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  1. Crikey. I invert (PC FPS was my first experience if it with doom/quake etc). I also double space after full stops. Am I old then? Is it too much of a hassle for young uns to press space bar twice?
  2. For me (and I am sure this may be widely disagreed with by others) I feel the entire games are essentially like this.
  3. Might be ad locker...
  4. Is it just me or is the web site for the eshop a bit of a turd. Whenever I try log in on my phone it won't bring up the sign in page and when I search it brings up the results without images or text (like it is waiting to load in). Does this happen for anyone else. I'm using Android mobile with Chrome and Brave.
  5. £80 for the limited edition? Crikey, I assume that is roughly the going rate these days for limited editions. Think it'll be standard only for me but I would love that book . Not sure what I'd want the tin for. Edit - £70 from Smyth's.....more tempted.
  6. I'd be tempted by the likes edition for the art book. Apparently the US are getting a different limited edition minus he steelbook case. http://the_legend_of_zelda_links_awakenings_limited_edition_comes_with_a_game_boy_steelbook
  7. There were elements of this sort of discussion in the BotW thread regarding the use of the status power for high powered enemies etc. I've always thought if it's intentionally part of the game it's a valid tactic. I suppose there is the assumption that the game has been designed with balance in mind but you can't blame the players. I find camping snipers a bit boring/frustrating but I've always been bemused when players hurl abuse at them. Why would a sniper ever not camp?! But it does need balance - early versions of CS (I've only played up to source really) I felt lacked balance with snipers as they always seemed too quick to draw down the scope compared to other short range weapons (AWP....grrrr). However, it's in the game so can't complain* by my view. *Not to the player anyway.
  8. Still enjoying it though to be fair. It has started to stick a bit now. It's a bit weird when you can move the camera most of the time but not at certain times. It's not like it's for dramatic effect.
  9. Are these sorts of bugs common? https://twitter.com/iknowgungfu/status/1137816123037036546?s=09
  10. This made me chuckle. Not thought of this game in many years. Was this the one where if left long enough had snooker balls blowing raspberries at you?
  11. Damn right! Wish he would stop fecking about with all these side projects. Although, if it gives him time to gestate a different story arc than the TV series I would be a happy man otherwise there will be no surprises reading it.
  12. Just looked and he was called GoGo.
  13. I had a near miss with something similar in FFVI. Forgotten the name of the character but it was one of the hard to find ones. Think he was some kind of merchant and it involved finding and defeating a certain creature (I want o say giant dune-esque worm enemy) to get him.
  14. Was this intentional? Should it be split? Ignore....I'm being a knob.
  15. Product not yet rated. May contain content inappropriate for children Glad I didn't chance that trailer with my 4 year old.
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