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  1. Yeah. Haven't seen too many drops as it seems fairly constant. And I don't find it is distracting me from the game. Unlike Links Awakening for example. Considering what platform it is on I think it is a decent achievement. I'd rather have a lower frame rate than a higher one with choppy problems.
  2. Had a couple of hours more and I think it works pretty well on switch. Can't say I notice too much in comparison to PS4.
  3. And best power bank questions too.
  4. Only had a few goes so far but seems like good old OW for me. Not played in well over a year. However, at your moment everything's I lost it up I have to agree Blizzards policy which then triggers an email from Nintendo too! Is this normal?
  5. I've just bought this on Switch. Haven't played it in an age (last time I played they had just introduced another healer (Pharahs mum?). Couldn't resist it..
  6. Stunt Car Racer....if forgotten about that game. When you crashed it put cracks on your screen if I recall?
  7. Ghostbusters on C64. Mainly for the "He slimed me" sound bite at the start and the fact you could upgrade Ecto-1 as you went on.
  8. That is ridiculous but I love that shameless rip off.
  9. Sacked it off to play slay the spire for now. I feel disgusted with myself for losing what to do in a 2d brawler!
  10. It doesn't highlight where to go as far as I can see. The mission objective shown is to give the burger to the dude which is now ticked. And no idea where to go next. I'm certain I'm being a simpleton.
  11. Ha ha. Of course I've gone back to give it him. I missed whatever he says afterwards due to a nosey two your old of mine hitting buttons randomly.
  12. Daft question. I've been playing this for a short time. I've bought a double Merv for godai but I missed what he said to do next. I'm stuck! (Which is probably ridiculous).
  13. Saw this tonight. Not sure what I make of it yet. Very steady pace (perhaps like a ship's journey through space?). That that the overall Newgate read over of hope.... But not sure it really hit home at the end.
  14. If it finds an audience on prime you never know....might make the ones with the funds think again.
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