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  1. I’d think he would work there but definitely excels more in a central role. I have 34 goals in 34 games at striker but when called upon he is good at getting the ball back due to his size and strength (despite what seems like poor tackling stats).
  2. Totally forgot to mention that I packed TOTY Mendy as an untradeable this morning. I’d need to do another overhaul to use him but having Donnarumma makes it low priority. Unless I get to work on Varane as well…
  3. I ended up with some good fodder, Sterling untradeable twice so will have to quick sell recover one after putting the other one into something, couple of 87s and three low informs. I’ve also noticed that weekly rivals base reward is now 4 wins, 8 wins for the reward upgrade.
  4. I find it really hard to string together more than two wins in a row at 1:1, must be my ceiling, which I’m fine with as I know I can compete pretty well in champs.
  5. Got to within one win of Elite earlier (via the win streak) but came up against a four TOTY and four icon opponent who knew what they were doing and smashed me to bits. Don’t know if I can be bothered to try and grind my way to Elite glory before the season is up
  6. I’m going to give Rulebreaker Dante a try instead of mid Ferdinand. Rio has better defensive stats but Dante has high def and low att work rates which I prefer.
  7. I took Rulebreaker Dante, looks pretty good. As Timmo says, this is good content.
  8. I’ve now completed this starting 11. Renato goes to right back and TOTY Hakimi becomes an incredible box to box centre mid in my trusty 4222. Base 99 pace feels so much quicker than a chem style boosted 99 but it’s probably just my brain tricking me 😁
  9. From the TOTY SBC tonight. Only did it for the future stars token too
  10. I’m half looking forward to being back to division 3, sometimes more fun than the Div 1 grind.
  11. Lost count of how many packs I’ve opened in the last few days, means my club has had a good clear out though. Still waiting in hope for a TOTY but not holding my breath.
  12. Time to stop grinding SBCs, I’m just getting annoyed now with all the crap I’m packing!
  13. I’m giving champs a miss this week, nothing in the TOTW is of any interest so will save my entry for another time. I’ve still not sold some of my Serie A favourites but considering going a bit more open with my players to be able to bring Mbappe into the fold. In game. Might be risky using Socrates as a centre mid but his strength and size hopefully make up for his poor defensive ratings. I used to play his mid version in a similar role in a previous FIFA. Decisions, decisions Sold mid Nedved, he was a great addition at the time but Neymar are Messi are much better.
  14. I’ve been clearing out my low rated golds by doing upgrades with a few high rated fodders packed but in the main, it’s all rubbish that’s just getting recycled into more challenges.
  15. Some of the TOTY players have plummeted in value. Hakimi, who looks incredible, is 500k less than his 1.3m peak two days ago.
  16. I’ve been playing Messi as a CAM or ST in a 4222 and he’s unreal, seems to be able to get away from any defender with some quick direction changes. Found him better than Neymar (who is also really good) but since I don’t do a huge amount of skills I did expect this. In other news, Prime Socrates is a huge icon upgrade on the baby Stoichkov I’ve had since October. Using him a a target man up top the strength opens up so many opportunities to bang in shots from distance or play one or the other attackers in.
  17. I did think about Cordoba a while ago but was put off a bit by his height, presuming that’s not really an issue then? One thing I have considered is to keep in Cuadrado, get the 88 versions of Desailly and Matthaus then switch their positions in game.
  18. Any suggestions on what I should do with the gaps in this? I have a Serie A triangle (Vidal, Skriniar and Cuadrado) there at the moment but want to change it up a bit. I have 700k just now but could probably get close to 1.75m with players that I can sell off. I like a 4222 in game so with Renato being the box to box I’d like the other CDM to be a rock.
  19. Did the mid/prime SBC for something to do.
  20. Finished off icon swaps earlier to get 81+ x 25. Best players were gold Kane and TAA plus a few 85s and a bunch of duplicate 83 & 82 rated. Building back up slowly after using almost all of my high rated gold players in a mid icon pack. Going to start putting in some of my objective and SBC specials into them in future as I’ve got plenty of them that don’t get played much.
  21. This. I’ve held onto anyone with high ratings in anticipation of Varane.
  22. He’s untradeable and my best keeper that fits in the team 😑
  23. My keeper did this which cost me a champions game yesterday 😬
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