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  1. Yeah, the card that gives you health back on melee kills was a (literal) life saver for me in the bar. Makes you feel pretty awesome too, hack through the hoard without a care in the world!
  2. Is the rewards app on the Xbox playing up for anyone else at the minute?
  3. The MS solitaire app is great for getting the dailies.
  4. Haven’t they added online to the N64 games though?
  5. Maybe not the best place to ask this but can you get legs for the IKEA besta stuff that are less than 10cm but higher than the little things they give you in the box for the tv unit?
  6. I think the whole control lab thing is great. A colourful monster for £5 more than a normal pad is amazing value. Also consider lots of people getting them for ‘free’.
  7. I was looking at the shirt trying to spot the word ‘fiver’.
  8. In case people missed it, MS annouced a wired headset for the Xbox. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/d/xbox-stereo-headset/8qqqt5gcmj7b?cid=msft_web_collection
  9. Yasssssss! Big shout out to @womble9 for being the worlds best post forwarding service!
  10. They must be all in the same container, mines there too.
  11. Still in the CdG Limbo. I got excited last week as it had changed to 'In Transit' but then nothing
  12. Is there a way to search just the Argentinean deals? There looks to be some great savings.
  13. I do like the 'checking the fabric' trope in those shots. Classic.
  14. Still in Charles De Gaulle limbo - anyone else had an update?
  15. Mine has been there for a day or two so far, original delivery was Wednesday.
  16. The Genki one? https://www.genkithings.com/products/genki-audio @Flub
  17. Cheers I’ll try both the syrup and Khalua suggestions!
  18. I thought I’d perfected my espresso martinis through lockdown but having had one on my first venture out it’s clear I haven’t. Any tips? I do 1 shot vodka, 1 tia Maria, double shot from the bean to cup machine, teaspoon of brown sugar and shake it with loads of ice. The ones I drink out taste thicker and creamier than my own.
  19. That Genesis box for Sonic one is awful.
  20. Its once per day I think, but for me (in the UK) the day/24hr period is around 6pm to 6pm.
  21. Nope. Just colours picked in chaos.
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