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  1. One of my favourites. Mainly for the use of The National.
  2. Some nice photos in here. Lots of archicture/landscapes. So - here is a Robin - Two ways.
  3. I completely agree and was why I mentioned as an example against the norm of "character hook up". The story seems to have been pointedly finished at precisely that point. She did the same thing with her earlier series Crashing (or it wasn't renewed - I'm not sure). I think 500 Days of Summer and Don Jon are decent examples of bucking the trend albeit in movie format. The former is slightly more sugar coated perhaps.
  4. In some ways I think we are there in a lot of ways. Things like Fleabag are fairly contrary to the shows listed above and seem to cast the "right ones/normal ones" as the outliers in the story. I would probably say that US shows are worse for it than UKs but then I am fairly biased on that front.
  5. For those on Spotify I have this on my work playlist: https://open.spotify.com/track/4T5OFet2G9MNIoFMQKvQxW?si=SYo0lpPjTzmMAc5c30e5Sg
  6. I saw the series X release and quite liked the blocky monolith design choices. Seeing that picture above though does not fill me with joy to look at. Either of them...I hate to say it but the design is just a bit too boring.
  7. I'm a fairly standard guy but what would Ultimate Chicken Horse equate to in a couple's weekend action?
  8. This is also true I suppose. Do most TVs just pass through audio? Just wondering if that would affect the audio sensation that Sony are claiming.
  9. I know where you are coming from having only just replaced my av receiver over the last year or so -some others may still be using older models. However, we probably represent a relatively small niche customer base requiring that.
  10. I suppose if you think long enough there is always niggling sensation that we don't NEED to buy anything really. I didn't need to upgrade my PC when I did but I bloody well did - my 10 second boot time laughs in the face of buyers remorse. I have found myself less enthused about the new consoles as time drags on. The more I see of them and the games on the horizon I fail to see what the next generation truly offers on terms of new experiences. I'm sure at some point I'll plump for one of them but I can't be arsed with the hype at the moment and will happily wait to see
  11. The few pages before he has a conversation with the Russian President I don't recall there being any stereotyping of Russians in the writing. I think that is why I found it more concerning.
  12. @Majora Might be me being over sensitive but I just couldn't read it out loud to my daughter...
  13. I think I agree. It would be similar in some ways if major alcohol suppliers pulled back delivery into pubs and bars as they know they will be sold less and make less money. (I know there are some fallacies in that statement but you get the analogy).
  14. Have you read Charlie and the Glass Elevator? I had to stop reading it to my daughter with some very dodgy "chinglish" in one of the chapters. I'm normally fairly tolerant of historical attitudes towards stuff like that but it was prett bad in my view.
  15. No worries. I'm not particularly precious about stuff like this unless it is something huge e.g. marvel/GoT etc. These live events sound daft...who is going to be able to sit and watch a 6 hour broadcast? Or is it not what I am thinking?
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