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  1. One swap player away from the icon (just need to win two squad battles with an American scorer in each). I’ve pretty much lost any real will to play the game though so once I’ve got the prime it’s likely to be endgame.
  2. Played some Volta today (offline) and it seems like a fun game type. As for the main game, my half dozen games of rivals have been enjoyable, the beta build definitely plays better than 19. I’ll no doubt cave in and get it preordered again for early access.
  3. Same for me, I’ve never paid for Fifa points so it makes the trading grind more fulfilling.
  4. Road to Glory. Building a team without buying any packs with real money.
  5. Same. We all must have got identical packs as I keep coming up against the same teams there or thereabouts
  6. He got two of the 10 goals for me, Zlatan was much more effective.
  7. Now up to date with all the swaps, POTM Martinez was worth doing to partner flashback Zlatan up top from the bench.
  8. I need to get stuck into Rivals with Zlatan as a super sub. 8 goals left and I’m up to date with the swaps so far.
  9. Although I barely play at the moment, I had over a million coins to burn so picked up 91 ST Mbappe and TOTS Pepe, so will make attacking fun when I hit the weekly objectives for swap deal cards.
  10. Prime icon for 10 swap players in August.
  11. I have one tradeable TOTW left in the form of Alisson. Bought him for 39k ages ago and he’s currently 53k so might as well take the profit seeing as I no longer use him.
  12. I took untradeable rivals rewards, gold De Gea and a MOTM Laporte were the highlights.
  13. Completed my first Icon SBC in the form of Kluivert. Stuck a Hunter on him and he looks like he’ll fit well into my team alongside 94 Neymar (who I’ve got on an unheard of for me tally of 24 goals in 13 rival games)
  14. After revamping my team following a spell in the doldrums, I’ve won 7 out of 9 rivals matches today (1 loss, 1 draw). 94 Neymar has been outstanding with 13 goals and 4 assists in those games. Thiago Mendes has also been a great acquisition, the guy is an amazing box to box midfielder. Gonna see how it goes during the week but might give FUT Champs another try next weekend.
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