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  1. Recently got a PS3 and hacked it. Bunged a 600gb hard drive in there, though it's sitting in shoddily with a folded bit of paper jholding it in on account of that god damn ps3 hard drive caddy not working :/ Anyway, the things awesome. Was a bit sad when I put on Starwars Battlefront 2 (US V.1.01 or something) and it crashed, I heard there was a config file so it works but have no idea where to get that or where to put it or how to install it - anyone had experience with that? Having so much fun playing San Andreas multiplayer, hadnt even played MP before but its so good multiplayer.
  2. buizel

    Your retro youtube videos

    Love stuff like this, great vid. Subb'd. Maybe add sound effects (not too grating) and music-pauses for greater dramatic effect - hope thats constructive crit. Do/Could you have ones for the other retro consoles too? And a 2-player overlooked games list? Pleaaase :D
  3. buizel

    Currently playing...

    Oh yeah I was saying theres other games in the 'of Illusion' series with co-op, thought she was playing so yeah reeled off them. Love me some co-op games! Im trying to find all the great ones :D.
  4. buizel

    Currently playing...

    Theres a few SNES Mickey and Donald ones that are Co-Op! Same with Mega Drive. One of the SNES ones only came out in Japan, think its like World of Illusion 3 or something!
  5. buizel

    Eye of the Beholder C64 and Spectrum ports

    The Atari Lynx version was awesome and surprisingly on point. Could have been ported to Gameboy Color oft This looks awesome, just need a ZX Speccy release Edit: well then - http://www.indieretronews.com/2018/03/eye-of-beholder-on-zx-spectrum-welcome.html
  6. buizel

    The best ROMhacks...

    Time to add a few more.... Ducktales 2 - Multiplayer Hack Now play as Darkwing Duck as well as Uncle Scrooge for 2 player fun (: Bomberman NES - Co-Op Hack The OG Bomberman on NES didn't even have a multiplayer mode - fix that by adding a Bomberbud and team up to take out enemies together <3 Secret of Evermore SNES - 2 Player Hack Now a friend can play as the dog, everythings better with mans best friend! Super Mario World SNES - 2 Player Hack Does what it says on the tin. Mario and Luigi, at the same time. Complete with bubble-return mechanic from NSMB. A bit glitchy here and there! Prisoners of War NES - 2 Player Hack Haven't played, but I crave those romhacks which add multiplayer and this looks solid.
  7. buizel


    Huh, Gotham is ending? Wonder what the logo will look like. Trying to imagine the words 'Pennyworth' in huge embossed text with guns and explosions and CIA badges coming out the wazoo
  8. Just use an SD card smaller or equal to 2GB for the initial hack, its VERY temperamental if you dont. Once the Homebrew Channel is installed then you can plonk in a 128gb card if you want. Edit: Well im late af. Didnt see this last page >< In regards to the WiiWare, I have issues too. I think the solution is not to load any WiiWare until you've regionFree'd everything, then it should work. If you've loaded up WiiWare prior to the region switch then try again it might not work. This is one area im not an expert in.
  9. Oooft this has given me the urge to get a PS3 and do this now, already done my Wii and Wii U and broke 2 XBoxes trying to hack those.. :/
  10. buizel

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    My bad I think I'm confused the 10 players with online. The game deffo supports 10 players but you're probably right with only allowing 4 online. Did you know the Mega Drive also had online functionality - only a few games supported it. There was also a FPS that allowed console-link gameplay for 2 players called Zero Tolerance, and is totally awesome! You just hook up port 2 to port 2 in another console and BAM system link. You can even make the system link accessory yourself, the guide is available online. It's my favourite FPS on the MD (even if its not the most technically impressive one on the system) Oh yeah they all ramped up the craziness with each iteration, I think 3,4 and 5 had the Roo's which have abilities and also act as a shield. They also made some wacky bombermen designs for 4/5 like Ninja bomberman/fat bomberman etc. I'm pretty sure Bomberman 3/4/5 all support 5 players on SNES/TurboGrafx
  11. Use a PC program called Wii Backup Manager, and use that program to move Wii games - it will set everything up for you. Did you install the Custom IOS on Step 10 on page 1? Game backups/rips wont work if you don't.
  12. buizel

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Super Bomberman 1,2,3,4 and 5 on SNES or PC Engine. PC Engine supports upto 5 players though '94 is the best I think. 4 is probably the best, 5 wasn't released in English on SNES. Theres also Bomberman Blast on WiiWare which is very fun. But I like the pixel style of the SNES ones, and theres multiplayer co-op adventure mode (: Orr Bomberman World for PS1 is also fantastic and looks great and runs like a charm on WiiSXR (: Also a couple GC ones like Jetters and that which are very fun! Also Bomberman 64 runs well. I'd say Bomberman peaked at Bomberman 2 DS or Bomberman Saturn with 10 player online support.
  13. buizel

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    Not in this very individual case. I know I can redownload games off the eShop, but the games dissapeared off my purchase list and so yeh I can't re-download them for free. I gave them a pass after buying loads of Wii VC games just to re-buy them on Wii U and 3DS, but nah, not anymore. I had a email conversation with Nintendo support, they got my details, but never got back to me. This was when Omega Ruby came out so god knows when that was.
  14. buizel

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Dude Im agreeing with you what the hell. Everyone ridiculed me because they said the Ruffalo thing was OBVIOUSLY a joke. If it was a joke then it clearly isn't a spoiler. If its not, which is what I believed at the time, then it could be a spoiler but I posted a video, not my fault if they click it. CANT HAVE BOTH just as an excuse to get angry at someone.
  15. Which you can play online with the 'Share Controller' feature on the PS4. Can play any local multiplayer game with online friends with that feature, though you need to have good internet which I dont have good enuff ):

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