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  1. I’ve been using 433(3) switching to 4231 (wide) in game with these custom tactics (pinched off a YouTuber) which have been getting me good results the last couple of days Full backs and CDMs (CDMs cover centre) set to stay back, ST stay forward with get behind, CAM free roam on balanced but set to get into the box for crosses. If I’m not having any problems with the opponents playing wide I’ll change the full backs to balanced attacking.
  2. This. Talisca and Lucas are normally starting to run out of steam around the 70 minute mark so I bring on subs based on what I need at that stage of the game. Makes a big impact if chasing a tight lead or trying to hold on to one. My main super sub this year has once again been Ousmane Dembele. When he’s fresh against tiring defenders he causes loads of problems with his pace, dribbling and 5 star weak foot ability. Since I brought in Fabinho, Allan is on my bench and comes on if some midfield steel is needed. That Guilavogui also looks like he’d fit the bill for the same as I can’t see me getting loads of the swap cards for Pedro or the decent packs.
  3. I was trying it yesterday and today. Got to 5 goals courtesy of Naldo and loan POTM Reus. Should have got a couple more but had two given as own goals despite being well on target before going in off the defenders. Even tried moving Naldo up front when ahead but it didn’t work very well due to his lack of mobility and pace.
  4. Update 1.04 is now live, it’s supposed to nerf the annoying timed finesse from long range. https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/fifa/fifa-19/news/fifa-19-pitch-notes-patch-3
  5. I’ve stopped conceding as many edge of the box finesse shots after narrowing my formation and not playing as deep but still suffering from the odd one here and there like @Pants McSkillclip. Fabinho and Son have been excellent additions to my team in rivals today. Big Fab seems to get in the way of everything and being tall stops high balls. Still trying to get to grips with Son but have knocked in a few bangers so all good!
  6. Brought in Son and Fabinho, time to start shooting from everywhere when attacking down the left
  7. Not planning on moving away completely from Brazil so could fit in CL Son (or normal version which is still amazing for under 30k) by slightly altering my formation and making some positional changes to keep full chem on everyone. He looks amazing so pretty tempting. I’ve used loan Neymar 7 times and he’s never done much for me so probably not worth the coins.
  8. Trying to resist spending any of my 1m until Black Friday. Almost caved in just now for 86 Anderson but managed to stay strong and will keep going with Taison for a bit yet. How are you guys who have him find him so far? The shooting aspect looks amazing for a left mid/wing, especially compared to Costa whose finishing was a bit hit and miss when I had him before. This is my current plan for upgrading my team, will probably go for Alex Sandro instead of Telles when his price goes down. Naldo (my old FTL fave) is damn good in this, although his pace stats don’t look that good his long strides seem to help him catch up with some of the paciest forwards (he handled baby R9 with ease in a rivals game earlier). Not expecting anything special from my pre order packs (can’t remember packing anyone good from them last year either) so it’s the waiting game until Thursday again to see if anything usable or valuable drops as I refuse to buy packs with coins or points this game.
  9. Managed to get gold 3 with a win in my final game. After extra time. With loan Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar (goes against my principles to use them most of the time) not helping much it took supersub Ousmane Dembele to change the game with an assist and the crucial goal to give me a two goal cushion. After vowing to take a few weeks off the weekend league I’m now glad I made myself angry and stressed just to get more virtual coins and (maybe) better football players
  10. Totally agree, wired all the way for me. 35k from 1m now, should be there some point next week. I’m in no rush to spend it until BF except that I plan on getting that 86 Felipe Anderson to finally get Taison (very good for a cheap player) out of the LW spot.
  11. 40k from 1m, time to get a load of golds listed
  12. Takes a lot to impress @Jerecit seems, needs to be a hat trick every game
  13. I’m currently 9 wins and 8 losses. At one point it was 3-7 but after a break went on a crazy, unheard of, 6 game winning run where I scored 25 goals and only conceded 5. The success came to halt when I came up against one of the best players I’ve ever encountered. Held him to a 3-1 defeat, not helped by a Gabriel Paulista first half red for 2 innocuous yellows.
  14. I’d been on Firminho watch today and his value is now levelling out after a gradual increase so might be a good idea to offload asap,@Keiths_Dad

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