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  1. Success first run through for me also. Used the old 911 I already had with a downloaded tune that looked OK and did me fine. Twatted the edge of the wall about 15m into the final race by about a pixel width while trying to slip past one of the AI cars and ended up dead last by a fair way, so that wasn't great start to that one I'll confess, for the last couple of seasonal trial race series I've popped the guide line on for if it's not a track I'm too familiar with yet, just to help get through those races quicker then knock it back off again for the rest of my playing. I was going to suggest the Arch of Mulege circuit to do a Rivals week on, which is in one of this season championships I think, or maybe I just did in the weekly Forzathon challenge race in the Lexus there Either way it's a nice circuit. Maybe next time though as I see Boozy has set a new one up now. A few pics I've taken along the way...
  2. Finish under 10 mins for perfect rating...
  3. IMG_2687.MOV Happy 2022! Time for some clearing out. I got a few DIY's going spare.. Ironwood low table Tree's bounty mobile Astronaut suit Mushroom wreath Block fence Foxtail Document stack Knight's helmet Gold armour Tall lantern Iceberg flooring Leaf mask Golden wall Forest flooring Cherry-blossom branches Dharma Ornament table lamp Ornament mobile Street piano Pear tart Apple smoothie Apple tart Fruit scones Potato potage And duplicated Gyroids... Babbloid Bloopoid x3 Bwongoid x2 Crumploid x2 Flutteroid Laseroid Oinkoid x2 Ringoid Scatteroid Tockoid x2 Tremoloid x4 Twangoid Whirroid Whistloid x2
  4. Well, thanks to CFW'ing my 3DS I was able to get the first Picross 3D on there and have so far got through the beginner and easy puzzles with all perfect ratings. Had to retry a handful that I'd missed the perfect time limit on in the first attempt. Hopefully my skills don't crumble now, moving on to the normal ones. I'm no Picross veteran, only being pretty recently aware of the games with the S ones on Switch that I've played through the first couple of, but it's nice to have a bit of a different angle on it here with the 3D.
  5. Was struggling to improve on that time so swapped car now. I suspected the AMG One hypercar wasn't best suited to dirt tracks anyways but it did ok for a bit. And yes, there's some proper very quick players around here. I been enjoying these challenges lots I just have the standard gears up B, down X. I have tried with clutch on A before on previous games but some folks claimed it overcomplicated things and was an unfair advantage or whatever over those not using it, so I just chill without it these days.
  6. I thought I’d keep it fairly subdued…
  7. I think someone spiked my eggnog
  8. As already mentioned I also like the being able to just keep at it doing laps aspect of the circuit ones, but there's some good point to points so it'd be a shame to not do them at all. Maybe if we're going to do another circuit next try a dirt or cross country one for a bit of variety?
  9. That's a pretty inappropriate thing to suggest. I'm deeply offended and upset! I still got all these I think, plus probably a couple more I've bought on his visits since this post @spanx
  10. Little airport X-ray scanner thingy if anyone wants to keep on top of their island security… Can change its colour and the screen display image. You’ll have to leave your kinky sex toys at home next time @SteveH Orville’s on your case now!
  11. I think didn’t someone else have similar the other day with one? They’d accidentally pinned it in the accolades menu. Have a nosey in there and see if it’s ticked as pinned.
  12. Been working on my C class lap... Not bad for something what handles like the Ever Given
  13. Cheers! Obviously it's not a relaxed leisurely drive lapping at those kind of times and maybe it's partly because I do tend to like the big muscle cars, but I thought it was a pretty nice stable and planted car around there. So much so that I wanted to stick with it after my first attempt with it in standard spec got beat, so I went and upgraded it with some weight reduction hoping that would allow it to get round a bit quicker, which worked out ok. When it (if it hasn't been already) gets beaten I think I've still got the final weight reduction to go and a few PI points left over to maybe add an air filter or something before it hits 900 which hopefully will let it go better still.
  14. Good man Boozy. I’ll be getting stuck in obviously. Are we posting times up in here like usual?
  15. Cheers @Boozy The Clown. I been through and done a few laps to get me started and set a few times. Just using from whatever cars I've got in the fleet in the classes so far and in their standard setups and tune so should be reasonable room for improvement on the times set. Nice little circuit.
  16. Maybe a request to post up details or the share code if you've used a tune? So us beginners not into the upgradng/tuning can try to match the fast times with equal spec cars.
  17. Ah well, the portability of having it on the 3DS would've been good, but my Wii U is still in position hooked up, so I'll get it on there. Ta!
  18. Aaah cool, I was going to ask if you could put stuff on top of it. Might be decent next to my new glowing statue chap…
  19. I grabbed this, thanks. Yet to give it a try but I see the original is on the eShop for £6.29. Would anyone here say is that one worth playing first and know can it be downloaded and played on a 3DS? https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DS/Picross-3D-272244.html#
  20. You know I did wonder that, but I didn't like to suggest it myself Nope, I don't own either the Ferrari or Koenigsegg it uses for them stories.
  21. No probs! If you could pop a steamroller in my direction that'd be appreciated please. I got a Torii if anyone wants a Japanese gateway arch thingy. Slightly annoyingly maybe its legs are a touch inwards, so might not suit a two space wide pathway
  22. WTF is this shit! Why am I getting handicapped and put in lower PI cars than the rest of you in the Horizon Apex story missions?
  23. I’ll fire you a limo when I’m back home soon @Number 28. Can’t guarantee colour, but you can sort that with Cyrus on Harv’s island.
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