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  1. Is there a free trial of this coming to PS4? Getting bored of Elder Scrolls, never played much Fallout but love the look of this and want to try it! <3
  2. Huzzah, added this to our daily multiplayer session it's pretty awesome
  3. But if you keep it in box, you can explain to girls that "The Black Series" means it's a legitimate investment for adults In all seriousness I assume Black Series stuff isn't as cheaply made and costs a bit more? From my perspective if you take it out it might look like just as cheap as other more mass produced toys, the gold box says "i cost more", keep it in.
  4. Yeah I murdered before the credits even started. and people say i scream...
  5. There's a few PSP homebrew apps I would like to run on PS3 - 1337 (Elite 2 port), Ultima 7 port and Adventure Game Studio engine. Since they're not ISO files, is there a way to run them on PS3? I heard there was an Ultima 7 PS3 port amongst Might and Magic and other games, but was only for an early PS3 cfw );
  6. So there's N64 injects that remove the dark filter and add Widescreen to a bunch of games... anyone help me find these ?? Please
  7. I love the Xbox but I've attempted hack at about 3, got one working then fucked it up by unlocking the hard drive via Chimp. Had cloning problems too. Just now I have 2 xboxes, one opened up with an unlocked hard drive that refuses to boot. The other one is basically brand new, but needs a rubber band replacement of the disc drive, and then the CFW installed. I don't trust myself not to fuck it up, can anyone with experience do this for me and replace the HD with a 500GB one I have? Will pay for time , effort and shipping. Weirdly I enjoyed Rollercoaster Tycoon Xbox and Morrowind the most, the latter I actually modded on the Xbox with higher quality textures and graphics and looks great. There's modded version of games like Morrowond, GTA and Battlefront out there on OG Xbox .
  8. Recently got a PS3 and hacked it. Bunged a 600gb hard drive in there, though it's sitting in shoddily with a folded bit of paper jholding it in on account of that god damn ps3 hard drive caddy not working :/ Anyway, the things awesome. Was a bit sad when I put on Starwars Battlefront 2 (US V.1.01 or something) and it crashed, I heard there was a config file so it works but have no idea where to get that or where to put it or how to install it - anyone had experience with that? Having so much fun playing San Andreas multiplayer, hadnt even played MP before but its so good multiplayer.
  9. Love stuff like this, great vid. Subb'd. Maybe add sound effects (not too grating) and music-pauses for greater dramatic effect - hope thats constructive crit. Do/Could you have ones for the other retro consoles too? And a 2-player overlooked games list? Pleaaase :D
  10. Oh yeah I was saying theres other games in the 'of Illusion' series with co-op, thought she was playing so yeah reeled off them. Love me some co-op games! Im trying to find all the great ones :D.
  11. Theres a few SNES Mickey and Donald ones that are Co-Op! Same with Mega Drive. One of the SNES ones only came out in Japan, think its like World of Illusion 3 or something!
  12. The Atari Lynx version was awesome and surprisingly on point. Could have been ported to Gameboy Color oft This looks awesome, just need a ZX Speccy release Edit: well then - http://www.indieretronews.com/2018/03/eye-of-beholder-on-zx-spectrum-welcome.html
  13. Time to add a few more.... Ducktales 2 - Multiplayer Hack Now play as Darkwing Duck as well as Uncle Scrooge for 2 player fun (: Bomberman NES - Co-Op Hack The OG Bomberman on NES didn't even have a multiplayer mode - fix that by adding a Bomberbud and team up to take out enemies together <3 Secret of Evermore SNES - 2 Player Hack Now a friend can play as the dog, everythings better with mans best friend! Super Mario World SNES - 2 Player Hack Does what it says on the tin. Mario and Luigi, at the same time. Complete with bubble-return mechanic from NSMB. A bit glitchy here and there! Prisoners of War NES - 2 Player Hack Haven't played, but I crave those romhacks which add multiplayer and this looks solid.
  14. buizel


    Huh, Gotham is ending? Wonder what the logo will look like. Trying to imagine the words 'Pennyworth' in huge embossed text with guns and explosions and CIA badges coming out the wazoo
  15. Just use an SD card smaller or equal to 2GB for the initial hack, its VERY temperamental if you dont. Once the Homebrew Channel is installed then you can plonk in a 128gb card if you want. Edit: Well im late af. Didnt see this last page >< In regards to the WiiWare, I have issues too. I think the solution is not to load any WiiWare until you've regionFree'd everything, then it should work. If you've loaded up WiiWare prior to the region switch then try again it might not work. This is one area im not an expert in.
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