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  1. I still have Cookie from my OG crew. Well obviously I couldn’t ever let her leave that’s her gaff with a few basic wood furniture pieces which she sticks with. If I’d got her as a replacement resident after one of the original lot moved out she gets more fancy pink cute stuff.. @wev you can let them leave when they ask and either hope to find them on a Nook mystery island (slim odds), or invite them with Amiibo card
  2. This could be a bit of a health and safety hazard… 2021112421234301-02CB906EA538A35643C1E1484C4B947D.mp4 Mind your fingers!
  3. Yeah I did the carnival float one before you posted and nothing. Thought maybe it was needing a reload of the game to wake it up and trigger something so closed and quit it, reloaded it up and tried that one again plus then the Baja volcano one.... No daily challenge complete success I got the Radical already so don't need any more points for this season, just want them to go towards the series total for those cars.
  4. Pretty please let me equip and hold it, so I can run round crazily swinging it I’m going to be dissatisfied with my purchase aren’t I
  5. How do you think they feel having to put up with you!
  6. It's one of the things if you look in the Nook Miles app on your phone in-game. Get points for completing requests off the residents. Related, which you might not have seen being a more recent starter. If you want to maximise your resident friendships to get their photos etc someone made this guide... And similarly if you want the Dodo Airlines merch swag... There's a job vacancy on Flagstone. We currently need a chauffeur to get arrivals from the airport and around the island in comfort. Salary negotiable. Applicants please send a CV.
  7. Managed trick the doctors and skip my medication for the day, loosened the restraints enough to slip out. Now I’m on the loose!
  8. His loss. Doesn't know what he's missing
  9. Not even started growing stuff yet here. Think I have some tomato, carrot, pumpkin and sugar cane ready but I need to reorganise to clear some space for planting. I like my island layout as it is though If you'd like to visit here and assuming they work the same like fruit where you can grow from what you've picked I can spare you some sugar, carrots and pumpkin for taking? My Nooks are being proper shite with the new big items, I didn't look the first day or two so perhaps missed something but I've frequently had nothing new and big, then I've had the truck twice and today again for the fourth time I've got the castle wall
  10. I like a decent challenging race for a win, but the AI is being a bit inconsistently bloody mega rapid on the Costera Cross Country Circuit in A class! Dropped it down to Highly Skilled difficulty and still they were zooming off from me. I thought maybe it was just me being a bit shit (unlikely I know ) so went into Rivals to see how my lap times compared and I got in the top 1% with about 1000th place on the global out of around 380,000. Ran the race a few more times and eventually just got the win, but damn it wasn't easy.
  11. Can't you just replay the expedition and get the missing objective? In the RB map filter set it to just Showcases & Expeditions to see them better. Looks like the Tulum Expedition is the one you want.
  12. Oh right. I'd forgot but yeah for those first few house plots you need to craft a few interior/exterior items for each one to get it ready for someone moving in, which items it should tell you on the box at each plot. See from about 7:30 in there. For crafting said furniture items if you look round the island you should find a few rocks they have to go hit with a shovel/axe to get the clay/stone/iron nuggets out of. Also chop at some trees with an axe to get wood. If you collected all the stuff off your island and still need more materials and don't want to wait til the next day you can go to those mystery islands to get more stuff.
  13. So you've got two animals and a third empty plot space there waiting unreserved? I'd go try speak to Tom Nook and ask him. I think in his conversation choices it's "what should I do next?" or something and he should let you know how to move the game on to open up more things. Hopefully he'll say what you should be doing.
  14. It's been a long while since back when I did the moving residents in stuff but I think it's as below that you'll need to have placed a new vacant house plot kit from Tom Nook first before you can invite an animal Aaah hmm...looks like maybe you need to add the campground first before you can recruit animals from the mystery islands... If you go and speak to Tom Nook and in there ask him about my island he should tell you what you need to do next to progress the game on.
  15. Also @Smoothy an extra thought to add to that. You can only invite one animal at a time so for adding three it'd take you three days. I'm guessing kid's patience may not enjoy waiting that long, so you could speed it up and do a Dr Who like @SteveH After you've invited one to move in and returned home to your island you should save the game and then from the Switch home screen close and quit out the game completely, go into system settings menu and change the date/time to tomorrow's date, load the game up and the animal should have moved in. Save and quit/close the game again then into system settings and chage back to today's date/time. Now load up the game and that animal should be there in their new house and you can go fly out again to another mystery island to find your next new resident to recruit. Repeat the time travel trick to get them moved in and you can get all three moved in ASAP. Also first you'll need to have placed a new plot kit down on the island where it is you want their house to be. You get that kit off Tom Nook in residents services.
  16. No online sub needed. You need to cash in some Nook Miles at the Nook Stop (cash machine type thing in resident services tent) for a Nook Miles ticket which you then give the guy Orville at the airport, tell him you want to fly and he'll take the ticket and fly you out to a Nook mystery island where you can pillage it for more wood/fruit/etc and you will find another character animal wandering about. Speak to them and invite to come live on your island. Don't like the look of them then go home and repeat to try another island where there'll be a different animal. If they're short on Nook Miles press the ZL trigger to bring up your Nook phone thing and go into the NookMiles+ app to see tasks you can do to earn more. Press the controller's + button and you'll see a few there like "catch five fish" "water flowers" or "take a photo"
  17. Dotty has just been over for visit Also I just discovered a thing I never knew before That'll help keep perverts like MrDo from spying on me.
  18. Arts going spare in my storage if anyone needs any for gallery filling, or a fake for hanging at home or whatever. Paintings... Solemn 1x real/fake Wistful x3 Detailed Academic Common x2 Flowery Glowing Moody x2 Perfect Quaint x2 Scary x3 Sinking x2 Twinkling x2 Worthy x2 Statues... Familiar Warrior Don't ask how I got them
  19. I can send you a red treadmill? but if you've now got Cyrus and Reese the wedding couple and already have a treadmill he can change it for you. I've got some duplicate arts off Redd in my storage if anyone just starting or restarting wants a bit of help to their museum.
  20. Yeah think I got the acorn rug earlier or yesterday maybe. I’m finishing work shortly, can pop on when I get back and fire a locker over to you. I unlocked the wedding couple first and you can customise loads like changing a lava rocket lamp to any of its colours or the nook miles things like phone box, street lamp, fire hydrant etc. I have Redd visiting today and his non art items were I think both new, one a little dress up doll that I can customise into about 8 different versions. Wedding dude can do that plus change her hair styles as well.
  21. I got requested and transported down to the airport where Tom Nook and some woman I forgot name told me about it. Go to the airport counter and ask to go to work.
  22. I suspect you might be telling porkies there Accidentally bought it now so been giving it a bit of a try… Best so far of 29.316 Think I can get down into the 28’s but I was getting a bit frazzled. Will give it another crack today.
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