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  1. I got none in season 1, is it worth the grind or should I not bother as I’m not massively fussed about who I could feasibly get
  2. Somehow, my 11 year old son managed to get relegated to division 10 and ended up on ZERO points Meant I got to have some fun completing objectives for him though as it was so much easier than my usual division 5/6 struggles with these.
  3. Got the icon swaps for 11 first owned and premier league players in one sitting. Now the grind begins with the other leagues.
  4. Nice one, I can start with this lineup and sub on 3 of Rashford, IF Ndidi, Sissoko or Felipe Anderson if needed. My options may be limited for the other leagues, I’d better start preparing for a slump down the divisions
  5. Are you allowed to make substitutions in these first owner challenges? I missed out on doing any last season so will be getting stuck in this time. Have a first owner prem team lined up for starters.
  6. @Mitchell I’ve not got the tactics completely set but, yes, I’ll be aiming for a setup of pure filth.
  7. Played my first games in over 3 weeks earlier, it definitely feels more sluggish than before, especially shooting. Used the profit made on 83 and 84s earlier to recruit IF Ndidi, he’s an absolute beast in the middle of the park. I’ve got 300k remaining, any recommendations?
  8. Done, in quick fashion! Thanks for the heads up
  9. I’ve been moving house so haven’t played for over 2 weeks. Still been doing SBCs on the app though, got De Gea from marquee matchups this week to use when I finally get round to losing the game again.
  10. I started with the 352 but my bench options have been a bit lacking. Packed Cavani from CL Marquee Matchups earlier though so will see how he is as an impact sub. Having Rashford as the CAM/ST is good due to his dribbling and skills.
  11. I tried the 352 the other day. First game was a disaster but once I got to grips with it the goals were flying in on the counter. Pepe and Martial as the wing backs don’t have the best tackling but they can bomb up and down all game.
  12. Completed marquee matchups and was pissed off at another week with no walkouts. Got a nice surprise when finding that 84 rated Lucas Hernández was worth 60k. Ive not played all week due to moving house, I presume the game is still sluggish?
  13. I’ve not been able to play much this week so have been using the same team for the last couple of weeks. Have 200k sitting plus a massive number of players to sell. Not packed anything above 84 for ages now which is doing my head in.
  14. Im almost there but unlike 19 when I could beat legendary opposition every time I’m struggling on world class. After that I’ll need to buy up some decent Ligue 1 players to get goals in rivals games. I’m keen to finish it though as I’m using his normal version (good as a second cdm) so having the option to sell that one would be handy.
  15. Pukki is excellent, a very well rounded striker. 12 goals and 8 assists in 11 rivals games for me so far so he’s been worth doing
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