daytime Nightfall run around 10am then please holla, PSN ID : DJKNIGHT13
  19. I see that Nightfall is still available, if anyone fancies a daytime Nightfall run around 10am then please holla, PSN ID : DJKNIGHT13
  20. Cheers Ben, so have you acquired some TTK armour parts already ?
  21. @ Ben : Abandon quests terminal ? pray tell, where is this joint located. Only 5GB downloaded so far
  22. Pre-order placed for the Legendary Edition with simply games ( £36.85 ), I can't wait to own an exotic sword, if it will actually be useful only time will tell.
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