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  1. I posted this in the Dreamcast thread also. I have a massive urge to play this since reading it and it's nice to see a decent article on gaming on such sites.
  2. I also wish they had an attempt counter on the bosses. It would be interesting to see how persistent people were. I remember taking a looking time to get past one boss I am not kidding it took me a week of trying each night to do it such is my own ineptitude. I don't know how they did it but I never felt like the game was being unfair because each time I could tell what I had done wrong.
  3. I haven't played this since I "finished" it. Great game though - probably one of the trickiest games I've ever managed to stick through but also the game I've experienced the most "in the zone" moments. How close are we to new content with you know who?
  4. This article was a nice reminisce: https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/aug/14/power-stone-sega-dreamcast-fortnite-overwatch
  5. Just managed my first success (?) In this game. Not sure how I managed it. I've posted my end deck etc and would appreciate advice. In the end I found barricade, body slam and flame barrier a massive help. Olus the cards that let me either bring back one of my discarded cards or reserve one from my drawn pile for the next draw. Also, have I missed something with the
  6. I've not played it on PC but have not had any issues on Switch if you are worrying about lack of mouse etc.
  7. Feck me. I've completely underestimated how addictive this game is. I've not even touched any other characters yet beyond the Ironclad. Think I'm starting to work out some of the better cards to hold on to. It seems expensive to ditch cards though and I probably should skip more. I've also tried to not hoard potions as I'm sure my first few attempts could have been better if I'd used them earlier on. Fantastic game. Agree on how great it is on switch. I would have thought it to be clunky but it works well and muscle memory kicks in quickly so it seems to run very slick.
  8. Just finished this excluding any secret boss as hinted earlier. Lovely game which lasted long enough without overstaying it's welcome. I presume there are a few different ways through this and different plot choices to make. But I think I've had my enjoyment out of it. There is always room for games like this - sometimes I just can't be arsed with a big massive epic game.
  9. Didn't they also have the Spiderman cartoon too which had long running story arcs across many episodes?
  10. Managed it. I think I have been under estimating Yoshi.....
  11. It's not really a boss rush. A level rush would be the better explanation where you face Bwaluigi and co for a second time. There are three rounds of battles, each progressively harder and it has beaten me three times now. I think I probably need to consider what order I pick the characters for each round as the first one in particular is quite easy.
  12. Bloody hell. On World 4-8 and they suddenly drop a kind of level/boss rush?!? FFS. I get through the first round easy. Second one wears me down and the third round completely fooks me. Think I will have to try and change the layout of characters in the first two rounds. I love Luigi but not sure his HP will withstand the last round if I save him for then. Any tips before I rashly throw my switch against the wall to see if that works?
  13. Has Donnie Yen too..so yes please.
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