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  1. I’ve still got 9 games left of the Rijkaard and Desailly loans for the next WL, they definitely contributed to my 17 wins and wish I had the full versions!
  2. Madden Ultimate Team weekend league is now going to start on Thursdays. Hopefully FIFA might go the same way, but with the extra day preferably being Monday.
  3. I always finish the WL wondering where the losses went then realise that for all the close defeats I have equally close wins so I guess it all balances out. I need to get off to a better start on the Fridays, that’s when I usually have my worst run. Hoping that the addition of Sandro, Chiellini and Dybala help with that. I think my biggest problem is trying to push forward too much in games, it’s hard to resist doing it, especially when losing.
  4. Thats my territory for a run without a win, did you manage to turn it around?
  5. Nice one! I missed out on the promo so waiting for the next round of them to appear
  6. Did some concepts and ended up with this. Got Chiellini,Dybala and Sandro on bids for a fair bit under the Futbin lowest BINs. Will see how this goes in the next weekend league, need 15 wins for gold 3 monthly.
  7. Yep, hes my go to sub when my midfielders start to run down their stamina
  8. I’ve got 300k and this squad, any thoughts on improvements? Considering a switch to 4222 with the addition of Dybala as the second CAM with Mertens.
  9. Needed one win to get gold 3 and I come up against the weakest squad of the whole weekend. My players are like slugs and his are whippets. Lost 5-3, fucking typical!
  10. Get those Lille players up for transfer, going for good coins because of the latest year of the dog SBC
  11. Time wasting with 20 to go would have set me off in a rage! I’m guilt of doing it myself but only if I’m struggling to hold a lead in the final 10 minutes.
  12. rllmuk FC

    I’d be up for that too
  13. I’m finding goals harder to come by this weekend. 11 wins from 28 games so far so enough to get into next week but I’m not feeling like I’m getting any better at the game. Might rebuild a new team once the WL is finished, maybe I need a freshen up with some new players.
  14. Manolas and Matuidi to step in when the loanees expire. Not sure whether to use them from the start and save the icons for my last 20 or try to get off to a better start.

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