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  1. After all the waiting for Di Natale, since I packed him he’s been a bit underwhelming unfortunately. Same with Stoichkov so I suspect it’s my lack of ability to use them to their full effect. I’m tempted to sell Di Natale which would put me well over the magical million coin mark. One problem I’ve got is I’ve gone so Serie A heavy up to now that Im struggling to come up with any plan to change it. I’ve tried to avoid going down the meta French player route so far but that Benzema does look very tempting (now if only I’d done that Fekir SBC...)
  2. Got my 8th win with a game to spare. Only one win gifted to me all weekend after getting 4 last week. Got an 86 IF in the form of Trapp from my totw pack plus Berghuis. Some 84 fodder from the other pack so those may come in handy next time there’s an SBC I'm interested in.
  3. My luck tonight continues. Decided to risk 50k on a promo pack and got Di Natale, who I’ve been saving for since last month.
  4. Just packed an untradable baby Stoichkov in the latest flash SBC 🤩 with De Ligt hiding in there. Funny thing is, it was a Conmebol player that showed first on the app!
  5. 10 packs saved for tomorrow, including one TOTW. Sitting on 760k and ready to finally pick up Di Natale next week (unless something magical comes out of the saved packs or weekend league rewards)
  6. Ive done the latest ones, keeping the packs for tomorrow night when I’ll pack nothing good! Still have 799 players in my club 😆 When doing SBC, as a rule I cross reference my transfer list duplicates, it’s a good way to get those cleared.
  7. Do you build up coins on each account then just sell them players from your main for inflated prices?
  8. 100k tonight and still going! Futbin filters for gold rare 77-82 is very useful. With Inter winning tonight, RTTK Vidal will be getting upgrades soon so hoping they update his price range. I have two in my transfer list so holding onto those until he peaks. I’ve also got Tonali, and Milan could still go through if Klopp decides to rest players next time out amd the other group game goes their way.
  9. Cheers for the alert @Pants McSkill, I’ve been on a selling spree, loads of easy coins made tonight from my mountain of players. I have one of the totw packs ready for Friday. Fingers crossed it’s not pish.
  10. RTTK watch for me tonight involves wanting a Juve win (sorry to any Chelsea fans in here) to confirm double boosts for De Ligt. He’ll be a monster of a CB when he gets it.
  11. Managed to get 5 playoff wins earlier but not before I blew two games in a row trying to play keep ball late on when holding a tight lead. It does feel wrong to play in such a dickish way but it’s win at all cost to get into the finals. Revised my team a bit to be less open by playing three CM, seems to have done the trick and helped me get back to winning ways. Been using RTTK Vidal as the stay back with Tonali and RB Kessie as box to box. The latter two have chipped in with a few goals and link play well. Waiting for the weekend to see where Di Natale is at as I’ve got more than enough coins for him but don’t want to spend too much so hoping he drops even more around and after Black Friday.
  12. I didn’t enjoy the weekend league in the slightest this weekend after finding it good last time out. Like others, my passing has gone to shit, need to make an adjustment.
  13. Had a fairly shit day on champs, need one win from three games to get rank 3, been gifted 3 wins so far so it’s been a struggle.
  14. I have a couple of Vidal RTTK on my transfer list (plus the one I use in my team), hoping that Inter play well next week and sell in the hype.
  15. Marquee matchups has been decent for me. Tradeable Son, Kimpembe and IF Shaquiri. Some Lyon, Marseille, Milan and Fiorentina players are going for good amounts just now, check your clubs.
  16. Played someone earlier with what must have been around a 6m starting 11 but managed to shut them all down, except for one player. Played my best first half of the season to go into the break 5-2 up and thinking that promotion to div 3 was wrapped up. Then it all started to go wrong and I just couldn’t stop Mbappe who scored his 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the game (I just couldn’t get near him) to make it 5-5 on the 80th minute. Somehow, I managed to cool it down and a further 2 goals in 6 mins forced the rage quit. 😅 When I don’t sprint too much and keep off the through balls I’ve been playing really well recently but those bad habits always seem to creep in when the pressure is on.
  17. Took a few games to get to grips with NumbersUp Insigne but when it clicks, he’s really good. Once his pace and other stats are boosted he’ll be insane.
  18. I’ll be giving him a try tomorrow morning, will give my feedback.
  19. Simeone is good, if he’s in space to get his head on the end of a cross it’s a goal. Edit: quite similar to Arnautovic with less height. The 3* weak foot can be troublesome when his stamina is low, same with passing but if he’s got room away from defenders he’s awesome. Holds off defenders with ease and is clinical in the box.
  20. Managed to do him with only having to spend 9k, used my fodder for the rest.
  21. I’ll be checking futbin regularly between now and the weekend. Need all the coins I can to go towards Di Natale.
  22. Just noticed that OTW Malen has gone up to 47.5k on PS4, glad I held onto him now after almost selling when he was 25k. Sergio Ramos OTW is also up, currently 77k.
  23. I did about a dozen, got a NumbersUp Hummels and gold Alexander-Arnold.
  24. Servers were good this morning for me so managed to get enough playoff wins to get into the finals. 6k Cavani was the best of the packs but it means the chance of a TOTW Mbappe is on!
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