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  1. I followed this video and this link. https://www.androidheadlines.com/how-to-set-up-ps5-remote-play-on-the-steam-deck.html?amp
  2. Depends what you mean by Wi-Fi, if you mean internet speed then no as it’s all on your local network, I have my PS5 connected to my router via Ethernet cable and Steam connected over Wi-Fi to same router and it was flawless with the 2hrs I tried it out.
  3. Finally got around to setting up PS Remote Play with PS5 and it works brilliantly, feels like playing the games natively but no fan noise and 5hr battery life. Steam Games + PS Remote Play + Emulation makes this device ideal for so many situations.
  4. I guess if it £260 for Odin Pro and £350 for Steam Deck then not as good a deal as I thought but I still prefer the smaller form factor and better battery of Odin over Steam Deck.
  5. Ordered through Indiegogo page as still seem to be taking orders, shipping was around £25 but no idea on taxes I guess that will be added when it arrives, all in probably looking at £260.
  6. Decided to order a AYN Odin Pro instead of waiting until the end of year for Steam Deck, the smaller form factor and the cheaper price has pushed me over the edge. Streaming Gamepass and emulation seems spot for what I’m after and was particularly impressed by the impressions online over past few days.
  7. Finally got around to sorting my backloggd account out https://www.backloggd.com/u/clarkjpeter/ 68 games in my backlog and only 53 completed games. I have also made the decision to remove my achievement/trophy notifications as I have found myself buying games on PS5 even though they on Gamepass just for the trophies. Decided to go down the follow route from now on. PS5 - Sony Exclusives + Must buy third-party games Series X - Microsoft Exclusives + Gamepass Games Switch - Nintendo Exclusives + Must buy indie games Hopefully that should stop myself repeatedly buying the same games over and over and play the games that fit the platform best.
  8. I remember reading that they going to release a native version when they release the rumoured Multiplayer mode, regarding what they could do with single player I guess better looking and faster loading. Either way it’s there for me to play but I won’t be playing it soon so guess I should have ignored deal.
  9. Indeed, I couldn’t resist Last of Us Part 2 from PSN for £22.50 with the expectation there will be a cheap upgrade to expected PS5 version later in year.
  10. I think I’m done with it now, 50hrs and saw credits is enough for me, fantastic game but looking forward to play something else now.
  11. 33hrs in and now managed 3 escapes in a row with 5 in total, hopefully should see ending with credits by end of week then I’ll decide if I want to continue playing. Still enjoying each run and am starting to experiment with casting and other none weapon based boons which are definitely helping me progress through my runs easier, fighting redacted still feels pretty tough though and was close to dying on my last two escapes.
  12. Another two runs and another completion, was looking at platinum but might take me to long so think I’ll say I’ve ‘finished’ the game after seeing the credits.
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