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  1. PES now have the exclusive rights for Juventus in video games so in fifa 20 they will be known as Piemonte Calcio with a fake badge and kits. https://www.ea.com/games/fifa/news/fifa-20-piemonte-calcio
  2. I’ve finished the headliners SBC group twice, now to resist the urge to open the 10 packs before this new batch of cards arrives.
  3. That’s me up to 6 with the SBC. Only 4 more for the icon. I can’t really face more squad battles this week.
  4. Took me 5 games to get the world class objective. I was doing the Eredivisie assists one at the same time and was trying too much to force those rather than concentrate on the win. Got the Brazilian assists in 5 straight though, the benefits of having a full team of good players paid off.
  5. I’ve always wanted them to have Gerd Müller as an Icon. Possibly the most clinical centre forward of all time in an era when defending was legalised assault.
  6. Aye, 10 for an icon is decent. I suppose I’ll need to play some games this week. Have lost interest in playing now, always happens at this time of year.
  7. Marquee matchups was worth the 10k I spent to get the players I needed to do the Irish and Swedish league challenges. 445k according to Futbin
  8. Finished the Africa SBC, best pulls were gold Mbappe, Fekir and Lacazette.
  9. Oblak, no use to me so will probably put him in for rating in an icon.
  10. Free morning tomorrow so I’ll be hitting the Flashback objective when the kids are off to school!
  11. I'm on 12/14 with the Flashback goals objective still to do. I've got 6 of those (3 are loans) so should be fairly simple.
  12. I have a Salah...loan with one match
  13. I did the 70 rated at the same time as Dembele so if you have any good Ligue 1 players it’s worth going in that direction if you haven’t done that weekly yet.
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