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  1. Retro Bowl by @sireadfrom here is out now on iOS/Android. 5 game trial for free and it’s only 99p to open up the whole game. Good wee game just like the New Star titles.
  2. His Xbox account will be the only way I get to use a TOTY player, I’ve kinda given up on my PS4 club after losing interest over Christmas.
  3. My son strikes again Premier league upgrade pack
  4. Yeah but if the options are available I’ll go with two holding midfielders. Quite like the look of TOTGS Partay to go alongside Vidal. I have FUTMAS Williams on the bench.
  5. Any thoughts on what I should do around this? Sell Mbappe and beef up some of the other positions? I’m open to position changes as I normally change formation in game anyway.
  6. Wonder if we’ll get the Jesus SBC at 6pm... Oh, and purely based on defending stats, this shows how good Futmas Vidal is
  7. That Vidal SBC has made me finally get round to changing my defence and keeper from Prem to La Liga. I’ve got 70k left with Auba, IF Ndidi and a few others to sell
  8. @BaringI always aim my goal kicks to the full backs, with a small amount of power and hold the finesse shot button to keep the trajectory low. If I’m on defensive and they’re deep it’s a ground pass to the full back that’s closest, I never use the centre backs as a target.
  9. Think I’ll pick it up for that price, I like the mobile version but the IAP are a pain.
  10. Cheers, I’ll give it a download as @nakamuratwitter posts about Winning 11 has been making me want a change from Fifa
  11. I noticed PES is on game pass, before I download it, how is 1v1 local play on it?
  12. 442 until I get to grips with the game then switch to 4222
  13. Made another change after selling Scream Bernard. Auba and Vardy swap positions at kickoff.
  14. He’s insanely good. Two games, 6 goals (5 on his debut) with the second game being a rage quit at 3-1 when he’d scored and missed a penalty. Runs away from everyone and seems like a shot on target equals a goal.
  15. New starting XI, down to 65k but I’ve got plenty players to sell to build my coins back up.
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