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  1. Except the Vita can't do Video-Out as easily/readily as a PSP. Literally the only downside :< But yeah, Vita rocks.
  2. Mines were cheap from ebay, but i saw ones on amazon about £15 and reviews vary as well. Some say crap, some say 2-4 hours.
  3. Try Gauntlet 4 Mega Drive, its so much fun - the Quest Mode. Easy-to-play Diablo-like RPG with items/upgradeable stats/multiple castles/puzzles/epic music etc. REALLY GOOD MUSIC. So addictive, seriously. Arcade Mode is also good and has completely different levels from Quest Mode, but doesnt have buyable items/stat upgrading like Quest Mode. Theres also Dungeon Explorer for Sega CD, SNES, 1&2 for PC Engine (5player); and they're ALL DIFFERENT from each other, but all multiplayer. They are leagues harder though than Gauntlet and not as reccomended for casual pla
  4. Where do I find a PSP battery that actually holds charge ? I bought 2 shit ones from eBay and they 1. Dont really hold a charge 2. Randomly move out the holding, powering off the PSP 3. Fiddly to get the charger to even charge it. Anyone had sucess? I got 5 PSP's and 1 official battery.
  5. https://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/WiiSX_compatibility_list_(beta_2) ^ More games work than you might think, but many have issues (some are great/perf) but not a patch on PS1 games via PS3. Warcraft 2 also works fantastic, had many evening sitting in front of TV with that! Wonder if Populous PS1 works, played it again recently and its loads better than I remember
  6. Depends on the game. I've had many hours playing Diablo co-op with my friend on the Wii (:
  7. I know nothing about Pi, i read OP but I know theres new ones coming out. Whats like the best solution to get with the box all ready to go? Ive got controllers and stuff (8
  8. Is there a free trial of this coming to PS4? Getting bored of Elder Scrolls, never played much Fallout but love the look of this and want to try it! <3
  9. Huzzah, added this to our daily multiplayer session it's pretty awesome
  10. But if you keep it in box, you can explain to girls that "The Black Series" means it's a legitimate investment for adults In all seriousness I assume Black Series stuff isn't as cheaply made and costs a bit more? From my perspective if you take it out it might look like just as cheap as other more mass produced toys, the gold box says "i cost more", keep it in.
  11. Yeah I murdered before the credits even started. and people say i scream...
  12. There's a few PSP homebrew apps I would like to run on PS3 - 1337 (Elite 2 port), Ultima 7 port and Adventure Game Studio engine. Since they're not ISO files, is there a way to run them on PS3? I heard there was an Ultima 7 PS3 port amongst Might and Magic and other games, but was only for an early PS3 cfw );
  13. So there's N64 injects that remove the dark filter and add Widescreen to a bunch of games... anyone help me find these ?? Please
  14. I love the Xbox but I've attempted hack at about 3, got one working then fucked it up by unlocking the hard drive via Chimp. Had cloning problems too. Just now I have 2 xboxes, one opened up with an unlocked hard drive that refuses to boot. The other one is basically brand new, but needs a rubber band replacement of the disc drive, and then the CFW installed. I don't trust myself not to fuck it up, can anyone with experience do this for me and replace the HD with a 500GB one I have? Will pay for time , effort and shipping. Weirdly I enjoyed Rollercoaster Tycoon Xbox an
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