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  1. I do like the 'checking the fabric' trope in those shots. Classic.
  2. Still in Charles De Gaulle limbo - anyone else had an update?
  3. Mine has been there for a day or two so far, original delivery was Wednesday.
  4. The Genki one? https://www.genkithings.com/products/genki-audio @Flub
  5. Cheers I’ll try both the syrup and Khalua suggestions!
  6. I thought I’d perfected my espresso martinis through lockdown but having had one on my first venture out it’s clear I haven’t. Any tips? I do 1 shot vodka, 1 tia Maria, double shot from the bean to cup machine, teaspoon of brown sugar and shake it with loads of ice. The ones I drink out taste thicker and creamier than my own.
  7. That Genesis box for Sonic one is awful.
  8. Its once per day I think, but for me (in the UK) the day/24hr period is around 6pm to 6pm.
  9. Yes - that was the original design phase a couple of days ago! When I tried to actually order it as a surprise tonight I got the issues.
  10. I just redeemed £70 worth of points and tried to order a custom controller for my six year old. But… they don’t ship to Northern Ireland Could anyone help me get it delivered to England and post it on? Obviously I’ll cover costs. edit: the monstrosity!
  11. Oooh design lab is back with the new controllers. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/06/17/xbox-design-lab-is-back/
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