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  1. Would anyone on PS4 be able to help me do the Nighfall strike on all difficulties so I can get the platinum trophy and free up some HDD space?
  2. If you can play Japanese titles, can get by with the text and like first person dungeon crawlers, I recommend this. I finished the PS Vita remake(Aoki Tsubasa no Chevalier) and it's my favourite crawler so far. However, most people will know it by its upcoming western Switch/Steam name - Saviors of Sapphire Wings. Edit: I also have Meikyuu Cross Blood Reloaded, but that's just the last title in the Operation Abyss/Babel series and is a bit poo.
  3. Would gladly buy both of those if I had the money! As for games, Ring of Red from the PS2 was a great new IP that they could have done so much more with. Xexex was a pretty rad arcade shmup as well, which I'm surprised hasn't come out on the Arcade Archives series yet. Also, Sunset Riders and Cowboys of Moo Mesa.
  4. What a load of toss. It doesn't include Vita time any more.
  5. I'm rinsing this(And hoping to get the platinum) until the servers shut down on the 25th. Any PS4 folk fancy some games?
  6. What about the Japanese PS4 game called..... 'Summer-Colored High School Adolescent Record – A Summer At School On An Island Where I Contemplate How The First Day After I Transferred, I Ran Into A Childhood Friend And Was Forced To Join The Journalism Club Where While My Days As A Paparazzi Kid With Great Scoops Made Me Rather Popular Among The Girls, But Strangely My Camera Is Full Of Panty Shots, And Where My Candid Romance Is Going' I mean, surely that's taking the piss a little?
  7. The 64gb cards only generally have issues if you fill it over about 60% capacity.
  8. I'd pick up the Vita version before the price goes insane!
  9. It really is insanely good. Took me from release until a couple of months ago to get the platinum, splitting my time across PS3, Vita and the PS4 remake. The only real grind way hitting Lv99, which seemed to take an eternity! You need to play Odin Sphere as well. Another one I platted. Still need to finish Muramasa Rebirth though.
  10. Once you clear the first run, I'll join you if you want? Anyone you play with, their character automatically becomes an ally, so you should be able to use my Lv99 Knight to help you out. Took loads of grinding, but I finally got the platinum trophy on that game. A true masterpiece!
  11. I'm not rich enough to own a Mac, but on my old laptop it was really quick and easy.
  12. Yeah, I'll DM you the link I used. Dead easy to do.
  13. I recently put 3.60 Enso on my PSTV and it's such a game changer with the whitelist plugin installed. Being able to play pretty much any Vita game on a big screen is amazing. Using a Dualshock 4, the only games you can't play are pretty much just the AR stuff and titles that use the rear touch pad. It's ridiculous just how good some stuff looks on a big screen. Plus there is the bonus of things like the combo challenges on games like DoA5+ being easier using a DS4.
  14. Still need to pick that one up! Any good?
  15. Whenever I play a dungeon crawler, I HAVE to explore every possible section of every map, just in case I miss something!
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