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  1. I’ve seen solutions on Futbin for Bundesliga squads, good variety of nationalities in that league and not overly expensive by the look of things. I need to save up a load of coins to get stuck into the advanced SBCs, don’t have anough to do them just now. Holding onto Lacazette, his price is slowly rising so will hopefully hit close to 30k fairly soon.
  2. No Marquee Matchups today, the twitter tipsters and investors won’t be happy
  3. My Brazil team is coming along nicely, definitely buying Telles when his loan is up, great LB
  4. I went 1/2/2 (w/d/l) and got put in division 5.
  5. It does indeed work, just sold a Saudi player for 1100, result!
  6. I got 2500 coins in mine, struck gold there
  7. All 80s mate, was hoping for better.
  8. Lacazette from my first pre order jumbo pack, will keep an eye on his value as that will help me boost my Brazil squad. Got Rafael from the Champions League pick.
  9. Check out this squad I saw on twitter. Crazy that people have teams like this already
  10. They said to keep an eye on their twitter but no info at all on it. I think you are right about them realising how many people now use it to pre build their teams and coins before the game is put.
  11. @gooner4life I saw you’ve been switching timed finishing on and off, how is it for online play? I’ve kinda liked it in the demo but have been a bit dubious that it may run into issues if there’s any hint of lag
  12. My order has now been processed, 10 hours and 45 minutes to kill
  13. I lost the FIFA buzz a couple of months ago, the hype for this new one is high though
  14. Still waiting on Amazon to provide my download code, time to request a callback from them to find out WTF is going on. Edit: Turns out that as I'd created a new account it needed verification to make sure it wasn't dodgy so looks like they're processing it now

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