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  1. Is anyone else having issues enabling Dolby atmos for headphones? I bought the licence months ago but anytime I try to enable it in settings it says I need to set it up in the Dolby app first and takes me there. The app tells me I need to switch it on in settings and sends me back. Cue an endless loop.
  2. Speaking of batteries this is confusing me: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/d/controller-gear-universal-xbox-pro-charging-stand-shock-blue-latest-model/8w8v368g8kzx Latest Model, shows a Series X pad in the image, text says only works with previous generation controllers. Er?
  3. Yeah, the card that gives you health back on melee kills was a (literal) life saver for me in the bar. Makes you feel pretty awesome too, hack through the hoard without a care in the world!
  4. Is the rewards app on the Xbox playing up for anyone else at the minute?
  5. The MS solitaire app is great for getting the dailies.
  6. Haven’t they added online to the N64 games though?
  7. Maybe not the best place to ask this but can you get legs for the IKEA besta stuff that are less than 10cm but higher than the little things they give you in the box for the tv unit?
  8. I think the whole control lab thing is great. A colourful monster for £5 more than a normal pad is amazing value. Also consider lots of people getting them for ‘free’.
  9. I was looking at the shirt trying to spot the word ‘fiver’.
  10. In case people missed it, MS annouced a wired headset for the Xbox. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/d/xbox-stereo-headset/8qqqt5gcmj7b?cid=msft_web_collection
  11. Yasssssss! Big shout out to @womble9 for being the worlds best post forwarding service!
  12. They must be all in the same container, mines there too.
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