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  1. 45 win streak online on Blur. 70ish% win ratio online. Only finished outside the top 3 in 400 odd out of 7000+ races. Also beat the top ranked guy while using the slowest car in the game.
  2. Demon Gaze is a great game and one that is in my top 3 Vita titles. The only issue I had was two bosses that had a massive difficulty spike. However that can be negated if you use the overpowered Paladin build. Other than that, it's a fantastic game and well worth a couple of quid.
  3. So glad I didn't renew my Plus when it expired a couple of weeks ago. Mainly used it for uploading saves anyway.
  4. No Martial Champion = FAIL!
  5. So I did a hard reset today and it lives! So I have a 3.68 system with enso installed. How do I put stuff on it and spoof PSN so it thinks it's on the latest firmware? Edit: Just realised I never actually upgraded to 3.68 so will it still be on 3.65 but the spoofing is showing 3.68 as that was the latest fw at the time I hacked it?
  6. Just delete some stuff. I had the same issue and it's to do with the memory card not being able to cope when it reaches a certain amount of storage space used.
  7. FINALLY finished the post game dungeon on Demon Gaze today! Now I just have to grind weapons for the platinum. Overall I'd say it's probably my favourite Vita game so far.
  8. Oled model for my JP account, black slim to take to work, pink and black Japanese slim for use at home and two PSTV's for when the TV is free.
  9. I was lucky. Back in the early 90s when I got my first, I had Telegames and a couple more importers locally, so games were always available. I remember my school mates telling me I was talking shit when I said I had one. Until I took a cart in to show them! Then I became the envy of everyone. Even more than the kid that brought a PC Engine GT in on toy day!
  10. I've toyed with hacking one of my Vitas, but I just can't do it. Part of the appeal for me is collecting those diddy carts in those awesome little cases. Plus I know I'd download too much and never get round to playing the 60 or so titles I already have that I've not yet played! Even today I picked up four new games to take my physical collection up to 97. The Vita really is a money pit, especially since I went down the Amazon Japan rabbit hole! I could probably not buy another game for a couple of years and still not finish my backlog!
  11. I didn't find it too bad apart from Astarte who is a total shit bastard mid game boss. The difficulty goes from 3/10 to 20/10 for that fight and then back to 3/10!!! And obviously the last boss who I don't even have enough expletives to describe.
  12. Yup. Both are in my top 5 Vita games. Still not finished the first game yet as Sol keeps pulling my pants down and going in dry!
  13. Both Demon Gaze games. I'd probably say start with 2, as it's easier and apart from a couple of NPC's is totally unrelated to the first. Once you complete that, finish the first game and then go back to 2 and do the post game story, which is set in the post game world of the first one. Obviously ignore them though if dungeon crawlers and fan service aren't your thing.
  14. Haha we have a family co-op on Township. As free to play games go, it's pretty addictive!
  15. Blur on 360. Almost 8000 races(Over 5000 wins) over the space of a year or so.
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