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  1. Not really convinced by the dawning, especially as I’ve been baking cookies like a motherfudder and still have no good Glacioclasms to show for it. I really hope the crafting system improves upon weapon grinding.
  2. Just failed to get Flawless at game 7. My first KD under 1.0 on the card, and a 5-0 blowout. Why you do this to me game?
  3. Anyone playing Trials this week? I’m pleased it’s solo as I do have some trouble finding a consistent fireteam. I’d really like an Adept Messenger, so fingers crossed for RNG in matchmaking later.
  4. Does this stand up to modern play through, or has it aged badly? Was looking to get into Castlevania games, after being inspired by the TV series….
  5. Experience my pain. At max power (1330) I have 5 kinetics, 7 energies, 5 heavies, 5 helmets, 8 arms, 4 chests, 4 legs, and 0 (zero) class items. What the actual f^ck RNG hell is this.
  6. Yes! That is the roll I wanted. TBF, it’s hard to get a bad roll on it - but I managed to, twice. Both of mine got the perk which grants class item energy on guarding. I mean, why?
  7. Adept Icarus is the best mod, imo. Icarus plus ~5 range. That is a great combo. Adept Counterbalance is insanely awful: +5 recoil direction and -10 stability. Absolutely crazy. I also managed solo Flawless last night, ending the final round of the final game with a Fist of Havoc which killed the whole other team in the activating slam. The adept sword was awful, but I also got the Trials Ghost.
  8. Had some good games of solo Trials yesterday, and will try and have a good run on Monday night, once the Flawless players are out. It’s Cauldron, and quite flexible on load out, so saw people playing really effectively with Chaperone, fusions and snipers.
  9. It’s a bit of a tragedy. The weapon balance is actually very good at the moment (there will always be outliers), and stasis is nowhere near as bad as it was. At the same time, the teleporting and imbalanced lobbies are a travesty. Personally, I would favour the return of skill based matchmaking, but I’m aware that there will be many tears that the best players are having a hard time (welcome to the jungle mudderfudders), and we’ll go back to what we have now.
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