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  1. Someone came to my island to talk about them and now I get 7 or 8 coming in 5minute ish intervals. I hear a slight jingly sound effect which notifies me to look up at the sky. Press A when one comes and it lights up. That's as far as I have got. Hands have to be empty when pressing A
  2. Also, am I missing something but is it a faff to look up at the sky? Thought it was click of right thumbstick?
  3. How many shooting stars is normal in this? I seem to be getting loads tonight (as far as I know anyway - first time). Had over 10 I think.
  4. Just met Celeste. Is there any predictability to watching the night sky?
  5. I might put it in storage then and only whip it out when needed.
  6. Also....is it just me but is the Axe a pain in the arse in comparison to the stone axe? Too easy to chop stuff down.
  7. Daft question - but why am I finding it so hard to come by wood? I get loads of hard and soft wood (steady....) But normal wood is a chore.
  8. I have been wondering about this myself. Although I have had to use it before just do I could get enough wood to do something. I had inadvertently used most of my wood of frivolous things before realising I had real (animal crossing) work to do.. I've never played one of these before but it has certainly gripped me.
  9. Thanks. Left a few bells outside the museum. Not sure what value is for anything so sorry if it was pittance!
  10. I may pop in! If you have fruit may I pilfer one or two? Happy to reimburse if so.
  11. I got an S rank too with only one room Don't understand it plus it can only go downhill from here for me.
  12. Don't suppose anyone else is open with a decent turnip price? If so...is there an etiquette to follow regarding this? Don't want to annoy anyone by ruining something in their island.
  13. Turnips are 107 at mine First time she had turned up for me... Thought they might give me a good intro price...
  14. Was just about to go to a random island for some pilfering. Ended up agreeing to build houses. Now my pockets are occupied with several build kits which I can't store at my home. Any advice on picking spots for three houses? Just wanting to pick a good spot that I won't regret later. Then I can go forth and get me some more stuff......
  15. That entrance to museum looks great I just plonked mine on the beach.
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