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  1. Alien fucking scarred me when I saw it as young 8yr old (by accident).
  2. I put that on for one of my kids but I bounced of it pretty quickly. It didn’t seem remotely Trek like to me (but I didn’t get passed the first episode to en fair). In fairness I did laugh at some of the stuff but when I see that sort of animation style I always assume it should be swinging for big laughs a la Family Guy, Rick and Morty etc. The fact that they actually out some storylines in there made it all the better to be fair and I like the fact it was focussed on minor characters really around major ones. A bit Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
  3. Star Trek - Strange New Worlds 4/5 I really enjoyed this. Tight contained episodes with a decent overarching story thread. Good Cast and casting. Can’t wait for another series….there is going to be another series right? Quality theme tune too. Star Trek - Lower Decks 3/5 Binged a lot of these whilst I’ll over the last few weeks. I thought it started out a bit daft and really relied on referencing previous Star Trek stuff. By the time I’d finished Season 3 they were all fairly decent. I wouldn’t say they were laugh out loud funny but I did start rooting for the characters and certainly think it is worth sticking with.
  4. Just seen that Sifu is on Switch. Anyone know how it plays?
  5. I liked the daughter in this (Janet?). It was her first acting gig but her facial expressions always seemed to show what she was thinking/feeling all the time - particularly when exasperating with her parents.
  6. My hopes aren’t high for that Movie/Series franchise.
  7. Nice. Enjoyed this thanks for sharing. #waffle290 5/5 streak: 1 wafflegame.net
  8. Think this is the best I’ve ever done in Quordle. Done in 6 turns. Daily Quordle 287 quordle.com
  9. Kim’s Convenience ticks a lot of boxes for me too. Can be found on NF.
  10. I’d forgotten about this film! Is it streaming somewhere?
  11. Wordle 504 2/6 One of my starter words! Wish I’d picked that one to start with
  12. Yeah. I quite like it as a single series too. Nice hopeful but uncertain ending.
  13. Mark Greene was the heart of that series for me. I loved that show man.
  14. That weird overacting style I thought was part of the character I think. Some sort of twisted notion that the Undercovers need to be able to deal with him at his worst so that they can deal with whatever they face whilst on the job. Also perhaps some sort of self preservation after poor outcomes from undercovers he has managed in the past. I loved his line about FBI something like - FBI are like mushrooms, feed them shit and keep them in the dark
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