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  1. I'll be playing Resident Evil 2 before this segment ends.
  2. Anyone who played Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and loved that game, will probably love this. I still can't wait for it. If it's anything like that game, I'll be happy.
  3. I miss Tomb Raider when it wasn't about killing bad guys. Tomb Raider Arkham Jungle
  4. I'm in total shock, I loved his book and his shows. He had a life that I would want. Travel the world, eat amazing foods and meet wonderful people. It is a tragic loss.
  5. Regards to the possible plot of the third film
  6. At least he got arrested in Canada. Thanos will probably get an apology.
  7. I trust Shane Black with any new film that he does but everything about this seems weird and off.
  8. I'm exhausted after watching that and not due to tiredness. It starts with a bang and doesn't let up. Don't treat this as a standalone film. This is the true sequel to everything that has come before in the 10 years previous. So much to take in.
  9. You Only Live Twice is one of my favourites as of course is The Spy Who Loved Me. Both contain some classic and memorable Bond imagery.
  10. Me and a friend recently went halves on a rivals of Ixalan booster box and had three games of sealed. The format isn't as good as using standard decks and that but it is quite fun. I love trying to construct a deck with limited cards available.
  11. Got back from seeing it, I thought it was a really strong standalone film but not as good as Civil War and Ragnarok but it is a completely different film to them. It looks beautiful, costumes are great, I loved the score and has the best villain since Loki. Actually I would have enjoyed a whole film from the perspective of Killmonger. Michael B Jordan was superb.
  12. I saw this at the Toronto film festival before all the hype and didn't know anything about it beforehand. It is my favourite film of 2017. Was just a pleasure to watch, entertaining, hilarious and devastating.
  13. Crocodile Dundee literally is someone who has no concept of anything other than what he has learned about from the outback. The film has a great message, he is so naive about the world, yes there are jokes involving trans and gay characters which wouldn't be made today but the character of Dundee isn't racist or homophobic, he gets educated. The world is different to what he knows. He embraces what he sees and wants to learn more.
  14. I used to play this casually like 10+ years ago. I got speaking to a friend from work who said he has started playing it which gave me the incentive to get back into the game. So got myself a Kaladesh deck builder kit and then got some booster packs and have had some fun constructing decks. Right now it will just be causal games between friends but hopefully I'll aim for the next prerelease they have, because they seem really fun.
  15. If you haven't seen this yet, do yourself a favour, it is a good way of spending 28 minutes.
  16. Lucas giving away control was the best thing ever happen to Star Wars. You can argue if he gave it to the right people but that guy had lost it a long time ago and forgot what he originally created.
  17. I'll be seeing it again in over a week's time, so time to digest what I saw and see what it's like on second viewing. My favourite scenes were anything to do with Luke. A character that has such a weight of history on his shoulders and Hamil does a fantastic job with conveying that.
  18. I really don't know what to think. I'm not sure if it's tiredness or the quality of the film but I just don't know if I liked it. Has some really great stuff in it and visually looks amazing. While on its own it can be regarded as good, I don't think it makes you excited for what's to come.
  19. Apparently according to some, films are never allowed to be politically incorrect anymore. Just reading that somehow being non PC is a bad thing. I enjoyed the film but more I think on it, it is trash compared to the first film. Green screen everywhere which just makes it look cheap and will age badly. Pacing is the real issue though. Doesn't flow as well as the first.
  20. Two true facts The cinematography is absolutely beautiful. This has more of a story than the first film.
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