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  1. Walking Dead are doing there same thing having characters stories spread out. From the trailer for next week it seems we are still not going to see the Rick and the rest.
  2. This is a much improved season so far. Oliver is a bit of a dick but so would I to those would-be vigilante's. They think they are the shit but they are just shit. Did they really think they had the right or could stop Oliver from breaking Dig out? Idiots.
  3. This could finally be the great successor to Lost. Whatever anyone says about the show and how it ended, there has been no TV show like it since. Some have tried and failed miserably. What I'm getting at, is that there hasn't been a show that could could create so much speculation and theories. Remember the Lost thread in here? Was always popular with folks with their theories. What I loved about that show the most and so far this is doing the same. I'm so waiting for a Host to find a hatch and end up in the command centre.
  4. It really wasn't as funny as it should have been. It had its moments but it isn't bad. Yes the humour is crude and offensive but different tastes and that. I laughed at this more than the remake of Ghostbusters.
  5. So got round to actually watching it and well it is as middle of the road, modern film you can get. It isn't as terrible as those initial trailers made out but there is nothing here to laugh at or really admire. The main group work well together and Hemsworth is really good in it. Though there is so much that bothered me, the horrendous thrid act, the over use of CGI with uninteresting ghost designs. Just a lot of green screen use so everything around looks fake. Them being in time square and somehow there are no people at all in the streets. Oh and don't say the army evacuated people because there isn't a chance in hell that could happen in such a short time. Awful and lazy way to end a film. Sony's blatant use of product placement. Them eating Papa Johns was ridiculous and details like that take me out of the movie. One of the best cities in America to get pizza, you wouldn't be eating that. Them not filming most of it in New York doesn't help the film either. The whole area around the Chinese headquarters look nothing like New York. Yeah some of them points might be trivial for some but it is an example of Sony just using this as a way to start a dormant franchise again and make a shit ton of money from merchandise without ever giving a shit how good of a movie they are making.
  6. What did everyone think of this in the end? I really enjoyed it a lot and I didn't expect that ending. I could just watch Walton Goggins all day, the guy is immense.
  7. Played it for the first time yesterday, the diving shark encounter was fun and terrifying. Then I did rush of blood and that was scary as hell. Loved the experience.
  8. That is a bit extreme talk, the show isn't a disaster. Had a couple of mismatched seasons but so far this season is off to a good start. I think Arrow should be kept more grounded, no magic bullshit and that. Though once the 6th season starts, there needs to be a complete change in the show.
  9. There's the website where it tells you what the park costs and the rules and that. It does say that real deaths have happened in the park due to accidents and that. You have to sign something which says in the result of your death, no one can sue. So if you go to Westworld, you take the risk of actually dying.
  10. Dr Alchemy isn't a speedster so we will have our first non speedster big bad. Also the guy who plays Jigsaw in Saw does his voice which is just great. Meancing as fuck. Will be interesting to see any other changes from Flashpoint.
  11. I really hate to say that this was a chore to get through which makes me disappointed. It started with promise but then that second half of the season really dragged out. There just isn't enough interesting story over 13 episodes. Pace is all over the place and the story just isn't there. It is saved from having some really great characters and an amazing soundtrack and feel of Harlem. It just needed a more story to it and a little bit more action.
  12. Can't judge it on one episode. I'll report back once it actually gets going. Signs on promise though.
  13. It has been two episodes. Even when they did single episodes they didn't all land. It is still the smartest and best long running animated series ever. If only Simpsons still had relevance when it was 20 years old.
  14. I was 15 at the time and I didn't see the film until it was out on DVD and when I watched the film, thought it was real, you go on the website, watch that documentary on the lore and you just believe it. A lot of people actually believed it was real. The power of the internet at the time, was harder to debunk things back then. I was at TIFF and at the world premiere of this, was the midnight showing so was full of horror fans. I liked it, gave me some scares but the problem I have is that it doesn't expand enough of the lore or doesn't do anything different.
  15. Exactly, there is no point in watching this if you didn't like the original or just don't like found footage type horror films. The original to me was scary because probably my age at the time and believing it was true. The first one is a game changer in the genre of horror. It should be talked with the likes of Psycho and Halloween for many reasons.
  16. So it seems this season will be about nostalgia. It is funny because everything right now is about the power of nostalgia. This will be another great season. I love the serialised seasons they do now.
  17. Yeah this as a show could be so much better. Season 2 just dragged, with hardly any kills and no inventive kills. The Scream films had some really good death scenes and set up to them.
  18. Not seen or hatched a Snorlax yet either. I haven't even hatched any of the starter Pokémon from eggs either. I will never be able to evolve my starter Charmander.
  19. Everyone is so critical now before a movie even comes out, I just don't understand all the dissection of everything. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but the trailer looks great, looks like Star Wars and hopefully will be an epic war film set in space. We've had a summer of mediocre blockbusters, hopefully the best has been saved for last.
  20. Haha amazing. There are a lot of Pokestops in the town. That is a good place to catch Pokemon. I caught a wild lapras near there.
  21. I live in Shrewsbury. Is that spot you went to by the bear steps? Those two stops always have lures on them and are good for Pokémon.
  22. I highly doubt it will be zero. With some time and planning and using resources like forums and that, two players could come into contact with each other. I would find it hilarious that like after two weeks of the games release, two players came across each other.
  23. Had a great session with a friend today. Hit up so many Pokestops, didn't catch many new Pokemon but managed to get ones so I could evolve a few. So used a lucky egg before doing that. Really nice day for it and hunting Pokemon by the river was fun. Even found a nice pub that is between two Pokestops so I know where I will be going for a drink or two.
  24. I have not been able to log in all day. Same for most people then? Just keeps saying "failed to log in" I was really enjoying this a lot but it is a huge mess since it launched.
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