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  1. I dont think I would have cottoned on to that if I hadn't seen your comment.
  2. I'm about to buy a PC and build it myself. It isn't that hard at all and there are loads of good vids on YouTube. You could even get a bundle deal where they preinstall the CPU,cooler and/or RAM for you. A few people on here recommend AWD-IT for that sort of thing. Prices seem decent. I'm struggling between which GPU (2070 Vs 5700xt) and what case.
  3. Batman and Turtles would be great. Enjoyed the comic.
  4. I didn't get past the Dragon Quest XI demo because I couldnt be arsed with playing a game that has a tag along girl created to be useless as per the norms of RPGs. The combat felt a bit tired to me in any case. Most FPS games based in "real world" do nothing for me really. Enjoyed CoD: MW and BF up to 4 but have recently felt them all to be so tiresome. Which CoD makes you play the terrorists at the start in the airport? Felt a bit pointless to me. At the time and reeked of trying too hard to cause a sensation. GTA V turned me off completely too. Whilst I'm in a roll - Although not a game but the treatment of Slytherin in the final Harry Potter films/books was fairly bloody shite too.
  5. Not to jump on the PC bandwagon but I think this is probably where I will be heading... Then probably a PS5 once they have come down in price a little. A shame as I much prefer the appearance of the Series X to PS5. It shouldn't come down to aesthetics but crikey that PS5 reveal shocked me.
  6. One thing I noticed was a general lack of an HUD in each game which is nice.
  7. Intrigued by Stray....looks like a decent but of world building there. Quite liked the look of that Ember Labs one too....but it could just be the Ken Watanabe (-like) voiceover.
  8. I think I prefer the functional look of the Xbox to this. I can see why some people would like it but also gside the rest of your room.its going to look a little out of place - probably would t stop me buying one at some.point down the line though.
  9. Did we see some sort of egg shell texture on the inside of the rim? That won't help either. Odd design..... Not sure.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. Although - the general soundtrack was quite nice.
  11. My PC can't run it It really is a wet fart of a machine now.
  12. Gomoku is addictive in the basis that I am shit at it and it is annoying me no end. Feel like I'm doing nothing but chasing if I go second though.
  13. Your Barley water comment made me laugh.
  14. Right - I see. I didn't realise what you were implying.
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