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  1. Got to 11 wins in my final champs game. Red Immobile and St Juste from my picks, the rest of the rewards were poor with nothing over 84, including the tradeable TOTW players. Really good fun having Messi and Neymar in my team, those two create chances I don’t normally make so well worth the coins. If the rumours of a Flashback Varane come true I’ll be plotting the route to get Mbappe in. Sitting on 600k with quite a few specials that could see me doubling that at least but going to stick with what I have just now.
  2. I’ve played 10, won 6. Only giving away wins if losing heavily as I need as many wins as possible for an icon swaps token.
  3. Armed robbery! Although his shooting appears to be dogshit
  4. Changed things up a bit more. @Keiths_Dad, you’re right about gold Neymar being more special than his already amazing stats suggest. I’ve got him as right CAM in a 4222 and now I’ve got the feel for how he plays I’m creating so many more chances. Vidal is still a top performer in my team, he’s so good defensively which frees up Renato to be a box to box centre mid. I’m slowly starting to find Stoichkov to struggle against top defenders but until I can get someone that fits for chemistry he’s staying (play left CAM in game). Missing WW Spinnazola a bit at at left back as he’s definitely better than TOTGS Cancelo, who is still no slouch. Having Cuadrado and Neymar on the same side in games has been great, 5 star skiller link up
  5. I’ve found “the guide” on YouTube to be pretty decent for tutorials that show you how to do stuff and just as importantly, when. This one is good, fairly comprehensive.
  6. I’m currently spamming any league SBCs to build up packs for TOTY (not that I’m expecting to pack any of them but at least this clears out space on my transfer list a bit
  7. Wish they’d made a mistake with the base/mid when I got bloody Baresi!
  8. Picked up Messi to try for around 300k, means I can keep my favoured backline and CDMs while trying out Icardi (who seems to come to life with his little countryman to play off up top). Keeping my eyes on Ginola who is dropping rapidly (heroes pick SBC is meant to be on the way) and who I’ve been dying to try since release. This means for the first time ever in FUT, I’ve had Messi and Ronaldo in my team at some stage before EA start throwing the high rated cards at me late in the cycle. They’ve never been as easily accessible as now in the 6 and a half years I’ve been playing FUT.
  9. Did Icardi, he’s showed glimpses of quality in the 7 games I played earlier but I’ve been experimenting with a single CDM so maybe not the best time to judge. I’m currently plotting my next move with 1.3m in coins saved. I’ve got enough for 92 Neymar or Ginola but thinking about just trying out gold Neymar at first as either the first two would be a bit of a big coin sink into one player.
  10. I had multiple versions of Icardi in the season the flashback is based on, very tempted to do him as he’d likely fit the way I play. Currently plotting an alternative team and tempted to try this. Makalele looks as good as the highest rated Kante but cheaper and offers icon links. Would also mean I can finally use the Renato that’s been sitting unused for ages. Crespo and Icardi up top would make crossing a very good option again, both have power header traits. Thoughts?
  11. I’ve found Tuesday or a Wednesday to be the best time to try and qualify but maybe I’ve just been lucky.
  12. I’ve had Mid Nedved for a while. His 5 star weak foot is really good and he can play anywhere from LM to ST. I’ve also had baby Stoichkov for ages and I play him as the left CAM in a 4222. Shooting and dribbling are very good and I’d imagine the mid or prime would be a big upgrade on the base version I have as an untradeable. Did the 8 token base/mid earlier, got 91 Baresi which is sadly hampered by 69 pace despite some amazing defensive stats
  13. Did a mid icon SBC and got Ferdinand. No exactly what I was looking for but I’ll give him a try as it opens me up to other options at full back rather than just the Serie A options I’ve been using up to now. Sitting on 6 icon swap tokens, just need to win 4 more with a silver championship team to have enough to roll the dice on the base/mid icon pack.
  14. I had mid Socrates in fifa 18 or 19, he was a game changer at the time, could finish pretty much anything.
  15. I can get up to 10 tokens with what I had left from the first lot so best I can get is a mid icon so will go for that or maybe base/mid plus the 81+ x 25
  16. Been back on icon swaps today, completed the Ligue 1 objectives token with little fuss, only one opponent kept playing after I took the lead but just needed to score thankfully. Set my tactics to constant pressure which can prevent kick off goals but did result in losing a number of games, still, golden goal makes it not too annoying. Cant say I’m looking forward to the championship squad battles on world class, my club is severely lacking in players from there.
  17. I seem to be fortunate to have some heading monsters as I rarely concede those. Can’t quite get it working for myself at the other end of the pitch though
  18. Glad I gave it a miss, played three rivals games earlier which were super laggy
  19. I was 6-1 in the playoffs but lost the last three. Rewards were rubbish as usual but glad to have finals access ready for when I fancy it. Going to give this weekend a miss, only Kante would improve what I have so will likely see what comes in the next totw. Scored a nice goal in the playoffs too, Chiesa ducks at the right time
  20. I’ve been looking at more icons, 90 Crespo looks like a good fit for how I play and well within my budget. Any thoughts on him?
  21. The Felipe Anderson objective was reasonably straightforward, just a couple of opponents who didn’t do golden goal or quit after a couple went in.
  22. Winter Maignan has been really good for me, the only distribution he does in my team is to get the ball safely, risk free, to a defender 😆
  23. I’m aiming for 9. If I get there I’ll give away the rest.
  24. 6-6 in the weekend league so far, should be 8-4 but I threw away two winning situations in a row so stopped playing for the day. I’ve learned to stop when I get annoyed with the game whereas in the past I’ve kept pushing on after losses. Brought in Di Natale for it, partnering Chiesa up top with Nedved and Stoichkov at CAM in a 4222.
  25. Wanted to wish a happy new year. Today people don't spend time on personal words to friends, they copy & paste a random message. After all we've been through this year I want to wish you a happy 2019 you’re the best Sunday 5 aside football group anyone could ask. Regards, Cedric
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