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  1. Btw - sorry to hear you might be in a bit of a financial jam.
  2. Would it be worth separating some of it? Axiom Verge might get a bit more on its own rather than including in a bundle - it is a bit niche and could appeal to a more collecting focussed gamer. Whereas, in a bundle people are mainly after the hardware and may not be as concerned what comes with it. I personally wouldn't sell the account in case you end up with a Switch again down the line (or some other Nintendo offering that allows you to play them).
  3. Will this likely be a Mad Max clone?
  4. Also, what is Warface like? Never really come across it before.
  5. Bought Doom in the sale. Had about an hour on it and I am quite impressed. I can see where the compromises have been made but when the action starts I don't have time to stand around assessing the textures. I've never been very good with gyro aiming but will have a bash when I next play it docked. My main issue is how "slidey" it feels when moving around. It's almost like being on a Mario Ice World level.
  6. I can't hear or see that word without thinking of Halo.
  7. Are there examples of a JRPG that aren't Japanese in origin?
  8. Just seen the point on this matter regarding spoilers of other movies. Sorry to break the rules. It won't be any consolation but what I did put I the spoiler will not really affect the main plot of the film. In my defence, I haven't seen all the Spidey films and didn't neg the post higher up referring to it. What we were discussing is really a minor point in the film and I assume in Homecoming it won't be a big part of the film.
  9. You mean the spoiler in the spoiler field!!? I will go back and delete it out of my post.
  10. Yeah. Can't agree more - happy with a little reference but don't need to see it. I found this unnecessary in
  11. Is this the film that ends up being involved with Towards the end?
  12. It would be money wasted for me - my GFX card was bought around 2011 and Doom is unplayable at the lowest settings.
  13. Looks like Nintendo were listening to me. Doom half price (but still expensive compared to other platforms ). Took the opportunity to make a purchase.
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