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  1. Guitar Hero 3 : Rawk on!
  2. AlfromSleep


    The demo of SWOS has certainly put me off buying it, rose tinted glasses were well and truly removed by it
  3. Not completed a game in ages, think COD2 was the last. Mostly playing ganes such as PES which have no real 'ending' take up most of my gaming time. Got Halo 3 and Bioshock just for the sake of owning them really. Guitar Hero 3 will get a lot of time though sicne its such good fun. Family life = less gaming time + lots of other shit!
  4. I did think that was the case and was chancing it but the guy wouldn't even check with them.
  5. AlfromSleep

    FIFA 08

    I remember when he played for Livingston, was gash!
  6. Walked past Gamestation last night and saw a poster about them selling COD4 for £24.99 but they were sold out. Thought I'd go to Game to get them to price-match the price I saw elsewhere but they said they would not match Gamestation's prices. Anyone else heard of this or was the guy just being a wanker?
  7. Nowadays I just have to walk from my desk at work to do the same,only quicker than Shenmue takes to load. Shame I'm not allowed to race the other forklifts in the area here!
  8. Megadrive....... Street fighter 2 : Champion Edition....... M.Bison....... Can't beat him........... Sticker of him from CVG gets stuck to bed and stabbed many times with 6" bladed lock knife in a crazed voodoo type fashion Also, PES when I'm losing online and the missus feels the urge to talk throughout the match makes me start to lose the head in-game. Cue masses of fouls and red cards. She doesnt even realise that I'm seething!
  9. I don't really understand all the hate for this game (360 version). It's a big step up from PES6, the gameplay is much improved, the only thing bugging me so far is the replay frame rate issue (maybe patchable?). Not ventured online yet but if its laggy now, the enevitable patch should sort things out, just like last year. I didn't play pes6 online from the start but never encountered any lag problems in a good few months of play from January to August
  10. I know one person who had a SAM Coupe, what a steaming turd that was! He waited ages for it to be release and the only game was far too hard and took years to load!
  11. NFL Fever 2004 on the Xbox is the best Gridiron game I've played, thats from someone who started playing them when the original Madden came out
  12. Saw Xleague tv or whatever its called and found some of the gamers on it to be really annoying. Acting like they are stars coz they are good at games. Keep gamin fun I say, don't take it so seriously! These guys obviosly don't have families or much of a life away from the monitor/tv
  13. ISS Pro Evolution was my most payed game for years. Nights that used to go on and on and on with multiplayer battles until someone fell asleep!
  14. Cheers, got the update but my charger is at home, doh!
  15. How do I update my firmware via USB? I've only ever updated it in the past with games but have downloaded the demos and wanna change the firmware. I've search for tips but found none so far
  16. Posted by Play on Monday, funny though, I had no money in the bank to cover it until today!
  17. Fight Night Round 3 is a brilliant game and probably the best EA have come out with in years IMO
  18. Think I'll just get the old Megadrive set up instead
  19. speak to the captain of the Bruma guard, should be in the great hall somewhere and he'll give you permission to search Jearls house. Go there and the other spy will be in the house.
  20. After killing loads of Imperial Legion guards I was invited to join the Brotherhood. Means I have a save haven to go to when EVERY guard in the kingdom is after me (like they are now!) My nice silver warhammer is good for smashing some heads!
  21. Prefer Eyehategod to Crowbar and Will Haven personally. Best of all though, were Iron Monkey, the Nottingham based noisecore gods!
  22. Get PES5, it is, IMO, the best game on the PSP. Takes a little bit of time to get used to the controls (dont use the dpad!) and the frame rate but once ajusted (about 2 games or so) its a dream! I play it going to and from work every day and at lunchtimes - a great time-passer!
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