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  1. I’ve a set of grey and a set of green/pink. Business man on the streets, a freak in the sheets.
  2. I wish I had read this first! Ordered the magnets and then saw the Pikmin coasters so thought I'd get them too. Couldn't put both through the same checkout, got charged £6.25 delivery for both my 'free' items. I'm a sucker.
  3. Has anyone ever attempted to buy some physical items with their platinum points? I've redeemed some points for the lenticular magnets this morning, which gives you a code for redemption on the Nintendo Store. Actually redeeming it on the Nintendo store just isnt working, either the website continually reloads or if I get to a point where I can add the code, it fails as its says the code has expired.
  4. Me and my daughter laughed so hard at the final blow we delivered to Bowser. We weren't expecting it
  5. Genki Covert Dock - Portable Nintendo Switch TV Docking Station and Charger, USB-C, USB-A and HDMI Port to Connect and Charge Laptop, Phone and Accessories, Includes 3 International Adapters https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08NPZBFB6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_1QYJ2RC044CND14EFY8F this is meant to be good.
  6. Kid Icarus Uprising remaster.
  7. Probably sounded funnier in your head.
  8. Did I read something about a Phantom Hourglass remaster?
  9. Is the wire an issue when it goes into the controller?
  10. A pull of the right trigger jumps down to the bottom, just in case you didn’t know.
  11. Did you play all these in single player @Timmo? I get put off the ones that look like they should be coop.
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