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  1. So gentlemen where do I go to continue the story mode ? There was an update to the story right ?
  2. What s the best price on the high street chaps ? I could go with Simply Games , but I just want to get it in my hands tomorrow.
  3. O yes, two characters from The Wire ... I'm in !
  4. This sub boss called Iceman kicked by ass for the last 90 minutes, I am off to work now, when I get back home I am going to buss him up even if it takes all night. Love this game.
  5. Preordered with Amazon UK, sold out @ Amazon France. Might actually go with Game due to game points.
  6. Fantastic stuff, up to episode 5, how many episodes does it actually have ?
  7. This video montage has me in, London Heist looks bad ass !
  8. Poor team ! They rob him blind, not mentioning any names... Cough splutter Hardbattle
  9. Premature maybe but this is my GOTY.
  10. What ! Advanced weapons vendor ! Pray tell, how do you unlock him ?
  11. What ! I honestly did not know that, Pelekophoros you rock !
  12. Absolutely adore this game and it really shines in MP, had a great sesion last night with Banjaxed, Hard battle, Drooling & Ben. Compadres I need some advice, my Swag bag is full thus I can't pick up anymore loot. Am I able to purchase a new larger bag or should I sell my low grade weapons & gear to make more space ?
  13. .... But you watched it for 3 hours ? The game is a blast in my opinion, no buyers remorse here.
  14. All is not lost, Amazon deliver up until 9PM, they rarely use royal mail these days.
  15. Bit of a reach but have any shops broken street date ?
  16. Yep, I will be getting this for the bone, and I am actually off on Tuesday so intend to be playing this all day. Tag same as forum name.
  17. Would a casual enjoy this game or is it strictly for the hardcore ?
  18. Cheers WickedKitten, that definately makes my decision easier, XBOX One it is, I take it Microsoft must have made some lucrative deal with Ubisoft ? EDIT : Seriously ! £80 on the UK store, I don't get it .
  19. After a few hours with the beta, I am definitely in for the full game, and will put in my preorder with Simply, just not sure what platform to go for.
  20. First night of multiplayer and I accidentally blew up my team mate... sorry Banjaxed, but man did you fly.
  21. Nice post Dave, enjoyed reading your first impression.
  22. Surely I am not the only one still watching this ? Anyway just finished watching the first episode of season 3 , very entertaining .
  23. If anyone is in need of a cheap BPL goal keeper I highly recommend Willy Caballero who plays for Man City and is from Argentina. Amazing keeper who constantly wins man of the match in most online games I play.
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