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  1. Bald Rob de niro if he was younger. Although thinking a bit I could see Tom Hardy doing that well too. Anthony Hopkins for Glokta without a doubt.
  2. Instant Family This one has taken me by surprise. Billed as a comedy (and if memory serves was marketted as one). Has comedic elements but definitely more of a drama about fostering children. It managed to find some real heart and it set me off quite a few times throughout the film. I think the ending could have been better if they stopped about 5 minutes earlier as it spells things out a bit too much for me. Occasionally, it tries to force the comedy elements a bit too much but it really didn't need it. It won't win any Oscars but it definitely hit the spot for me.
  3. The First Law Trilogy would potentially be great. Always imagined a bald Timothy Dalton as Bayaz for some reason. Although the standalone books would work well. His half a king series would potentially be great too. But I suppose there are a near infinite amount of books potentially great for TV but that's meaningless until the correct writers/producers/companies can align. Sometimes it's best left as a book where the perfect version of the story can exist in your own head.
  4. This will probably a better premise than the actual Dunk and Egg. Wish someone would invest in bringing some of Joe Abercrombie's books to the screen.
  5. The Dora explorer film? Seems like it would strike a balance for a 9 and 5 year old. I know the cartoon is for younger kids but the film would probably work for slightly older. What about expanding out to series? Things like Avatar last airbender are supposed to be good too (not seen it myself).
  6. Suppose some of this depends on age but Spirited Away and a fair few of Studio Ghiblis films are worth it. My 6 year old loved Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. She also likes Over the Moon but you've probably done that one.
  7. Ha! Exact same for me - I'd heard it was a "true" Wing Chun film.
  8. Man....I haven't seen this in an age. I have it on DVD somewhere (HK Legends i think?). I remember picking it up off the shelf priced somethign ridiculous like£23.99 some time int he early 2000's and feeling blessed when it came out for £6.99 at the till.
  9. Bah Does a game like Mario Party require full use of offical Joy Cons? IU may wait it out and see if they are at each others throats.
  10. Can anyone recommend a decent joy con third party offering? Ideally needs to be pretty much the same as the official ones in function. I've bought Mario Party and my youngest has just started showing interest and I can see arguments between elder and younger... Trying to avoid the £50 or whatever it is for official joycons...although. Tempted to jazz up my grey ones.
  11. Parallel universe is the way I can suspend my own disbelief in watching this show in a similar way to how Tarantino's films are all ridiculous when you think about it. The final fight scene was great and echoed the long shots in the series 2 finale. It's obvious the creators have a lot invested in the characters which is probably what keeps this series watchable. Probably my favourite series I've seen over the last few years. But that won't be a surprise to anyone who read my Karate Kid defense post in the Rate the last Movie thread a while back
  12. Believe it or not that typo was accidental....
  13. My daughter is obsessed with Kirby Star Allies and has a good time on Mario Kart too. She keeps telling me she enjoys video gamez but reassures me she won't play Doom any time soon!
  14. Just watched this. Amazing film and it does take influences from Heat in a huge way in setting/cinematography but agree it is a different kettle of fish storywise. Lots of talk over the past couple of years around inequalities of gender. Sometimes I feel that this gets in the way of a good film. Oceans 8 and Ghostbusters being obvious examples of this (IMHO). Whereas this seemed to completely bypass all of that as if inequality was never an issue and majority female or male lineups weren't a thing in entertainment. Not sure if I'm explaining myself well here. Basicall
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