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  1. @Keiths_Dadl’ll give you my feedback when I’ve given it a try
  2. I like the look of 3 at the back, I’ve set up a squad that starts at 5212 but switches to this in game. I reckon Spinnazola and Cuadrado will be good wing back options in this setup, will see how it goes.
  3. A bad start to the champs playoffs means I’ve got an uphill battle to qualify this week. Now need 5 wins from 6 games
  4. Good post @Pants McSkill, now I’m concentrating more on Champs I’ll just be doing the bare minimum on Squad Battles for objectives from now on, the rewards grinding for elite haven’t been up to much, especially compared to the WL packs. Got up to division 4 earlier, the “on fire” thing for going on a winning run helped a lot to get there.
  5. POTM Benzema and Ben Yedder were big problems for me in the weekend league.
  6. De Ligt has been a massive upgrade on Skriniar for my team, his passing and composure are excellent for a CB. Ive added CL Vidal to my starting 11 ahead of Kessie, both him and Tonali can defend and attack so gives me good options.
  7. Id already picked him up to use in the weekend league but it’s handy to know when the prices drop and rise for TOTW players. Got rank 3, the push for 2 proved to much for me. Best red was Bastoni, who I subsequently packed in the tradeable TOTW pack. Main thing is the 1500 qualifying points so no need to grind rivals this week other than to get the rewards.
  8. I remember the mass pack openings, quite a few of us did it, the results were very underwhelming. I won 12k fifa points in a twitter competition and agreed to open the lot in one go. Again, nothing that was incredible out of it
  9. This is my weekend league team, thinking about picking up CL Vidal when his price is lowest tonight, looks a good addition for my last 10 games. Tonali is a great box to box midfielder, would need a massive Milan turnaround for him to get boosted though.
  10. @kthxblizthanks, just made over 20k selling some rare silvers, a couple went for 3500 each
  11. I’m on 6 wins from 11 in Champs so far. Whilst rank 2 is still attainable, I’d be happy with rank 3 so only need 2 wins from 9 to get there and automatically get into next week. It feels much more relaxing this year with the way rewards are calculated rather than just being win at all costs so hopefully they don’t change it.
  12. Did you get the win in games you were ahead or does it just go back like nothing happened?
  13. De Ligt Road to the Knockouts SBC out, he’ll highly likely to get upgraded.
  14. Just packed Ferland Mendy and Jordi Alba from the Grealish to City SBC, shame they’re untradeable
  15. Cheers for the tip, I’ll get him in for however many champs games I have left to play on Sunday
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