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  1. Mertens and Jordi Alba from 6 rivals games, decent.
  2. New TOTW with Fabinho at CB . His performance in that position must have improved at the weekend coz he was terrible there in the FA Cup
  3. 5 games with Marcelo at left back, 4 wins and a draw. He's an amazing defender, catches up with and tackles everyone. When I've been winning late on I've been putting him at CAM with CL OTW Telles coming in at LB and it's a working a treat to close out games. Still, I'm probably going to sell him at some point to fund an icon. Fancy either Socrates or Ronaldinho, hard to decide!
  4. Shit pack luck came to an end on the app just now with the TOTY SBC Now the dilemma is whether or not to sell or use...
  5. Swedish managers are selling for top dollar!
  6. I’ve played about 4 games a week for the last month, been playing Mortal Kombat X on Xbox game pass which is much more fun
  7. My pack luck is still in the doldrums. Did marquee matchups and the two poty SBCs and got one 83 at best from seven packs.
  8. I opened 4 packs earlier from SBCs and pre order. Utter shite in all of them. I’ve not packed anything valuable in weeks now.
  9. I was planning on doing the Rivaldo SBC but it would clear me out so haven’t bothered. Now that Felipe Anderson got another in form so my OTW has gone up again and means I’m loathe to spunk all my coins on the untradable Icon replacement for LW/LM.
  10. I’m having a break from so much fifa which made me feel like my play was suffering, will jump back on in the new year, hopefully refreshed and playing better.
  11. Just spent ages and loads of coins on tradable totw players. Absolute shite in the packs. Still, did a PL Premium upgrade and got Aguero so not so bad.
  12. I used my gold Thiago Silva, it’s not like I’d have been using it again anyway. Meant I didn’t have to use and buy as many higher rated players to complete it. Wonder if EA will go big tonight with the last day of the promo.
  13. AlfromSleep

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Jones causing chaos yet again...
  14. That would hypothetically be the way to do it
  15. Not played a match in days but I’m closing in on a full special team with the addition of FUTMAS Thiago Silva.

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