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  1. Got my two wins quickly, a comeback 5-4 win followed by a win gifted by my next opponent. Reds were Aspas and Zouma, got Nkounku and Zouma in the TOTW pack so probably my best WL rewards this year.
  2. @Keiths_Dad I had planned on heading on for the two wins I need for my weekly 8 but won’t bother now, tomorrow should hopefully be better.
  3. I saw they were back in a different form. Not the same as having to build squads of each club in the leagues
  4. That 99 passing might come in handy for playing it wide to the full backs from a goal kick 😜
  5. League SBCs were a great way to get some decent packs, I also wish they’d return. As for Icons, out with the very best they just don’t have the appeal they used to due to all the random specials that are thrown out by EA early in the game cycle. They were much more fun to have and use early when the only specials around were IF and POTM cards. In fifa 18 I saved my coins for ages to get Socrates but just don’t have the urge to do that anymore. While it’s good being able to build powerful teams quickly, I do miss grinding out games with not so super players for a while, finding a good combo in a team until upgrades were possible.
  6. I had qualified on Monday/Tuesday and got access to the finals. After a morning on the game I need 2 wins from 7 games to get my usual 8 before stopping.
  7. Lozano IF is really good, burns most full back away once he’s got space. Another option to get all the defenders on full chem would be RTTF Mukiele at right back and gold Theo Hernandez at LB. Would be a fair bit cheaper overall as the IF Hernandez is very pricey.
  8. Messi might be an option for me as I’ve got Dybala and Simeone to get him linked, let us know how he goes for you. I’m not too far away coins wise so will see how I’m positioned after the weekend league. Di Natale is taking a while to drop in price so might put that one on the burner for now.
  9. The coin selling websites will be raking it in too.
  10. Got my Champions Finals access back, they must have been doing panicked fixing.
  11. That’s what I’ve been doing. Picking players that I feel will be fun to use while improving my results. If it doesn’t work, try someone else.
  12. Speaking of made up cards, I’ve found an absolute gem in the Rulebreaker Zaniolo SBC player. Yeah, he’s 3* 3* but his stats are really good and for 6’3” he can turn really quickly on the ball. Recommended for anyone rocking a Serie A squad just now. This is my current setup, the wingless wonders.
  13. Loaded up the Champions menu and it’s saying I need to get qualification points again despite me getting through the playoffs earlier this week. Absolutely brutal.
  14. My rivals and season rewards were rubbish 😑 . To wrap it up, I previewed a pack: Walkout,TOTW LW, Brazil....Benfica, Everton. Just for a second I thought I was getting a Neymar. As for the Numbersup promo, I saw this which looks an interesting theory.
  15. I’ve been looking at where I can improve my Serie A team and one of my dilemmas is that I really want IF Theo Hernandez to replace Spinnazola. Only thing, spending 180k on a left back just doesn’t seem right to me (even his gold is 26k which is a hefty amount compared to the 1.5k Spin is). Im now 450k into saving for Di Natale, his price is slowly coming down so some major luck with rivals rewards would be ideal. Every time I’ve played a team with him in it they’ve smashed me, enhancing my need to have him in my team. The season rewards for div 2 look decent, albeit untradeable.
  16. Yes, I’ve had him since it was released, 89 goals in 71 games, he’s brilliant. I suspect my relatively low number of headed goals is down to my technique rather than the player abilities.
  17. @Timmono success with headers yet for the Serie A POTM striker but a few close ones and 4 goals in 2 games from running at the defence.
  18. Managed to do him with mostly players from my club, nice cheap POTM. 99 jumping and heading will be handy for corners but I still haven’t got the hang of crossing from open play.
  19. I’ve been using 83 TOTW Vinicius (untradeable) as an impact sub, he’s so good to use against tiring defenders. Same with IF Diaz from Porto, I’ve have him since week 1 and is still really good.
  20. Managed to get my seven wins for the rivals reward boost, Div 2 is much more challenging than 3 was. Have EA said where we’ll reset to when the season ends? I’ve still got Arnautovic up top in my team, 72 goals in 59 games is a pleasing return, even if I have lost 46k on him it’s been worth it.
  21. Looks like it’ll be time for me to pick up Rulebreaker Kessie.
  22. My team feels pretty competitive in div 2, as @Pants McSkillsays, having some rock solid options at CDM really helps. Tonali and Vidal have been really good for me for a while now despite the relative cheapness. I try to defend with my midfielders, leaving the AI defenders to keep their lines and only taking over when really needed. Im finding this FIFA less pay to win than the last few years, finding that in the higher rivals divisions that I’m only getting undone by making mistakes. Keeping off the sprint button has been key so far, I’ve always been guilty of using it far too much other than when there’s space and it’s safe to do so. Currently sitting on just over 500k, waiting to see what my options are but my Serie A team is fun to use as well as being pretty meta.
  23. Could have pushed on for rank two but was going to be a long shot. Rewards were terrible.
  24. Once again, a poor 1-4 start to the WL, not helped by some dodgy server performance, I’ve recovered a bit to 4-5 so halfway to the usual rank target of 8 wins. Did the Gosens SBC on my phone last night and a rushed pick left me with the version that has boosted shooting rather than the defending which I should have gone for.
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