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  1. Did a couple of icon SBCs today. Prime for 8 swap tokens gave me Zanetti and the prime upgrade threw out Hugo Sanchez. Zanetti does look good but no chance he displaces Hakimi at RB. Sanchez on the other hand will get a run in my team ahead of Icardi. There’s not much in it but Hugo is a legend so hopefully he’s good. 

  2. I took a two week break from online play which seems to have got my mojo back for playing the game. No connections issues for me fortunately but have heard from a lot having problems with it. 

    In team news, I picked up Europa League Denayer a few weeks back for 110k and after Lyon securing qualification tonight he’s up to 250k so for a change an investment has paid off. Helps that he’s very good in game too. 

    After building up fodder, I’m planning on doing a couple of icon SBCs this weekend, please give me Ronaldo! 

  3. 19 hours ago, kthxbliz said:

    Dani Alves looks incredible - Nice pull! 

    He’s really good, even on 7 chem from left back in my starting XI. Switches to right mid in a 352 so that I can play Hakimi at CM. 


    Weekend league rewards were rubbish, best TOTW or red were both versions of the same player. 

    One more token and I’ll do the 86+ x 7 swap tonight then evaluate what I’ll do next with my team. Should have enough fodder after it to complete a mid/prime pack. 

  4. 57 minutes ago, MardiganX said:

    Yeah, you can go fuck your self mate. You are this seasons @gooner4life :lol:


    Incredible drops from you though, well done!!

    Aye, definitely my best year for pack luck. Allan and Alves dropped at the right time for me to upgrade my team. 

    Alves is in at left back on 7 chem in place of TOTGS Cancelo, Hakimi is too good to drop from RB. 

  5. 23 hours ago, klargon said:

    Not entirely sure, but we're only up to FUT 16 - I assume they'll go all the way to 21.  There's one coming in a pack I think, and the rest are in objectives.  12 swaps so far.  24 in total, isn't there?  I ended up with 4 or 5 future stars ones left over - I think they actually missed a token for that, so I couldn't use them for anything!

    Im on 11 tokens after taking the risky 100k pack in the store. Ended up being a massive win though when Dani Alves walked out. 

  6. I quite enjoyed using standard silver teams but totally agree that they’ve ruined silver stars. 

    11 hours ago, klargon said:

    The sterling silver friendly is so poisonous that I’m getting people messaging me at the start of games to tell me they don’t need any more wins, then go on to obliterate me. They’ve basically killed silver stars for the rest of the season. Such a shame


  7. I’m not bothering with packs this time, will save them up for a high rated icon. 

    Got started earlier, 4 games towards a combo of Silver, German and first owned as well as silver beasts at the same time. I’m only playing against the weak squads, can’t be bothered with a slog against the high rated opponents. 

  8. 1 hour ago, klargon said:

    It’s different for everyone, but I wonder if the forwards are a bit similar, and you could do with a pacey dribbler or something up there.

    Looks like Ben Yedder is getting POTM so I may wait to see if that happens. He’d be an ideal fit. 

  9. Ive been struggling to put together any decent runs of Rivals wins since the last patch, especially when it comes to creating chances. Happens every year it seems.

    I’m considering a 4312 like this to see if it cures my woes. David is the cheap option up top, I could raise enough coins for gold Mbappe but would clear out a lot of my fodder. 


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