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  1. Just spotted there's also gold or silver prom crowns and tiara available in Able's.
  2. Maybe they thought what with it being such an unpopular low selling game they need not bother making many If you think them Etsy ones are bad you should see mine! They did the job though. Celeste visiting if anyone wants to see her? Light showers of stars with probably best groupings looking like (20:55, 20:57, 21:02) or (21:30, 21:36, 21:45)
  3. They're just NFC chips in a card. If you not arsed about having the official physical cards and just want to unlock the content/characters in the game there's replica ones available on Etsy or eBay etc. Or you can just buy some blank NFC cards/tags and make your own. Which is alledgedly what I might've did the other day and have used them fine. You could borrow them if you wants?
  4. Awesome run sir Trying to get through that gap for the shortcut is But after much swearing... Tropical 1720 - 52.659
  5. Have your animals been misbehaving, playing and fiddling with the equipment again? You need to discipline them
  6. Throwing up some big weights, getting ripped with my pal Skye to get us pumped and ready for the day...
  7. You available and want to visit now? Gates open.
  8. We can't help it if we're ninja master fishers Redd here today also. Available currently is... Fake - Academic painting / Ancient statue Real - Flowery / Proper paintings.
  9. D'oh! I was just about to head over and stomp on some flowers do some wishing. I'm trying to catch some of these water eggs, but all I keep pulling out is stringfish
  10. My bests were... Armadillo 49.203 Sanctuary 34.947 Shall try and have a go on new tracks maybe this eve after work and MotoGP , but more likely might be tomorrow. Im up for a hard track
  11. Are we all getting excited yet for the easter event coming next week?
  12. Was a good visit last night cheers @Indy @ S.E. Also spun some vinyl for the locals while I was there. The place was bouncing! FullSizeRender.mov
  13. If the person on other system has posted their time you can find it on the global leaderboard and watch or race against their ghost that way. Bit of a pain having to scroll through pages of times to get there though. Down to 49.203 now Lost the flow a little in bit up and over the silo, but nailed it through the barn pretty great to get back in front...
  14. Knocked a couple of tenths off. Don't watch my replay, sketchy as fuck on the way down the otherside of that rooftop a couple of checkpoints in what you want to get a big jump towards on approach to its front side. Almost looped over backwards, dragging my ass along the roof
  15. I'm not 100% but I suspect she might be like some other visitors and doesn't appear/disappear them on the hour if you're staying out and about around the island. Like I've occasionally slept the game on a Sunday morning, then come back on in the eve to still find Daisy whatshername wandering about selling turnips. Go in/out of a building and it'll update and clear or load up the visiting character.
  16. Thanks I've been a couple of tenths up on that Armadillo time, but not managed to keep it to the end yet. Is it the bit you go up on to right after the start and over a wheel, that next bit you hop on up there? or the one you jump off the end of there down to just where first checkpoint is? That first wheel hop bit does catch me out sometimes getting the balance and keeping the speed right up.
  17. Yep, she's on you Eastern beach up near the top.
  18. I'll pop over now for some wishing. Hopefully you'll get plenty of bonus stars tomorrow Will have a hunt around for the Celeste. I do have her back at mine if anyone needs her and she ain't on Pazuzu.
  19. For me... Armadillo 49.948 Sanctuary 34.947 Liking the Armadillo one, pretty much just gun it full blast from start to end and just adjust your position along the way. Not so consistent on the Sanctuary, trying to pace it right and get correct flow to be hitting the downwards parts after a gap and to make the jump up to that shelf bit near the end.
  20. Heavy star showers expected this eve if anyone wants to visit for wishing.
  21. I'm on XB also, have just added you. meatball46 on there and Uplay Ubisoft Connect. How? I've got Omizzay in my friends there from before, but don't see him in the 'friends' leaderboard in game.
  22. I'll have a go at a TT challenge, aye
  23. I think I redeemed that silk rug. I've had the Lite available now for 3 days in grey, coral and yellow today. DIY's... Wooden-plank sign Jungle flooring Wooden-block wall clock Garden wagon Shell speaker Oil-barrel bathtub Light bamboo rug Music stand Kettle bathtub Gold armor Wild-wood wall Modelling clay Bonsai shelf Simple mum crown Jail bars Iron wall rack Leaf mask Basket pack Sandy-beach flooring Grass skirt Tree branch wreath
  24. Mind your step, might be some pitfall seed buried around
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