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    SNES Mini

    Me and my brother played two player Donkey Kong Country. I never had the game when I was a kid and I don't think I ever played it but what a treat it was to play. Really fun once you understand what's going on, the music is sublime and I think it looks amazing. Too me one of the best looking game on the SNES. Just a joy to play.
  2. CactuarBill

    SNES Mini

    Yoshi's Island was a pleasure and an experience when I played it when it first came out. It will always be in my top favourite games of all time. Can't wait to get back into it again after such a long time.
  3. CactuarBill

    SNES Mini

    I went to the next town over and headed straight to Asda, they had none, didn't get any in yet. Then quickly headed to Smyth's, resigned to the fate that they probably didn't have any. So I asked and they had two left behind the desk. I am very happy right now. They only had 10 non pre orders in.
  4. I watched it when it came out in December last year and really loved it, one of my favourite films of the year. Also last night watched it again in IMAX and was great seeing it a second time. Emotional, funny, gorgeous animation and just a superb soundtrack. Just a wonderful film.
  5. Operation Genesis was a really great little game. Loved making a park, getting the tourists in and then letting the dinosaurs free to eat the guests.
  6. Just finished episode 5, which starts out really great. I love actually seeing them all together. Jessica Jones is the best character in it and I like Luke Cage being baffled by all the craziness. Though there is something just missing from the show that I cant figure out. I only recently got done watching the painfully dull Iron Fist so maybe that's sort of diminished this show.
  7. There is so much whining in this thread it is getting pretty tiresome. The constant critique of the show now is ridiculous. Be glad you even have the TV series because the final books seem like they'll never make it to print. Complaining how it is turning into a fantasy show without all the political stuff anymore, well when you have an army of the dead to defeat, no politics are needed. This has always been the end game for the books and the show. The show can't afford to waste time on stuff that was so good in the earlier seasons. The fantasy part of the show is at the forefront now, I am happy about that. Yes it feels like a different show than those first three or four seasons but there's a big reason for that. I am enjoying the final part of the ride.
  8. Please no more comment on fast travel. When you have 13 episodes to finish the show and a whole world created with many different characters scattered everywhere. You can't have a few episodes pass to signal a passage of time. You got to do it in one or two episodes. Most TV shows are settled in one location so I can see why it is jarring for people but I've come to accept it due to time restraint.
  9. I'm waiting for someone in the film to ask Bruce Willis "do you have a death wish?"
  10. Yeah it just can't take itself seriously. We have films like that, it just needs to be a bit over the top but entertaining. If it is Death Wish 3 level of good, we're in for a treat.
  11. I was interested just out of curiosity but having it a comedy is just stupid.
  12. The video log is the most terrifying thing ever. Like the quick cuts you see and the sound just work. Curiosity makes me want to watch the whole thing deleted scenes included but it works so well with the little you see.
  13. I'm all for fast travel. If Martin wrote the show then we'd have about 14 seasons before the end of the story.
  14. It really is a fantastic trailer and inspired music choice. A lot of work was put into that and I appreciate it. Also I feel like I will have to save a few episodes to watch on Halloween itself but I doubt I'll be able to wait.
  15. Fuck I'm in. Like it had the Delorean and Duke Nukem in it. Now if they had Duke drive the car, it would be amazing.
  16. I was shocked when I saw him, I bet he is so happy he got the part in Breaking Bad. Without that show, he'd still be background characters.
  17. She is his wife. They got married in Mission Impossible 3. So I guess they maybe are technically still married. I really liked their relationship in 3. Having rewatched it recently, I forgot how really good the film is. Past three films have been really excellent.
  18. Certainly it doesn't seem to be quality over quantity.
  19. There's nothing here to make anyone upgrade their console, let alone anyone to invest in one.
  20. Sims with zombies is pretty amazing.
  21. Yeah that was just like the BioShock Infinite E3 demo which was never actually the game you got.
  22. You have to buy the Porsche to play the game.
  23. Yeah I've met him and he is a really nice guy and you can tell that even just from his social media interactions. He knows how to play the social media game well. Give back to yours fans and they will keep you successful.
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