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  1. The weapon is a random drop from the final (wave 7) boss. Repeated killings of the final boss increases your odds of getting the weapon to drop, and you can now resume at wave 6 which makes farming the drop rather easier than it used to be!
  2. Oh wow, I'm pretty sure I saw that suggested in raid secrets a few hours ago!
  3. Ghost Pirate 101

    Gaming Podcasts

    I bloody love Prepare to Try, will miss the boys on the podcast but very interested to see what they have planned!
  4. The beta version of DIM now has a loadout builder, it's worth a look, very useful! https://beta.destinyitemmanager.com
  5. Ghost Pirate 101

    Destiny: Forsaken - Last Wish Raid thread

    @Scruff did you guys have to do anything to increase DPS?
  6. Yeah, going to use my raid seed of light to unlock the void tree on my Warlock, looks interesting!
  7. Blade barrage is so good though, make sure you unlock it next!
  8. If you get a tangled shore XP boosting ghost shell from Tess, make sure to keep that on while doing story stuff.
  9. I haven't eaten yet anyway!
  10. They aren't getting converted, but can be exchanged for rep.
  11. d2checklist.com seems to be able to sort clan members by last played date.
  12. Maintenance is already finished guys

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