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    Films, trying to pick a favourite is hard.
    Love TV a bit more nowadays it seems to be more creative. Love shows like 24, Lost, Scrubs, Heroes, Smallville (to an extent), The Shield and many more.

    Love my RPG's, massive FF fan (obvious due to my name/avatar), FF7 is my favourite.

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  1. My impressions is I love the look of the console, it's big, beastly and does stand out but I'm all for that. Though I don't have a wife that can complain so I don't have any issues.
  2. I think the console looks great in person, love the white and I like that it standa out. The Dualsense is wonderful, feels weighty and not cheap. Astros playroom is wonderful, only played a couple of levels but can't wait to play more. Also just started Spiderman and it looks amazing. Tomorrow will be a full day of gaming.
  3. I've made a mushroom wild area, I love the mush lamps, they are so awesome. I made like a Mario inspired mushroom kingdom area.
  4. Liking the yule log for the present for the new update, ordered more as you can customise it. Looking forward to all the Christmas items that are coming.
  5. I've ordered a lot from Amazon and normally I get all deliveries before 6pm.
  6. Shit, my amazon delivery is pushed back to 4pm to 7pm now. Its not gonna happen is it?
  7. Amazon finally updated, expected delivery between 2:45 and 5:45, very happy. Time for some lunch.
  8. Mine hasn't either. Hoping it updates in the next hour or so. We're in this together.
  9. I so want to see that notification. I'm gonna stress eat until then.
  10. Yeah no indication of when Amazon will be delivering mine. This is gonna be a long day if it's a late delivery.
  11. Amazon has taken my money, need that dispatch notice now. Exciting times right now, we'll all be looking out our windows tomorrow.
  12. Nothing from Amazon yet for me, this is gonna be a stressful day until they take that money out, if they do.
  13. Yeah also got the amazon email. I pay for prime so I better get it on Thursday.
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