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  1. Chooch


    I haven’t seen @alistarr about in ages! You newly back?
  2. Game get the cash upfront from Klarna. They are providing the credit rather than Game. So there’s no difference if you’re a cash or credit buyer. I was thinking both stores should get a big allocation as they are the only partners for all access.
  3. Yup. I bought my One X on All Access and you’ve the option to pay additional amounts over the monthly payment as you wish.
  4. You can pay it off as quickly as you’d like. Instantly even.
  5. Just saying ‘at launch’ instead of ‘holiday 2020’ wouldn’t have given the game away either. They put nothing on timescale on the Demon Souls trailer!!
  6. I’m really not confident GAME will be setup right next week for my all access upgrade to work.
  7. Partner showcase. Nope.
  8. Chooch

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just started this on gamepass and oh my god it’s got me madly hooked like Game Dev Story or something. My only issue is I’m wondering if I should get the switch version so I can feed my addiction all the time.
  9. Being the All Access retailers you’d imagine Game and Smyths will get a decent allocation of machines.
  10. Thinking about All Access machines. I’ve an all access One X that I want to upgrade to a Series X - I bought it in Game last year so I guess I’ll still have to pre-order with Game, they won’t have any specific ‘upgrade’ stock I assume? This is also on the front of the Game website. What?
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