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  1. I had some right twats on the Winter Wonders friendly earlier, I just play keepball until they have enough and quit.
  2. I need one more for the ultimate pack, will grind Silver Stars tomorrow.
  3. Amazing how cheap his base is this year, I bought him to do objectives then sold on later for no loss of coins, madness!
  4. Got the 85 x 10. Wildcard Maignan, who I’ve now got in goal, IF Mahrez with the rest big league 85s. This is how my team is currently looking. Arnautovic still does the business off the bench when called upon but I am tempted to get an icon striker in so that Chiesa can go back out wide right as his CL card is better than Rulebreaker Dembele.
  5. I was hoping for a Token SBC tonight but nothing appeared. Need three rivals wins with a minimum of 7 prem players in the starting lineup to get one so will have to be that method to finish the 85 x 10
  6. The new Zlatan looks incredible. Extinct on PS4 so I’ve no idea how much he’s going for. Im needing one more token for the 85 x 10, will wait until tomorrow for the next SBC
  7. I had some duplicate untradeable players in my unassigned so just chucked them into the draft SBC to get the wildcard token and open up my packs.
  8. Best I got for div 1 season rewards was gold Ruben Diaz, will come in useful at some stage for either objectives or an SBC. My. Lib is starting to get very overloaded, currently on 1094 players with the transfer list back up to 85 items. Seeing as I’ve used gold Cuadrado since the start of the game it felt only right to pick up his TOTW and the boosts are noticeable. About time that Serie A got a properly good special right back. Managed 6 wins in the playoffs this week, the final win being on penalties after a nail biting 5-5 draw. The gameplay seemed pretty good and with it being smooth I even managed a 10-0 win earlier. Somehow the expected goals was 5.4 so I’m at a loss on how that was worked out.
  9. Rulebreaker Dembele from my party bag! I bought him for my team weeks ago so that’s a nice 400k
  10. I’ve got 1500 qualifying points, hopefully those carry over to the new season.
  11. I’m still working on the icon swaps. One more squad battles game to win then will hit the champs playoffs to get the full set. It’s made me realise why I stopped playing offline, it’s so dull.
  12. Seems they have clarified what is going on. They’re making it easier to qualify which is good, as well as dropping the rivals points required to enter the playoffs. Means I can enter without having to play any more rivals this week since I’ve got 1500 sitting from the last weekend league.
  13. IF Barella and Delaney plus Winter Wildcard Milinkovic-Savic from weekend league rewards, my best yet. Just need 4 champs wins for the next token then the 5 squad battles objectives to do.
  14. Nice one @Timmo, I’ll be having a full day of grinding icon swaps tomorrow, should have 8 tokens by then. Ive been using mid Nedved as a striker alongside Benzema, he reminds me of when using Ben Yedder in the past, the 5 star weak foot really comes in handy to finish half chances.
  15. Managed to play 11 weekend league games today, won 6 which is a good return. I normally just go for 8 then give away wins in whatever’s left over but will be going all out in the lot to get as close to the token as possible. Then it’ll be onto the playoffs again to try and get whatever’s needed.
  16. @Timmois right about the squad battles, it’s so dull to play, especially with rubbish players like I’ll be doing for the Eredivisie as I have none of the objective or SBC players. Good shout on the Argentina silvers, I only had three but loads of them in the libatartadore/sudamerica clubs so I’ll be able to do that first owner/silver/Argentina in one fell swoop.
  17. I had a few games where they kept playing after I scored but in the whole it’s been fine. PL and Serie A objectives done, just la Liga to go before the squad battles grind.
  18. Same, will be useful for icon swaps I suppose.
  19. Icon Swaps are live, usual grind of squad battles and friendlies.
  20. I made some more changes to fit in untradeables I packed. Bought Nedved for the 5 star WF and he’s been really good as a striker for me. Also bought Alisson to get VVD to 10 chem. Sadly it means Vidal is out for the first time in ages but Capoue is a fine replacement.
  21. Vidal is maxed out now and with a shadow style his stats are amazing across the board, he’s staying in my team for the foreseeable future until I really need to make a change. De Ligt is another, his already good defending stats have all gone up and shadow gives him 90 pace. Politano does look really good now, not enough to displace Chiesa from my team but will definitely be going on the bench.
  22. In other madness, they’re after an 82 squad for an old Real Madrid kid. Remember the good old days of the catalogue with loads of classic kits?
  23. I’m not bothering with the POTM Vini, might just bring in the 85 inform or the CL and see how he goes compared to the 83 IF that I’ve had since week 1.
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