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  1. Mixed reviews here but I do really want to see it, I saw some good stuff on it so might catch it at the cinema if I have time or just wait for the dvd which is probably what I will do.
  2. I need to get back into this again but have been busy with other shows, I've seen the first 14 or so episodes of season 4 so are the new episodes season 5 now it's all very confusing.
  3. Though I have had loads of work on I've been on RPG Maker XP, a program to make those old looking type RPG's quite a lot of fun. I really want to get back into heavy gaming but it's been a while I currently have Warhammer Dawn of War add on Winter Assault which I need to play, well when I get some time free that is.
  4. When I first saw desperate housewives it looked like a live action version of the sims so I kept watching it but then it went downhill and didn't become very interesting.
  5. I only started playing online for a couple of months but been playing home games for the past four years I do find online much harder, I'm good at noticing bluffs in home games all I have to go with online is the people's bet amounts but then there a players who just bet random amounts which screws it up. I've won about £150 on poker up and down, not as much as some but to me it's a lot.
  6. Right now I'm in Uni so I buy all the things that appeal to me and that means a lot of different types of food mainly pies. You see something good you buy it and I just don't care how unhealthy it is. I would eat fruit myself but I never seem to buy it, I always go for snacks of crisps or cake (and no I'm not fat) I really want to balance healthy and fatty foods but I can't I just love eating too much, it's a disease.
  7. I liked the original a lot and really hated the sequel so why are they doing a third I have no idea, how much did the sequel make? If they couldn't come up with an original and interesting heist idea for the sequel there not going to come up with one for the thrid film.
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