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  1. I do apologise if this has already been asked and answered but how do you actually obtain Season Of The Drifter, is it only obtainable by purchasing the annual pass or can you purchase it as a stand alone DLC ?
  2. Cheers Mike, I did purchase Warmind, would I have had to have purchased Curse Of Osiris to entitle me to purchase Forsaken ?
  3. Is anyone else having issues purchasing Forsaken from the PlayStation store ? Keep on getting the message " Not available for purchase " Any help / solutions would be much appreciated.
  4. Now £30 in Asda, if anyone has been waiting for a price drop.
  5. Was not aware that my power gear engrams I was saving to turn it when I get to a higher level would automatically disappear after the weekly reset. Virtually every Destiny youtuber recommend not to turn them in yet, only for Bungle to turn them in for you .... Sigh.
  6. I will be in front of Tesco in the morning when they open .
  7. Chaps I am another one who is trying to workout if RE4 remastered is a thing, Can anyone shed any light on this please ?
  8. Ready through the adventures you guys are having with the game , I thought I would pick up a copy but when I visit Simply Games it's lists it as being a preorder item, am I missing something ?
  9. Cheers Angel, will go for the Argos deal.
  10. Is Is that the legacy edition or the bog standard version ?
  11. I was going to pick this up at Argos for £45 but I have noticed that no one has commented on the MW remastered MP addition to the game, is it any good please gents ?
  12. Cheers Qazimod , thanks for the reply.
  13. What is the film with background information to the game you gentlemen speak of ? How doe one obtain a copy ?
  14. You do realise I did not insert a decimal point. Most retailers sell the VR for £350 ,on Games website it's £500, I was not referring to the in store demo price.
  15. Huh ... Why is the Sony VR £500 in Game ?
  16. Was anyone else let down by Simply Games today ?
  17. Not really, this years Fifa with the extra game modes and the story mode thrown in for good measure is excellent value for money. I do feel we should move past the Fifa V Pro debate and be happy that there are two very good football games doing the rounds right now.
  18. It's hard to explain but Blu Rays are a big deal in certain circles, pay a visit to Blu-ray.com and Hi- Def Niinja for example and you will get a clearer picture of what I mean. Blu Rays are treated like art in this scene with people investing in not only your standard blu ray but also blu ray steel books and limited numbered edition blu rays. These are extremely passionate collectors who won't think twice about double or triple dipping on the same movie for a different cover. You have specialist companies like Blufans, Kmichidvd and filmarenacz who produce limited edition blu rays that are highly sought after world-wide. Also, Home Theatre is becoming extremely popular and affordable and thus for people into this, the blu ray format at the moment gives the best picture and audio playback and 4K Blu Ray is seen as natural progression.
  19. Gentlemen, what am I doing wrong ? All I see on the list is : Tropical 5, Table Top Racing World Tour and Switch
  20. So what time does Iron Banner actually kick off ?
  21. Shame, I could have sworn that I read somewhere that they added some new story missions.
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