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  1. This is such strange criticism. Isn't the same applicable for Empire Strikes Back? Han and Leia spend the whole film trying to escape just to get captured at the end. It doesn't mean that the time spent with them wasn't essential to the film, even if the end result is the same.
  2. I know Obsidian games have tons of bugs in them, but Grounded is taking it to the new level.
  3. One thing that's been puzzling me for the past few days:
  4. My favourite reference in the film was a blink and you'll miss it reference to The Last Action Hero during the racing scene. I generally preferred the references to be like that - small nods to stuff that only a section of the audience would get, rather than handling it by having the characters literally shout at the camera "IT'S THAT THING, FROM THAT FILM!". Because, either the audience do remember that thing, and they won't need reminded, or they don't know that thing and won't give a shit that it's a reference.
  5. The worrying bit there is them openly saying Pay to Win will return - presumably after parents buy it for their kids at Christmas due to there being no loot boxes. Still, I hope it ends up being a bit of a wake up call to the rest of the industry that people are generally fine with cosmetics being in loot boxes, but gameplay advantages... Less so much.
  6. All microtransactions have been pulled from the store, with rumours that there's a big 180 incoming. It'll be interesting to see what they do - it's too late in the game to go full free to play, but overhauling the whole system on launch day is a headache waiting to happen.
  7. I love that their line up is full of rumours that you thought "Yeah mate, believe it when I see it." And then you see it, and still don't believe it. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING.
  8. All the codes! A076M55R04J9NBJ2 A076N6501GSJA5W3 A076Y74603GALE51 A076T3T42LH3LM09A076UTCD33D5U310A076WLSM2YTNVT88
  9. Is that the TARDIS exploding again? Did we even find out why it exploded last time? Good to see Garrus join as a companion though. Lets hope Capaldi does his loyalty mission so he doesn't get bumped off in the series finale.
  10. Quick warning - I think one of the challenges is bugged (Vita version). For the random body challenge it says you have to kill "Classified No. 1" or something. Now I've killed EVERYTHING in the God damn game and it still hasn't unlocked - I figure its talking about the laser aces, but they don't seem to register at all. Which unfortunately means you can't unlock the very last Rauser. I've only got that one and the hard mode "Score 25,000" points challenge to go... which I think might be very nearly impossible. High score of 45,330 on normal mode though. Come at me bros! For the post above,
  11. Has anyone tried Little King's Story? I might pick it up since it's already been a Plus game.
  12. I generally dislike the gungine and bombs, but I got a pretty good score earlier while going for the challenges using the same build. Still not quite up to the 30s, but I'm in high 20s. Hard mode is crazy though, I don't last longer than 10 seconds.
  13. I had! But I turned the option off and back on again, and it seems perfect now. Odd. Thanks for making me double check, I guess!
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