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  1. Netsounds Also, where do you live? I usually find at least one good record shop in every town.
  2. Seperate. I saw Holy Fuck play Nottingham last year.
  3. Apart from the thousands of bands from other countries both before and after Deep Purple that would fit that description perfectly.
  4. Disco Lunar Module (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix) - Alden Tyrell
  5. I really hate it when people bang on about London-centric "let's go to Waterloo and look at the sunset and then to Tesco to buy some value beans and smoke crack in our council flat" being really English. It's such romanticised bullshit.
  6. On vinyl they're just your usual car-boot fodder, but I think the first few can fetch a bit on CD. Nowt to get excited about, mind..
  7. I heartily agree with this. Death Angel's first few records are incredible.
  8. Why anyone would want a 32X is beyond me. I'd rather punch myself inside out than play on one.
  9. So, would this also work for the C64 and Speccy?
  10. Well of course that's it then. Thread over.
  11. My interest in the value of items has always been about knowing how much I should pay for an item for myself. I don't want to spend a tenner on something if I could get it off eBay for three quid, and of course I'll pay over my usual amount for something I'm unlikely to get for less elsewhere. It's very rare that I want to know the value purely for reasons of profit. I basically can't be arsed to eBay stuff all the time. I have better things to be doing with my time, y'know? It tends to be the case that if I don't like something I've bought at the boot, I trade it on here or at Computer Exchange. I rarely stop someone else enjoying a game for cheap by snatching it from the car boot when I don't personally think I'll like it. I am sometimes wrong though, and it turns out I hate a game or record. I only really buy games, vinyl and musical instruments.
  12. I got busted. Well, no, I didnt. My interest is primarily in whether something is good, over it's possible worth. I'm interested in old speccy games and the like, but have no idea where to start, and the value thing is more to do with knowing if I can sell them on to cover my costs, should it turn out that I don't like them. I don't really have enough money to throw at things without knowing what I'm buying. Buying stuff and selling it on if you find you don't like it, somehow seems better than buying up stuff with the sole intention of selling it on when someone else might possibly enjoy it. Perhaps I'm tripping. Oh, and you'll notice that what I asked for was a collector's guide, not a filthy trader's one. There's an important distinction there. I rarely buy anything just to sell, particular stuff I don't have any personal interest in. I probably shouldn't have been so ratty with Droo though. Bad morning, that.
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