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  1. DarkCrisis

    The Game Development Thread

    Just brought a Samsung Gear Sport and was thinking of making a little quiz game, anyone had any experiences with coding apps on Tizen OS? A quick look seems to indicate it can be coded in C which is good as that's what I code on a daily basis.
  2. DarkCrisis

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    What are the chances of three SKUs :- Pro(X) - targeting 4k60 -£450 Base - targeting 1080P60 -£350 Handheld - targeting 720P60 -£300 They all share the same CPU but have differing GPU, memory and storage capacities.
  3. DarkCrisis

    PlayStation VR

    Looks like Tesco haven’t managed to deliver it to store today even though the order said it would, if it doesn’t look like they are going to get it to my in the morning then I’ll cancel and go pick one up from Game as they have some pretty decent bundles going.
  4. DarkCrisis

    PlayStation VR

    That wasn’t what I asked also you could have said the same about the Vita after 18 months and look how that turned out from a Sony 1st support point of view.
  5. DarkCrisis

    PlayStation VR

    How well is PSVR actually doing? Can we expect continued support from Sony until PS5 arrives or is it going to go the way of the Vita and only be supported by 3rd party and indies going forward?
  6. DarkCrisis

    PlayStation VR

    I have downloaded The Playroom VR, Job Simulator and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, along with VR Worlds should keep me and my partner busy over the weekend.
  7. DarkCrisis

    PlayStation VR

    Changed my order around as it wasn't going to get to me until Tuesday. I have gone with the Tesco deal with PS VR bundle with Res Evil 7 and Skyrim for £269 + added move controller for £69, I have done it through Voucher Codes which will gives £20 back with purchases over £200, I have 338 points added to my clubcard which is £3.38 and I will sell Skyrim as its not my sort of game for about £15 based on eBay prices so all in all should cost me just over £300 for Headset, Camera, Move Controllers, VR Worlds and Res Evil 7 which seems like an okay deal to me. All available to pickup tomorrow after for a bank holiday weekend of gaming.
  8. DarkCrisis

    PlayStation VR

    You guys convinced me, it should be with me by Friday.
  9. DarkCrisis

    PlayStation VR

    Tempted to pickup the PS VR bundle with camera and VR Worlds for £234 new but still not sure if it worth the money and have a feeling it will be played a little then not touched again.
  10. DarkCrisis

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    £45.99 on the website...
  11. DarkCrisis

    PS4 Pro

    Even though Microsoft has done a great job with S and X I think I will still be going with PS5 over whatever Microsoft does next and that’s for one reason...the exclusives. Sony have proven over the last 5 years they can make and acquire the best exclusives for their consoles. I think Microsoft will make a better fist of it next time around and you can’t help but be impressed with how they have managed to get all their systems to be backward compatible with improved frame rate and resolution but if they next gen was coming out tomorrow I’m on the PlayStation side.
  12. DarkCrisis

    PS4 Pro

    Brought myself a Pro as there are so many good games for Playstation coming out over next 18 months and felt like the Pro worth the extra money over the Slim to justify it...I have a 4K TV but will be playing a lot using remote play when my partner watches TV, I have heard remote play is much improved over the original PS4 so probably worth it for that alone.
  13. DarkCrisis

    Nintendo Switch

    Playing Bayonetta for the first time after getting on Switch, didn’t really know what to expect going in, after an hour I’m still not sure what is going on other than the music is ace.
  14. DarkCrisis

    Luigi's Mansion 2

    Been considering picking up a new 2DS to play the original Luigi Manison although I wish they had just announced it for Switch instead, I’ve played the second one before but never finished it so I must have stopped on the third Manison like others have done.
  15. DarkCrisis

    What are your aims this year creativity wise?

    Try and make the procedurally generated golf game idea I have had in my head for the last couple of years, already made a positive start so fingers crossed I can keep on it.

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