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  1. Superfamifreak

    Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread

    I don't suppose anyone has a stock Hori stick lying around to they? I have a PS3 FS V3 but it has no stick!
  2. Superfamifreak

    Worst Boxart Ever

    Most likely Chris Woods who was England keeper at around that time.
  3. Superfamifreak

    Next-Gen Headset Recommendations

    If you can stretch to £60, Tesco are doing the official headset 2.0 for that price.
  4. Superfamifreak

    How much would/do you pay for Free to Play?

    Loads on Marvel Puzzle Quest on my phone, but most has been through the Google Play rewards. Every few months I'll spend £15 IF I need to buy slots for new characters, but it's not often. Other than that, probably £15 on Pokemon Go, and a couple of quid each on Knights of Valour, Battle Ages and Gems of War on my PS4. Either way, I see it as if you get an hour for every £1 you spend on a game, that's decent value for money and as I play MPQ, Kov & GoW daily, I don't mind the odd outlay.
  5. Superfamifreak

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    How much?
  6. Superfamifreak

    SNES Mini

    Download Championship Soccer 94, it's the US ROM and works fine.
  7. Superfamifreak

    SNES Mini

    I know it's probably an easy answer, but I'm useless with this stuff. Basically half a dozen or so games I installed don't work, how do I remove them?
  8. Superfamifreak

    Dragon's Crown - PS3/Vita

    I'd say so.
  9. Superfamifreak

    Dragon's Crown - PS3/Vita

    This announcement has got me in the mood to play it again. Anyone fancy teaming up?
  10. Superfamifreak

    Uncharted - The Lost Legacy

    I had a couple of glitches on the same chapter. Main one was That was the last thing I needed to do to get the platinum to pop and I missed it on my normal, crushing AND way of the warrior runs so I was getting bored of that chapter! Finished with it now though. We definitely need to have a Sully game for sure. Maybe something tying in to the young Drake part of Uncharted 3(I think it was). I'm not too fussed about Nate not being in TLL, but Sully was a big miss.
  11. Superfamifreak

    SNES Mini

    I bought one last month!
  12. Superfamifreak

    SNES Mini

    That too.
  13. Superfamifreak

    SNES Mini

    FFIII, Mana, Metroid, Castlevania, Earthbound & Contra? I'm in! As long as the EU version is 60hz.
  14. Superfamifreak

    PS+ June 2017 - Life is Strange, Killing Floor 2 (PS4)

    Just as long as we don't get MXGP2 Ride Umbrella Corps Steins; Gate As I already got those on Japanese PS+
  15. Superfamifreak

    Yakuza 0

    You really don't need a reason at all.

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